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Posted by: Kang at 02 July 2008 8:05 AM

I would hope and like to see more information given on Kuching hawker food. Local delight represents the best of any place.

Nothing beat local food.

Looking forward to your compilation.

Posted by: SK at 02 July 2008 8:10 AM

Is this open only for people coming form Kuching?
How about people like us who have never step our foot there?
I am looking forward for you to reveal the winners next week.
And I am yearning so much to have a taste on the kolo mee, 'coz people have been heaping praise on that noodle.
Apparently, it IS much better than wantan mee.

And so, the debates continues...

Posted by: Calvin at 02 July 2008 8:20 AM

One more thing.
As long as I have not tasted the kolo mee, I still personally think that WANTAN MEE IS THE BEST ;)

Posted by: Calvin at 02 July 2008 8:22 AM

Kenny, mee sapi at Satok! It is one block after Maybank. Near the road. It is halal la. BUt it serves the best mee sapi. The kedai called mee sapi Haji Salleh.It is quite near the overhead bridge. Everytime I go to Kuching, mee sapi and Laksa Chong choon (still the best la) mesti makan punya.

Do try the mee sapi. Thanx!

Posted by: Linda at 02 July 2008 8:26 AM

Jalan Song food court should remain as a winner in this year's compilation. A great many eateries there serving tasty food.

The compilation would serve as a great unofficial guide to the myriad food that Sarawak has to offer. Great idea.


Posted by: howshouse at 02 July 2008 8:26 AM


Posted by: eight at 02 July 2008 8:32 AM

Best Chicken Rice ... Chicking at Petanak Road, and Hock Sen at Ban Hock Road

Posted by: Peggy at 02 July 2008 8:34 AM

ahh, i should go visit jalan song food court next time! XD

Posted by: copykate at 02 July 2008 8:47 AM

My nominations, Kenny..
Kolo mee - Sister Coffeeshop at Satok (row of electrical shops), served with crispy pork fats
Laksa - Golden Arch shopping mall at 3rd mile flyover
Chicken Rice - AllJoy foodcourt behind King Center Simpang3.
Thats all, tq.

Posted by: Arten at 02 July 2008 8:49 AM

i know in Satok got one restaurant that sells seriously drop dead delicious mee sapi but I forgot what's the name of the shop. Maybe you can burst your tum-tum-tummy by going to each and every mee sapi seller there (kuangkuangkuang)

btw, there is this small time malay restaurant named Selera Fatimah (i think) that sells seriouly nice nasi padang. I always make sure I have my lunch there whenever i visit kuching

good luck!

Posted by: Balqiz at 02 July 2008 8:51 AM


Number 1!

haha featuring ah kok from min joo!

Here features best kolok mee trust me it's unique no other stall as nice as his. But don't get wrong he don't cook those noodles he merely serve but he plays a great role in getting our orders right. I think eatingasia has done them justice from their previous review.

But of cos whoever lazy to wait since the que usually 30 min - 1 hour and the usual time i go it's wake up at 6am then reach there at 7am be the first but don't bother ordering drinks cos they start taking drinks order at 7.40am only and 8am start the mee business.

If can't wait then may try TA WAN KUNG opposite dewan masyarakat.

Number 2!

Of cos not forgetting laksa. This i honestly still think it's hard to pick the BEST cos like mentioned we do have few places. So from my pick u may try.........

a) Foody goody laksa
b) fat cat laksa (just behind tabuan jaya ambank block)
c) Mei mei food court at chonglin park(same as luconia just beside kun's saloon) - special for it's plentiful of prawn.
d) sekama ah chey laksa - most ppl said it's not nice and stingy on the prawn but at times when u don't want to eat too many prawn this is the place to eat as the soup is just nice not too strong so u wouldn't feel gross after one big helping.

The above is a blogger featuring almost all sarawak laksa though his reviews is not appropriate as i think he have different tastebud. So this we cannot say he's wrong or right. Just for comparison and viewing purposes.

