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Remember my baby niece Kirsten? Probably not. Here’s a pic taken of her just two hours after she’s born.
2 hours old

I think she doesn’t like me taking her photo…

She’s my favourite baby girl. I love her for her baby smell, her droopy cheeks and her sad sad face. Kirsten is nicknamed Pinku because when she’s born her face was all red and pinkish. My sis’ mother-in-law said it’s probably because my sis planted too many tomatoes when she was pregnant with her.
I haven’t seen Pinku since she returned to Perth and I can’t wait to hold her again later this month. Last I saw her she’s still cute and small like a baby pillow. I wonder how she is right now. For all I know, the little princess could be all grown up right now.
8 months old
Some things never change.