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Tuesday, 08 August 2006

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Shopping in Hong Kong

If there's any truth to the words "shopping haven", Hong Kong would be the proof.

Coming from the humble city of Kuching, a place where there's at best 3 shopping centres of reasonable standards, I was absolutely blown away by the sheer size and magnitude of the shopping districts in Hong Kong.

They've got shops in every nook and corner possible. And I do mean every nook and corner possible.

For God's sakes, they've got Giordano in MTR train stations. So technically speaking, you could take the train naked and buy the whole set of t-shirt, pants and underwear before you even step out of the station.

Food and drinks at a train station, I can understand. But who the heck goes shopping for clothes in MTR stations? I have no idea, but apparently Hong Kong people does that.

I must've picked the right time to visit because the Hong Kong Shopping Festival is going on in full swing, and everywhere I go I see that dreaded four-letter word.


It's like 99.9% of all clothing stores here are screaming "Final Reductions" and "XX% off". Stores in Causeway Bay like G2000 open till past midnight.

Some even got their poor staff members to stand outside the doorway, clapping their hands loudly to draw attention to their store.

And this is shops like Bossini we're talking about here, not some ciplak pasar malam streetside stall.

In Kowloon alone, the street markets and shoplots stretch some 5km all the way from Sham Sui Po in the north to Tsim Tsa Tsui in the south.

There's virtually everything and anything imaginable for sale here.

Sham Sui Po is home to two large shopping complexes selling nothing but computer products. This place is a geek heaven and I swear to you, Golden Computer Centre can kick both Sim Lim and Low Yat's collective asses blindfolded, with one hand tied behind his back.

Sure, it's not as big nor as glam as their counterparts back home.

It's small and crampy. When I bought a laptop backpack, the poor lady had to climb a ladder up into this hole in the ceiling to get a new one for me.

However I do find their prices much much lower than back home.

I got this light and foldable tripod for a bargain HK48/RM23.

A full-length tripod a good thing to bring around especially when I'm travelling alone. It's brandless, but for the same amount of money I could only get a suckass table tripod in KL or Singapore.

Just to give you a better idea of the prices here.

4GB Apple iPod nano
Malaysian price: RM 1099
Hong Kong price: HKD 1780 = RM 855

2GB SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo
Malaysian price: RM 370
Hong Kong price: HKD 600 = RM 288

O2 Atom Exec
Malaysian price: RM 2988
Hong Kong price: HKD 5980 = RM 2870

The range here is simply astounding.

This pair of high-end Shure E2c earphones sets me back HK635/RM305. Can't find something like that in Kuching that's for sure.

My only regret is that I have most of the gadgets I needed already, so there really isn't a much I could buy over there.

Best. Mousepad. Ever.

Still, it's fun to come here and listen to the shopkeepers blah-ing out English terms in their Hongkie accent.

Instead of "computer", they say compu-TAH. Instead of "mouse", they say MOU-SY.

So cute! "Mousy"!

Designer toy figurines.

The street markets of Kowloon are a completely different kind of creature on its own.

This is no Petaling Street. For one, the street vendors are the most polite I've seen anywhere in the world. When I approach their stall they'd say sui bin tai (browse all you want). Even if I leave without buying anything, they'd still thank me.

Who said in Hong Kong "you got pressure, I got pressure, everyone got pressure"?

In amongst the pasar malam regulars like fake LV handbags and so on, are treasure throves of bizzare little things for sale.

Such as colourful fish in plastic bags.

And butt ugly superhero costumes.

And... what is this.

Breast massagers?


Wtf. Breasts also need massages one meh. Blood circulation not good enough is it. Go jump up and down lah, why buy breast massager? Can just ask any guy to massage for you, free of charge some more.


Let's all hope Osim doesn't release those as Osim iBoob. But after watching them release those god-awful mechanical horse-riding machine I'm willing to believe anything.

My gawd, can you imagine what the ad for Osim iBoobis gonna be like?

I dropped by to visit Ladies Market after recommendation by several people.

If one could buy fish at the fish market, what could I get at a "Ladies Market". ;)

There really wasn't anything suitable for me here, but I bet girls would love this place.

There's at least one sexified version of every single occupational uniform available in here. I'm sure somewhere in there you could find a leather-tight version of McDonald's uniform.

Anyway, I noticed somewhat strangely that they're selling puppets alongside sexy lingerie.