Number 3
Best tomato mee / mihun?
Well not sure about other places but i've always like the taste at Thom yam cafe though ingredient wise not that promising but the tomato taste is superb.

It's around jalan foochow u wouldn't miss it when u about to reach the traffic light to sekama road.

Number 4

Best chicken rice?

Sorry la no longer fang yuen. For me i always like the ah pek chicken rice. But if u ask me the name? aiyo never notice but it's open at night and just beside patio . Same area as ta wan kung. His chicken is nice and same for the belacan.

Number 5
Mee sapi? of cos not forgeting this delicacies. The best i've tried is ah mui gu bak mee now u can try it at foody goody as well. The one at green hill the gu bak mee too kiam chiap unless u are small eater then may try there though to me nowadays not as nice as previously.

Number 7
Last but not least i think kueh chap honestly till now i cannot find the ultimate kueh chap yet. Like the one at 3rd mile that one portion wise is nice but the soup is just merely salty soy sauce.

For those who have yet to try may try the coffee shop opposite ayam champion at BDC. Name sound something like 'yi chia chin' the kueh chap is nice with chicken leg.

May try the kueh chap at poh kwong park. Behind poh kwong park at night it's sold by a couple. But the kueh chap though it's nice the portion is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sikit hahaha but overall that one is the best for light supper

What other food i left out? hahaha best claypot? Never ever try the one at BBQ specialist that one not nice at all. Remember to try the one at thompson corner tabuan jaya it's available at noon if at night he told me he open at toh yuen at jalan song. Though have yet to try at night there ever since he move there for night biz.

Posted by: DeV|LisH at 02 July 2008 9:00 AM

oii kenny what happen to your www. kennysia .com so slow so many weeks liao dam slow picture come out pls checklah TQ

Posted by: EDS at 02 July 2008 9:10 AM

Aiyo Kenny! How can you expect Kuching hawker food to compare with those on the Miele Guide!? (Love Chubby Hubby's food blog! Iggy's here I come during my F1 trip!)It's like comparing apples to oranges! I've been lucky enuf to visit Kuching twice in the past. I totally agree wif last year's choice for best tomato keuy teow. I prefered the Junk to Magenta, although the steak at Magenta was higher quality...the chocolate sauce on steak idea was puke worthy! and.........its time for another trip! Can I hire you to be my food guide!? :D

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 02 July 2008 9:15 AM

Wow!!! that sarawak laksa prawn really eye catchy~~ as for the kolo mee~~ seen very dry.. really that nice? My lecturer use to tell me very cun... she from sarawak too

Posted by: kornykornelius at 02 July 2008 9:31 AM

Why you left out some distinctively unique Kuching specialty like Belacan Bee Hoon? The Best Belacan Bee Hoon IMHO, is at Song Thian Chiok market, the corner shop.

Also, not forgeting the Beef Noodles at Open Air Market. There's another famous one at Jalan Sekama, open at night. And the Rex Prawn Fritters (Hey Pia!) somewhere near Kuching Porridge at Satok area.

Posted by: Alex at 02 July 2008 9:32 AM


Posted by: The Horny Bitch at 02 July 2008 9:42 AM

why that's no starbucks for best beverage :-p

Posted by: TZ at 02 July 2008 9:43 AM

wow delicious and nice food...yummy Malaysia is unique coz of these different delicious food

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 02 July 2008 9:45 AM

best kolo mee has to be still KY cafe and the one in carpenter street/bishopgate old shops (not sure must get papaboo to bring me there). i like the one in the open market place i forgot the name where the dude selling drinks alw go "X thousand" when u pay.

im not that keen on laksa but the best one that i had and dont mind eating again is the one in this kopitiam (forgot the name) opp Kah Hing Restaurant in Pandungan (jalan abdul rahman 5A?) right behind hock lee centre. only open til 2pm.

sorry to say NO PLACE IN KCH has a better kueh chap than the one in miri, li xiang cafe. the fat old apek very annoying bising one with attitude.

