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If you came here (heh) because you were thinking what I thought you were thinking, I am sorry to inform you that my butthole is exactly the same size as it was before. :)

Last Saturday, I attended the Big Gay Out 2005 concert/party at The Court Hotel in Northbridge. I didn't plan on attending it initially, but for reasons I detailed previously, I decided what the heck, I'll just give it a shot (hehe). It was my first time attending a gay & lesbian event, hence the title of this entry.

Initially, I was supposed to bring Nicole with me, but she had stomach pains that evening. So being the perfect boyfriend that I am, I left her home alone whilst I went to the Court Hotel myself.
Vanessa Amorosi and band

Vanessa Amorosi and her band were incredible on stage.

When I got there at 10pm, the place was already jam-packed. The highlight of the night was Vanessa Amorosi, who is an Australian singer with minimal success locally and virtually no success internationally. I was wrong about her singing abilities. Despite her pint size, Vanessa Amorosi has impressive vocals comparable to Whitney Houston and she sounded amazing live on stage. The front row of the crowd was only an inch to the stage, and the audience was so crazy, so loud yet so well behaved. Vanessa Amorosi summed it up when she said "Perth fucking rocks!"
The crowd off stage

The crowd was only inches from the stage.

For me, it was as entertaining to watch the gig on stage, as it was to see the people at the gig off stage. Like I said, it was my first time at a gay club. I went there with some stereotypes on my mind *Kenny visualised big buff muscular men in pink tutus*. I was very wrong actually. In my opinion, the gay club isn't any much different to any other regular nightclubs. The only difference is: instead of me standing alone in the corner with a beer in my hand watching 300 men kissing/groping their girls , I was standing alone in the corner with a beer in my hand watching 300 men kissing/groping each other.
Lesbian couples kissing

Couples publicly displaying their affection for each other.

There are straight people at the event, but probably only about 20 out of 1000 that were there. The rest of the people were all gay couples who very openly show their affection for one another with all the kissing and groping that goes on. Once you accepted the fact that that's the way gays behave, you'll find it slightly amusing and realise that it wasn't actually that gross.
Middle-aged lesbian couples

Middle-aged lesbian couples.

There's a good mix of different age groups and different races of people there. Many people often have the misconception that gay guys are very good looking guys who take very good care of themselves with all these moisturizing and exfoliating that's going on. (The term 'metrosexual' applies to men who do all that but are still straight, eg David Beckham and the cover models of GQ magazine) Well that's true to a certain extent, but not all of the gay guys are like that.
Bikie gang gay couples

Bikie gang gay couples.

Look at them! Try calling these people metrosexuals! (Well actually you can't, because they are gays.)

The revellers there are kind enough to pose for photos everytime I ask them.
Pretty girl

Pretty girl?

Look at the one on the right. Pretty cute isn't it? Well, all I can say is that 'she' is not that kind of girl. :)
7 feet tall drag queen

7 feet tall drag queen

There were quite a few drag queens parading around. Some of them are seven feet tall and can easily throw me out of the club with one swift kick. Despite their intimidating size, they are actually very nice and gentle. This one accidentally bumped into me. But instead of being told to 'fuck off' like what usually happen, he said to me in the most hair-raising voice "Oh, SHHAAAAAAWWWWW-REEEEEEEIIIIII!", and then gay-waved at me. I find it mildly amusing.
The trio of gay guys in question

The trio of gay guys in question.

One of the most memorable event that night happened when I was about to leave the club. I noticed a trio of fairly goodlooking guys sitting on the table, so I approached them asking if I can take a photo of them. They obligingly posed, and then asked to see the picture on my digital camera. The guy in the middle then asked me.

"Zis iz not for the newsh-paper, iz it?"

"Not at all. Its for my personal website that's all!"

"Oh zhat's ok! Zjust that I'm not allowed to appear on the newspaper, zhat's all!" (I didn't ask him why.)

"No worries! Its not gonna appear on the newspaper for sure."

"What's your name?"

"I'm Kenny."

"Oh hi Kenny! Do you workout?"

"Yes I do, but not much these days."

"Realllyyy?? You look great, you know."

He then proceeded to squeeze my biceps while the guy on the right touched and squeezed my right breast.




Strangely, it felt good.



Heh. So what do you think?

Have you ever been flirted by someone the same-sex as you? Or, if you are gay/lesbian/bisexual, do you flirt and fondle with your straight friends - just for kicks? Tell me!



ha! good for u. u seem like a really cool guy.


U still in one piece? U sure or not?


zyor one hell of a lucky guy to be groped.. although by ppl of same sex :Ppp


got approached by some.not becoz i have a face that says fcuk me but rather they caught me wen i was in a mood not to entertain gurls so they assume i was interestd in guys.
nothing wrong bout it.its their choice.i just told them i have gurl problems and 8/10 they will buy u a drink and just tried to cheer u up.no strings attached.


Whoa... you really did get hit on my dudes!!! hahahaha Kenny is a hottie! And thank goodness your sphincters were not stretched -- I don't suppose you can defacate rightly for a week if you did! haha but bro, what's with the drag queen picture? His body looks kind of err... wierd?


i know one gay language- PLU (ppl like us). for examply when a gay asked another gay if kenny's a PLU. hehehehe.

one of my fav cousin is gay. none of de family members know about this except me. he's like me, choosy too, he loves chubby cute guys with breasts. like u and another fren of mine, roland. heheheehehe

hmm....gay club sounds so cool to me. must attend one one day. gay ppl are cool, nobody party like they do. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


ROTFLOL You've been labeled CHUBBY! With BREASTS!


chris - I am a cool guy. I am a hot guy too. So that makes me kinda lukewarm.