What kinda connection does puppets have with intimate underwears?

And then it hit me. Boy, did it hit me hard.

Those weren't puppets at all.

This, my friend, is a pair of men's underwear.

Wait, do you even call it a pair of underwear? There's no pair in this underwear 'cos there's no holes to put your two legs through. That's because you supposed wear it over your dick.

So what do you call this thing?

A penis sock?

Why would anyone buy this thing?

I don't know about you but I reckon whoever designed this thing needs to go on holiday and rediscover the meaning of life.

Speaking of the meaning of life, I paid a visit to this fortune teller at the Temple Street markets and I am FURIOUS!

On the outset, this Stephen Shum guy seems pretty professional. His stall is small but filled with photographs of him with famous people. So I guess he must be good. He even got his own website at www.stephenshum.hk

Nowadays, fortune teller also go high tech.

At first, everything seems fine. Stephen Shum checked my birthdate, checked my ears, checked my palms. Then halfway through reading my palm, the fella told me that I'M FAT!

Maiguliu Stephen Shum! I pay you HK70 to tell me about my future, not to say how you think I look ok!

Somemore why you care if I'm fat or thin. I'm your wife ah?

Bus turd.

Click to watch a fortune teller calling me an overweight bitch.

Regardless of that "interesting" incident, I bought plenty of stuff. Not only did I fill up my luggage bag, I had to buy a NEW bag to put all my other stuff.

Here's my loot from the trip.

I know, I shall eat grass for lunch and dinner from now on.

By the way, the Watson's here is worth a look. In Hong Kong, Your Personal Store™ is more like a department store. Four floors selling everything from perfumes to electric toothbrush.

Anyway, for some inexplicable reason, I find myself walking towards the uhh... family planning section of the store. (I like how Watson's and Guardian use politically-correct labels like "family planning" instead of more appropriate names like "sex toys")

Apart from the usual condoms and pregnancy strips and stuff, something else there caught my attention.

This is definitely not something I've seen before, and I was curious.

Colourful oval-shaped boxes in the family planning section of Watson's. What could it possibly mean?

I was shocked. It could only mean one thing.

Watson's in Hong Kong sells vibrators.

And they even had on display demo units to encourage everyone to try.



Actually, some of the Watson store in SG also sells vibrators. Think only those in town area.

But they sure don't have demo set on display. So anyone tried using the demo set? lol...


Hello Kenny.

Good to see ur updates.

Nice hello kitty, you have.

Lots of loves and kisses


1st? Omg. I couldn't believe that I did this.

Don't tell me the fortune teller know Japanese too. On the fan, it says "Welcome to Hong Kong". ^^;


Great... i am going to HK end of the year....now i know what to buy for HKD699.00


Stupid question in Survey....Are you a Malaysian Permanent Resident??? what was that suppose to mean... Malaysian PR??? or should they say citizen?? Stupid survey


i wonder how they try "it"
*smiles cheekily*
but wat´s the anti-fog spray for?!?


wow, hk looks great! and cheap too!


i think u might have posted the picture of the butt ugly costumes twice...maybe u wanted to show your earphones?

anyways...i'm suprised with the way you say they're polite. maybe its just me :( but..a few years back they'll say 'sun bin tai' first..and if u look around more..they'll start to tulan you... i overheard one of them saying 'buy stuff like choosing house' in cantonese lah.. oh well.. maybe they've changed :D

anyways glad you bought cool stuff :)


okay, let an ipohchai translate for you le
(since i´m so used to translating work for a week now, english-german =P)
he said you´re a person that will gain wealth, and in the future you´ll hv some small business le, so will be good financially.
But then le, your lubang hidung not big enough, so your wife´s one will be big.you´re not the type of people that are fated for "bu yi zi chai", wealth originating from illegitimate ways or sheer luck. So don´t gamble or do risky ventures like buying shares/investment.
Anyhow, he said don´t worry cause you´ll hv a good fortune too, just that it´s from hardwork.
Lastly, i tipu you bout the wife thingy, and you do hv big lubang hidung.Unfortunately not a big nose, which is linked to the "bu yi zi chai thingy" =P hv a nice day =)


LoL, he says that yo can make money in the future, ur luck in wealth is not bad, you will have ur own business in the future. Your not suitable in gambling, playing shares, coz it's risky, so it's better earning money with the normal way. Like, work more, earn more those types. Next time surely can earn money, don't worry you surely will sucess.