Posted by: naeboo at 02 July 2008 9:47 AM

Golden Arch Laksa.
Petanak Market Kueh Chap.
Chicking House, Petanak.
Pork Leg Rice, Big Horse Cafe @ Pending.

Posted by: : ) at 02 July 2008 9:54 AM

when it comes to food tasting, it can be very subjective. How to judge whether one is serving the best food in town, how is the term "Impartial" is to be applied here??

A person's taste differs with the place he comes from, ppl alwaz trying to recommend good food all around malaysia and even overseas, now tell me do u really taste the food, try to break down the composition of it so it comes to the conclusion that the combination is so well harmonised and balanced? or u juz simply say the food is so tasty cuz ppl have been complimenting about them??

I'm not trying to say that listing out all the good food at ur place or where so ever is stupid but i personally think that this kinda guide book is only good enough for those ppl from the same hometown as u, cuz after all these while that i tried most of the food from penang, terengganu, ipoh, melaka, i still think that no other taste can beat the one i so used to back at my hometown.

Posted by: vivian337 at 02 July 2008 9:56 AM

i'm voting for bella italia as best casual-dining spot.

best kueh chap: try the one at 3rd exchange, 4th mile. the kopitiam nx to the ice-cream shop. can't rmbr the name tho. it's on the block on the left. a corner shop.

best laksa: Choon yuan cafe @ ban hock road (nx to grand continental hotel) used to be really good, but the auntie retired a couple of months ago. Now taken over by some guy. not sure how good is it yet. Another spot would be ah yew laksa at Jalan sekama.

best fine dining: Restaurant Beccari @ Merdeka Palace.

Posted by: evelync from kuching at 02 July 2008 9:57 AM

Feeling hungry just looking at the pictures...

Posted by: dead_cockroach at 02 July 2008 10:15 AM

I just noticed I keep smiling reading this entry... woo hoooo!!! I can't wait to go home kuching!!! My vote is the laksa near Specialist Hospital.

Posted by: DJ Eric at 02 July 2008 10:15 AM

for sarawak laska, i would recommend the stall in Thomson corner in tabuan jaya.
Lots of prawns and 'si-ham', and the soup is 'gao' and delicious too.

Posted by: cloudet at 02 July 2008 10:19 AM

My nominations..

Best laksa (okay, i cant mk up my mind abt dis one)
- Golden Arch laksa
- Bormill.. the cornershop (duno d name =P)

Best tomato MEE
- Ah Lau, Song Kheng Hai Market (ask for tomato noodles, the soft one - not the one fried crispy)

There's also one place that has deep fried 'kiaw' in tomato 'mee' sauce

Best chicken rice
- Chicking, Petanak (few shops away from Madam Tang)

Best casual dining
- Chef @ Home, opposite Hui Sing's Petronas station

Maybe u should have another few categories included..

Best char kueh tiaw
Best char kueh
Best ais kacang
and maybe.. best belacan bee hoon (essentially sarawakian) hehe

Posted by: Charlene at 02 July 2008 10:25 AM

how about mango tree?should be nominated in fine dining categories..its just behind the civic centre.had franchises in bangkok,london,busan,tokyo too.thai food

Posted by: anynomous85 at 02 July 2008 10:38 AM

swee kang at jln haji taha too ;))

Posted by: anynomous85 at 02 July 2008 10:41 AM

kenny u are a biatch for putting up kuching food on ur post. while my mum is probably enjoying herself in kuching right now, i have to stay back here to work and maybe party alot more hehehe... have u tried the kolo mee at nam kwong in 3rd mile bazaar... that should be nominated as well. As for bla bla bla; that place has pretty sik deco and funky flavours; who would've thought parmesan and bilin would be so tasty!!!

Posted by: brenno at 02 July 2008 10:46 AM


For Gu Bak Mee, got TWO! One is Green Hill Corner (opposite Star Cineplex), small portion though, and for the Taiwan Gu Bak Mee, Spring Garden is the BEST! The one that Memories serve quite good as well.

