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Wednesday, 05 January 2005

Nicole has landed

Nicole arrived in Kuching yesterday. I picked her up from the airport wearing the same dark blue shirt I wore when I first met her.

It is quite amazing to think that we have already been through 4 years together. Like all relationships ours started out steady and strong. We were young and we were carefree. We had the feeling that all we need is each other, and nothing in the world could tear us apart.

And then reality sets in. The dreaded word 'responsibility'. Domestic responsibilities, parental responsibilities, financial responsibilities among other things. You start to think if it is her that you want to live with for the rest of your life. You start to think if she is the one, despite your parents reminding you how young you are and how many other opportunities you can have.

Signs of crack in our relationship began to show ever since Nicole went to Gingin. She returned to me a different person, she built a wall around herself and became someone that is no longer as likable. In critics' eyes (ie. my family), her stocks fell rapidly. There was once a time when my parents supported her through and through. My parents liked her and she had no problems mingling with my family. Those time has passed. And now I'm beginning to find it difficult to stand up for her.

Nicole will be here for 5 days. She has said that she wanted to come here to visit my father. I just hope that she used her time here to mend the fallen bridges. I still love her, but we need to make things work as I will not betray my family's wishes just to be with her.



love goes a few stages..

First, a couple will stick around all the time

second,a couple will try to be private, keeping a distance away.

third, both will find a way to cope with that distance, making the distance just comfortable for both.

forth, creating a new way to communicate for long-term relationship or marriage.


communication is key, wish u guys the best


Any picture? just wondering what she looks like (in a good way) if u can show us.


kar bui kun


my 4th anniversary is coming soon neh!


love has many obstacles...

be steady lah man


relationship...there's the recipe that no one can completely understand it. it need to be terasured day by day, every single moment, as the warmth getting less, especially long distance relationship. we say trust, but how far u can trust? commitment, but what if then the only person who is fully committed is you? people change, and its fact. all that count, be calm, talk, let your heart out.


Kenny jiwang leh!!


Reading back your previous post, now I know that Nicole is your gf. Hopefully I am not wrong..

Anyway, wish you guys luck!


yea, it makes sense to me now why you and nicole seems to stick together in most occasions that she appear in most of your photos


yeaaa.. my guess was right, she's ur gf!

this comment is soooo not important.. :D


honeybee, who nicole? of cos she was. she was his gf now she is his exgf. lol


is tis nicolekiss you referring to here??


Who's Nicole ?


Love is...


why u never post her face pic?

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