LoL. That's great!! XD


"Bitch overweight"? Well that made me burst into hysterics.

Nice haul, I'd love to go one day. Pick myself up one of those socks.


LoL, he says that you can make money in the future, ur luck in wealth is not bad, you will have ur own business in the future. Your not suitable in gambling, playing shares, coz it's risky, so it's better earning money with the normal way. Like, work more, earn more those types. Next time surely can earn money, don't worry you surely will sucess.

LoL. That's great!! XD LOL with the lifoo and the healfuu~!! XD


Uhm kenny? That HK600 doesnt buy you a 2gb MSPD. I reckon you meant 1gb ay? :)

HK hasn't changed much since I last visited. Do they still sell smut with the newspapers tho?


Be careful of what you buy at Sum Sui Po. Some of the stuff there are æ°´è´§. Imitations. Especially game consoles and memory sticks. Be sure to ask. They are usually willing to tell you.

For anyone going to 女人街, be sure to bargain. If you have a local with you, get them to bargain for you. First slash the price to 1/3 of what the asking price, sometimes even less. If they aren't willing to sell it to you at that price, you can always walk few stores down and get a the same item.

As for the general shops in Hong Kong, they are always on sale! Well, almost always on sale.


character-si, kindness-si, reference-si wuahahaha what bollock-si.


I think some of the the hong kong people did really use the underwear....just we dunno when they wear it and why they use it but the design are so funny......and weird


Kenny, I'm guessing you had a go at it...did it...vi-i-i-i-i-i-i-iiiiiii-brate?




Hmm....nice shopping experience you had. I wonder if the things happened to be cheap because of the SALE???


hi kenny,

i know you bought PlayCharm!!!

next time buy few more sets home, ok...


You're a bitch overweight?....man i heard you laughing too!....absolutely hilarious


hi-tech vibrator XD

lOosk like some ray-gun from some science fiction movie XD


I found that electronics are cheaper in hongkong than singapore or KL.
but I think clothes were not super cheap, they are only reasonable (depending on quality and brand of what ur looking for) But the range is huge!
As quoted from LonelyPlanet,
"If you can't find it in HongKong, you probably don't need it"


it took me a few nights, but i have finally managed to read all your posts! hehe sad i know =( but it's so interesting!

you know those hand-moulds made out of wax you have over there in malaysia, it's managed to find its way to australia just recently! and you know how much they are charging for it? $15-30AUD!!!! and how much did you pay for yours again??!!


So, did you try the vibrator? I personally think that the earphone is way too expensive!!! But those G2000 work suits are a real bargain.


"Try me, play"

Oh my!

Interesting to see Kenny just hmm .. mmm and oh while the fortune teller speaks in cantonese.


holy smokes,ur E2Cs are way too expensive


lolz, I wonder who will really pick up those vibrators to use. Imagine sharing a same vibrator with the public.... ewwwww


the fortune teller said in cantonese that you are not suitable to find fortune from gambling, stocks, activities that involves chances etc. B'cos your nose not big enough (dunno wat he means).

But your income/ fortune is still very good, suitable to set up your own business.



Glad you post this again..
The actor was confirmed Kevin Cheng Ka Yee and Astrid Chan.

check this out..


The fortune teller said :

You will buy a house if you have enough.

You don't have a big nose (like Jakie Chan) and not advisable to involve in any investment scheme, gambling or money flow related. Must not find money in the narrow way, instead use the right way. The more you do, the more you gain.

His slang is funny... "Your character-shi, Cana-DIE American..." Yeah Malaysia sux and the economic not that wise for the new generation. 2 bad you're suitable to work onboard.

Hong Kong people not as bad as before, not after the return to CHina in 97' I found the teenagers there more friendly than those old people there. Yeah.. they sound sharp and loud but it's the way Hongkee Talk la...



wow i really wanna travel to hk again! :D haha the part of the video where the fortune teller tries to read ur palm was funny!!! I nearly died of laughter!!! XD


I think asian countries' MRT or subways or watever stations..have lots of hidden.tiny.corner stores down there..that's what i noticed in Korea weeks ago. It did amaze me. I think i shop more in those underground stations more than department stores cuz everywhere u go in korea..u have to take subways


I gotta go down hong kong and buy myself the vibrator at WATSON!!!! Awesome. Maybe could do a lil demo. LOL


Argg... should have ask you to help me to buy a Sandisk 2GB MSPD, that is damn cheap! Too bad I don't know you and you don't know me. Saw you one time wandering around in Kenyalang alone... hehehe


i havent got you a dildo leh !

i hope you like ! ! !

woo hoo !