Kueh Chap - 3rd Mile market/ song kheng hai

Kolo Mee - KY Cafe!

KamPua Mee - BDC (cant bloody remember the shop name)

Laksa - Foody Goody!

cant wait to go home!!!

Cha Kueh - Yet to be found

Cheapest fruit juice - java juice

Posted by: lijerd at 02 July 2008 10:50 AM

kenny, could you please state also the location for us outsiders so that we can pay a visit at your winning food stalls the next time we go kuching? haha..thanks first.

One more thing Kenny, i hope you no need to go for another De-toxin after trying out all the nominations.. haha..

Looking forward for the announcement.

Posted by: sheng at 02 July 2008 10:51 AM

oh pleasee... your kolo mee, tomato kuay teow (lol), and laksa are so mediocre compared to penang hokkien mee, char koay teow and asam laksa.
your turn to shine? haha.. dont think so. I'm sure many penangites or ppl who've tried both states will agree with me. no doubt about it. -unless u r from kuching then well...

Posted by: dee at 02 July 2008 11:00 AM

tomato kuay teow? i am scared to imagine what it tastes like!

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Posted by: Car Pool Malaysia at 02 July 2008 11:06 AM

I didn't notice this in the McDonald's entry but now that I look at that picture of Saddam Hussien outside McD.... I realised what a candid shot it is!

He managed to reduce the banner to promoting BREAST instead of breakfast as they always do! LOL

Anyone's who haven't spotted it, scroll up now!!! Hahahaha....

Posted by: nicki at 02 July 2008 11:09 AM

i dun think sushi king food is nice

Posted by: colby at 02 July 2008 11:11 AM

Just now I went to eat Laksa at a kopitiam near Sundat Market. The kopitiam is the one next to the Sportstoto shop and it is the row of shops opposite CIMB bank.

The laksa there also very nice but you need to pour all the belacan into the laksa and it will taste really great. :)

eBlog Entrepreneur

Posted by: Greenleaf at 02 July 2008 11:15 AM

Ayo, habisla you Kenny, food tasting mission = at least 5kgs fatter. Im sure a detox post will come up after that :P

Posted by: Sharon at 02 July 2008 11:17 AM

Hi kenny, saw this post today and thought I suggested somewhat of an unusual but interesting foodstall.

Its at a food court called Siang Siang at 3rd Mile, near the golf range. This particular stall is a chicken rice stall. But whats so unusual is that it only opens at 3am to around 6-7am, or maybe earlier. The chicken rice there was so addictively good that it literally finishes b4 the sun goes up!

I discovered the stall there with my friends when we were staying at the shophouses long ago while studying at informatics.

Posted by: Lee at 02 July 2008 11:17 AM

hey kenny. interesting post.

I would voice out my opinion for kuching laksa. I think Foody Goody court (tabuan laru) serves kind good laksa. Beyond average compares to other stalls.
But there's one stall, a hidden stall that not many people know which is the one located beside Hock lee centre, erm ... you know the 100% store? Behind the shoplots and beside there's a food court.

And there's stall called "genuine laksa". Superb nice laksa. And it matches with the banner of the stall "Genuine" .. lol! Go have a try! =)

To me, some of the 'popular' stalls serve terrible laksa. getting worst and worst. The gravy is not as thick as it used to be. The prawns are not as fresh as before.

Yet do go to the one besdie 100% and prove that it's really the "genuine" laksa! =P

Posted by: johnson at 02 July 2008 11:18 AM


Posted by: tw at 02 July 2008 11:28 AM

for good not-so-fine, not-so-hawker dining, try Carvery at Bintawa =D

Posted by: smart_butterfly at 02 July 2008 11:28 AM

I'm from KL. But I look forward for my favourite Kolo Mee stall in Tabuan Jaya's Siang Siang Foodcourt eveytime I'm in Kuching. I think that is one of your favourite too.

I have a friend who recommended me a mee sapi the last time I was in Kuching. I don't know the area that well but I know the shop is at the corner lot nearby and same row as the Harbour View Hotel. It was good and tasty. Loved it.