5xmom - Last time I checked, my poop is still solid instead of runny water.... so I guess I'm still ok. :D

MunKit - You jealous kah? teehehehehe *waves*

guy - free drinks from gay guys? That's a first! After so many times buying drinks for girls at the bar, at least now you're on the other side. HAHA!

Bek - The triple underwear strategy kinda worked. ;) About the drag queen - I know what you mean. I think he has a beer belly instead of boobies. How sad!

Victoria - Did you just say I'm chubby with BREASTS?! Look at Hsin laughing away hysterically! Hmmph! I was gonna turn into evil Kenny mode and say "At least I have boobs. What about you?". Then I realised I'll be hurting me as much as I'll be hurting you.

;) Just kidding though. I know you have boobs.

Hsin - Oiiiii! Even guys have heart you know?


hey hey hey. i tot its a compliment. to make u feel better i dun #@&$&^%**&% small#$$^%$ boobs.
hey, im a small girl ok?!


sorry guys. but my boobs arent attractive. i envy girls who have nice pair of tits. even envy guys too. its an ugly truth. =( i cant believe i just said this.


Kenny-ah, don't be insulted lah. I play play only. Sorry lah. Boys who go to gym also have boobs lah, just not soft and squishy like girl girl ones!

Hehe, I've been labeled too fat for my own good before. I think being chubby with breasts is better.


Victoria -
*hugs* I know exactly what u meant. Just that it kinda sounded like I am a man with girl's boobs, so I teased you about it. hehe.

And speaking of breasts, despite what girls think, I think all the guys will agree that they all look good. A-Cup or DD, melons or papayas, boobs are boobs are boobs. And there's no such thing as a not-so-nice pair of boobs.

Eeks. Why do you have to envy guys with boobs?

Hsin - Me? Insulted? Never! :) Anyway, I think men prefer their boobs to be called chest. Boobs are something you can play with. You can't do the same for chests.


you've got fabulous male titties! (discovered that from the hug you gave me once). was like ..WOAH.

can i hug you again?

are you blushing yet?


kimm - i felt used. :|


Some guy called Kenny told me that he won't be updating his site for 1 or 2 days, due to excessive packing. :)

Meanwhile, you can tell me how much you love me.


Haha! That pic of the drag queen was a bit of a double take for me, but it looks interesting ;)

And we know that vanessa singer here in msia too


Heyy...how did it felt being touched by a guy...or gay?!~ heheh but it was a good experience rite? Btw....i don see any ciggie sign in the QUT logo....so nawps...doesn't look like an anti-smokin logo to me...just looks like a uni who earns alot of money from us international students!~


hey u didn't finish ur story! what happened after you were hit on?? haha. anyways i've always wanted to go to a gay club, to see whether i can attract any guys. bcos if u do get hit on, that means u're a pretty good looking guy. i always find that as a compliment. one of these days, liquid here i come! haha with my gf of course... ;)


Erk!! =P Hahahaa...
Wait..that she...is a He?! -_-""
(Imagines gay wave..) ROTFLMAO!!

Oh God! I cant believe u got erm.. groped!! =P
Eeewww!! n tat u enjoyed it.. =P haha..

Heh..N id like to disagree wit that about the chest.. Who says chests arent fun to play with?!? =PpPpP

Wat do u think the guy was doing wit ur right breast Anyways! =Pp


You know, I do hit on my straight friends - but that's because I'm an ass who likes to tease...

Then they flirt right back and I run for the hills...


I think you're one of the very, very few guys who's not homophobic =P. LMAOI think you're one of the very, very few guys who's not homophobic =P. LMAOI think you're one of the very, very few guys who's not homophobic =P. LMAOI think you're one of the very, very few guys who's not homophobic =P. LMAOI think you're one of the very, very few guys who's not homophobic =P. LMAOI think you're one of the very, very few guys who's not homophobic =P. LMAOI think you're one of the very, very few guys who's not homophobic =P. LMAOI think you're one of the very, very few guys who's not homophobic =P. LMAO


hahaha.. kenny, kenny... din know u wer already this good last year... really made me wish i'd known bout this blog sooner..

well am still stuck in d off so i was lookin tru ur old archives.

might as well let u in on a few ermmm "gayish" things i've done.. hmmm... in total i've kissed 5 straight girls (on d lips la "duh")... snogged 2 of em all in front of our frens n bfs...

there was one time end last year was hving a stag party 4 on of my good fren who was gonna b married soon... der wuz a group of girls we din know who came w another fren n they wer betting me n my gal fren to kiss each other... they kissed each other n my fren was telling me dat they wer looking 4 a showdown.. so me n my fren snogged each other for a good 5mins (my bf was right beside me...)

in the end they had to hand it to us... they cudn't snog each other... so well we won.. but tat wuz last year... now i'm more mellow... "lau liow"... ;)


Haha...Lesbian chick hit on me once.

She was REAL hot. Sad for the guys, and perhaps sad for me cause I let the chance go.

Should I call her back..? =P


lol! I have quite a few gay and lesbian friends and yes,my lesbian friends do hit on me sometimes. But its all in jest and we have fun, nothing serious. Most of the time I flirt back too to see how they react. haha,they all said they're afraid my boyfriend would kill them.

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