To Mon1ca : æ°´è´§ are not imitations. They are parallel imports, i.e. they are for export only and do not come with local warranty. Or the manual is in Arabic or Swahili. 'A' and 'B' è´§ are imitations.


Ayo the retailers were not so polite 10 years ago ok! In fact they were mean especially to plain looking Asian shoppers! You can't even touch their merchandise unless you are sure of buying them if not kena scolding one ah..


i went to see a fortune teller 2 weeks ago and he said almost the same thing about me!!!!

marry later better above 30, no need worry about money only worry about love, smart can study alot, best go overseas find work.
he even accurately told me i like to sleep late at night and that i keep my room very dark.

u should just come to Singapore lah! it's a SIGN!

u r a bitch overweight! i almost spewed my earl grey!


Okay Alrite..Kenny you are long lifoo and healfoo...Okay Alrite...


Aww..u make me wanna go HK so badly! I'm going next year coz of your entries Kenny ^__^ Shoppin spree....eeeks! I cant wait...


Kekeke. You could have bought those gadgets back and sell them off and untung sikit-sikit so you wont have to eat grass or scoop sand to eat for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ supper. =^_^=


Wow, long lifoo and good healfoo. You're a bitch overweight LOL~~~ Wondering why they must add the "si" if there's an 's' at the back and "foo" if there's an 'F'.


Shure E2C cost RM400 via ebay.com

and.. damn u shld have buy those vibrators back home & sell... i need it


wow, apparently that old dood thinks you're gonna be rich in the future.

are there any good fortune tellers in malaysia? i've always wanted to see one. thanks.


"Try me, Play!"
That really made me laugh.

It might do well in Malaysia. That is, only if the Govt. allows it here.


i went HK also got sale la, the local frens i made said they've got the usual new yr sale, xmas sale, CNY sale, mid-yr sale n the not so usual mid-term sale, end of season sale, mid season sale, end term sale... sounds like exam eh.. bottom line - any day also got sale =)


lol..there's actually a shop selling those what you called 'penis socks' in batu ferringhi night bazaar, penang.


hey, my husband went 2 a very famous fortune teller in KL, he said my husband is overweight too, as he explained, being overweight will affect ur wealth one wor...

he said, 'dun fatt fook 1st b4 u fatt choy'


hahahaah! its so funny!


what? bitch overweight? what the.... ahah. well, something is wrong with that guy's english.. ahah. i also dont know what is he talking. i meant its because the sound stereo here is blurr


dude it's 'chui bin tai', no 'SUI bin tai'. aiyo.

i'm going to pinch the buttcheeks of whoever who said shopping in HK is expensive.


The Watsons at Ngee Ann City sells those vibrators....


hey overweight ah-mmm-ok bitch

after hearing how the fortune-teller talked, it really reminds me of what Russell Peters were saying about how the chinese in China talks, and it's so damn true!

btw the fortune-teller's link is not working


love your post to heaps!
UK here oso got sells vibrators in pharmacy stores but no displays here...sniff!


I think he was trying to say 'a bit overweight' instead of bitch overweight...LOL. Anyway, I hope I'll be visiting Hong Kong again one day!


OMG!!! TRY ME, PLAY?!@?!@?



*shocked face*

and, wow... kenny this is a nice picture-ish post... somehow kowloon reminds me of Orchard road + Petaling street... cool man... :D


kenny, i tot u bought that sex toy?


oh man,was eating breakfast n my noodles nearly came spurting of my nose!!!
really funny post.. haHAHahahaha
so anyways, you're a "tock" with loads of "gooluck" aye? sounds interesting..
n OMG, a biatch overweight.. LOL quality indeed!!


Hhahahahahahahhaha it's hilarious hearing him speak English, but hey, it's still coherent enough, unlike some shit I hear Mainlanders speak over here in Brisbane.

Oh and I don't believe in fortune telling, but that guy really is quite good.

1. Bad gambling luck. Remember your World Cup bets?
2. Working in Australia would be better for you than in Malaysia.
3. Good fortune, no financial worries.

So please fix the guy's website link, I can't visit it! Thanks! :D


really superb shopping haven...
and boy...HK sells weird stuff...


don't mean to spoil the joke...

but i think what he meant to say was 'u a bit overweight' try sayin it with his chinese accent... hehe :P

no doubt... that was funny...


my bro got the tripod for S$10.


i think he mean no harm, juz tryin to sae u're a BIT overweigh.. = )


That day photo fair the similar tripot only RM 10-15 lah... the fish looks like Tiger Balb but in gold colour.


ahahaha... your blog always make me laugh!!!
Keep it goin, dude.

Btw, what digital camera do you use? the picture are all clear & sharp


Ha Ha Ha

soooo funny! I will have fancy dreams tonight,.. he he he


Hey, the watson's in singapore also sells vibrators. But they don't have th samples out on display tho...


Hey, Chris... I saw tht penis sock thing at Batu Ferringhi oso... wakakakaka... was laughing like mad at 1st sight... well Kenny if u wanna buy maybe u can come over to Penang... heheh


shit. regret not buying anything while in HK last time.

arhghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh was too young to appreciate shopping.


The way they pronounce 'Mouse' as 'Mousy' sounds like 'Cat shit' in Cantonese. How very, very apt.


dude..did u see any promoters to show u how to use those vibrators?hahaha...btw..did u buy one?


Kenny Sia is an overweight bitch!!!
HAHAHA so funny, keep it up mate.
Haha in western countries those poor shop attendents def can't work after midnight or they'll get sued by the unions!!


Oh well, Kenny.. you always had your own way of blogging.. Interesting and eye-opening.

I really miss Hong Kong now as I visited HK last year...

About the fortune teller... I can't stop laughing at his accents..



hehehe..cute entry!~

i love the watson in hk..so big .

oh by the way..some watsons in spore also got sell the durex vibrators hehee :P


Did anyone tried it on the spot? Did you try to smell the vibrators?


hmm.. i think i went to the same place before.. saw the same stall :)

hahahaha.... the fortune teller very funny arr.. why dont he speak mandarin with you arr??? hahaha

the part that you don't understand... which he talk in cantonese.. is just like reminder.. saying that you will get rich.. but not from betting... and ask you not to bet.. cause your nose not big enough.. hahahahah... like that also can...

why suddenly he talk cantonese to you wan arr.. hahaha...


Hahahaha....funny shit lor....

But he's right...something you suspected all along.

You dun suit Malaysia.


Those are some scary ass vibrators. One looks like a giant matchstick and the other a weapon straight out of CyberCop.

I'm SO going to Hong Kong.


omigod ... my most fav four-letter word ever!!!


(S-A-L-E lah)


Hey, Chris... I saw tht penis sock thing at Batu Ferringhi oso... wakakakaka... was laughing like mad at 1st sight... well Kenny if u wanna buy maybe u can come over to Penang... heheh

Posted by: Crimson Blaze at 09 August 2006 10:43 PM

lol..same here. even angmohs finds it hilarious.


i wan that penis sock!!!lolz


at least the fortune teller wasnt dishonest wif u ma.. if hes sayin u are very slim n fit, then u know he might be lying for the sake of money. no offence yeah.


Kenny got buy Hello Kitty for cheh cheh mui mui or not?


i think the fortune-teller meant that u're a bit overweight. haha hk pronounciation is like this la =p i love the colour of the vibrator!


Haha!! i never knew hong kong was so kinky!! :P


lol!!! BITCH OVERWEIGHT!!! lol... thanks for the laughs!


Ah dang it, I should have asked you to get me some of that best mouse pad (ever)! I'll be the envy of my workmates then! :O


hey kenny! lol! why on earth didnt u tell him u dont understand?? such a waste of money if like dat la. + he called u fat! omg! such an insult.. but do u think it's true or not le? lol!!


Hey, 65010421 here. Managed to get your outfit?


Breast massage machinery?? :(

Yet another job those damn robots are trying to take from us.


Wat an ass! u are losing ur touch and living in ur so-called celebrity blogger fantasy. U tok without using ur head.

Hello...Singapore has a whole shopping mall selling everything u want at the mrt station like years ago...wat u tokking abt?



just imagine you walk into Watson, feeling pure early in the morning, oh-the serenity.

you turn your head, expecting to see daily normal stuffs as in stuffs u see in watson.

and you saw somone using the vibrator.

there and then.

goodbye pureness. x)


nice post... i think i must go hong kong at the end of the year.. >_


watson's in singapore DO sell the exact 'vibrator' thingys! if you happen to visit singapore soon, check out the watson's at marina square. i saw the same thing before! haha!


shure e2c in japan only 290.. u should try akihabara.. no where else and i mean no other place can compare to it...


I think the fortune teller was trying to say
"You are a-bit-si overweight" and not "You are a bitch overweight". Haha.Give him the benefit of the doubt mate.Funny nonetheless.


damn. watsons malaysia needs to sell more... erm. play charms.


mmm..face it ! u r bitchy overweight ..Lol.
How lucky u are. If you have long ear , big nose plus your tummy, you will look like a ngorrr..ngooorrrr.. ...muwahhaha..


good catch in HK.

BTW do u know anyone interested in IT Support Engineer Job in Kuching, "Pandai" with Web Design & Publising, Java Script & Linux Programming ?

( Genuine and Urgent required )

If interseted please email to bsah8757@yahoo.com.my


Wow, I'm so gonna get my mom to shop! She'l be going to hong kong next week. :D


Its called a BANANA HOMOCK mate! he he he


omg i love the Watsons in hk!! ;D

haha the vibrators are humongous . =X


dude...didn't buy the durex range to *test* ah?

The Ipods in Hk are cheap, as evident by me friends that goes there to shop only for those.


i think d fortune teller meant tat u are a bit overweight,not overweight bitch...


isn't a sock for the penis, call....condom?
you should have slap that guy, paying him HK70 to insult you and he speaks a language you don't even understand!
the vibrators in watson looks a lottile weird.....lolz


i dun mind buying if osim does comes out with the IBOOBIS MASSAGER..when you head to marie france blat blat..what they actually do is massage also wat!
who needs men.



OMG. HELLO KITTY HELLO KITTY *pant pant* and McDonald's ones too. How oh-so-very-ultimate!! Is it part of the Happy Meal or is it some kinda promotion... buy a Big Mac get a Big Hello Kitty Bag or WTF?!! They just had a bunch of McD featuring Hello Kitty stuff on in Indon but not the ones in your picture and yours look real good. Also the pvc-ish nurse frock is HOT. I think I need to pay HK a damn visit!!


wah lau!

don't you know the vibrators are available too at Watson's Sg?


the fortune teller was saying that you'll be able to earn money soon enough, telling you not to worry.

LMAO you're bitch overweight..!!

his english is freaking hillarious!!!


wow, great deal on the nano


He's an average to below-average fortune teller. You should have asked more questions to be sure.

But are you left handed? Questionable why he is telling your fortune off your left hand if you are not left handed.

With regards to the fat comment - what he means to say is that you will tend to accumulate fat around your midriff - and the area you must be careful about is your stomach (ie you will be prone to health problems centered around your stomach, or gastro-related issues).

It's a fair comment. My brother is prone to liver-weakness. I'm also prone to the accumulate fat around midriff problem (I got told this when I was slim and really fit - woe that I did not listen! LOL).

Anyway, that is my guess - I mean, he wouldn't be talking about it as a vanity issue, I don't think - unless he's actually a really crap fortune teller (which he might be, who knows).


Thanks to you, Kenny, hubby was in Singapore and managed to get the durex wand. When he first brought it back to the hotel to test it out, guess what? Watsons sold him a dummy! He had to go back there to get a refund cos they didn't have any stock left. With all the ruckus, he couldn't even be discreet about it. Anyway, the next day, the girls at Watsons called him to inform that they managed to get a real one for him. They asked him whether he wanted to try it out. Of course, he didn't. He was very brave already considering he had to approach them regarding the dummy! He bought it for me, how sweet! :-)


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hello,, just drop by to read ur blog... well the fortune teller said u might move to other contury next year.... so is he something real or....


Bossini in HK is like ... PDI in Malaysia. A local brand no one really wants to buy. G2000 to them is the same case. Its local brand to them, and Hongkies being stuck up ppl don't like to wear things that are not 'wai fung'


I can say Hong Kong is the best place to live in the world,many nice stuff and nice food,yes I came from Hong Kong YEAH~~


By the way,pls dont say "Hongkee Hongkee" sound very rude,if you want ppl to be nice to u,u should do it first "please"



'bitch' overweight??
i think he mean 'bit' overweight
lol...anyway tat was funny


man you crazy


I know what he said..the fortune teller..he said u will live a good life in the future.You will hav no problem in finance and practically ur life will be good..


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