Posted by: Az1 at 02 July 2008 11:39 AM

all foods seem very yummy..but sushi King a bit common

Posted by: chloe at 02 July 2008 11:44 AM

Best Kolo Mee - Huan Loke Cafe (besides Tun Jugah Building, corner Lot Shop).U can ask for kolo mee with Char Siew Oil or with soy sauce..Both taste GREAT AND NICE....

Best Drink - Huan Loke Cafe (besides Tun Jugah Building, corner Lot Shop).Serve The Best KOPI PENG in Kuching. trust Me....u cannot get this taste at other shop.

Best Laksa - Opposite AYAM MAKHOTA COLDSTORAGE.Order the big BOWL Laksa and ask for FRIED CHICKEN instead of the normal CHICKEN...Then u can taste it...

Best KUEH CHAP - 3rd Mile Market (kueh chap pho)....

Posted by: kch is best at 02 July 2008 12:05 PM

ermm...why only chinese place ho...list halal one also mah..so everyone can eat -.-

Posted by: imakuchingnite at 02 July 2008 12:12 PM

try Sarawak Food Awards...
a lot more nice foods throughout kenyalang land

Posted by: IkHui at 02 July 2008 12:20 PM

bintulu balacan!

Posted by: IkHui at 02 July 2008 12:21 PM

hungry lah.now i wanna go to kuching to eat.

Posted by: elle at 02 July 2008 12:22 PM

there's this shop sumwhere at tabuan jaya baru where there building the 'next' ICT hub. forgot the name but u have to try the laksa there.

also dun u dare put sushi king as casual dining. its crap.

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 02 July 2008 12:34 PM

man i mis home. n i just found out dat only kuching has kolo mee! haha its evrywhere at home never knew rest of malaysia dun have it.

i think u should add like a snack category. i fckin love pisang goreng and NOTHING beats the shop at kenyalang old food court. go there kenny u wont regret it. took me ages tryin the pisang goreng stalls evrywhere but dat was the best so far.

other snacks would be pao and siao bee- the best char sio paw would b at the old foodcourt outside electra house.

Posted by: me at 02 July 2008 12:42 PM

i'm having the same thoughts as elle now. hungry and i feel like going to kuching for food!

Posted by: Ben J at 02 July 2008 12:53 PM

I have a feeling, the LV bag she carried isn't real, because the leather trimming looks fishy!

Posted by: James Gan at 02 July 2008 12:57 PM

Hey Kenny,

try this:

Sarawak Laksa: Ceria Cafe in Satok opposite Choice Food Center

Happy eating, and DO NOT watch the scale while you are on your mission.

Posted by: arr biee at 02 July 2008 1:01 PM

i nominate :-

1. chef @ home, near petronas hui sing garden
2. hanii bistro, behind sarawak plaza - for the best tomato crispy mee
3. kopi o corner, beside satok flyover - for the best laksa sarawak
4. oriental kitchen - for the best butter prawn.. hehe

Posted by: aveq at 02 July 2008 1:10 PM

Hi Kenny,

after this perhaps you can do a "battle" nationwide, and challenge the great Ipoh Hor Fun?

Posted by: kah seong at 02 July 2008 1:11 PM

Kolo Mee -- try the one from standalone wooden shop at batu kawa..

Posted by: Vincent at 02 July 2008 1:28 PM

ah kolo mee, kueh chap and laksa... damn!!! miss kuching

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 02 July 2008 1:34 PM

kolo mee should goes to the famous coffee shop in green road one. Can't really remember what it is called but it's pretty famous.
casual dinner would goes to chef at home near Petronas in Hui sing Garden.
best fried noodles will go to Ah huat in the Hui Sing hawker stall centre.
Best rojak is the one in song kheng hai food court in Jalan Padungan
best fine dining is the junk or bla bla bla
best nightspot is senso.

Posted by: Mien at 02 July 2008 1:41 PM

Do and Do try the 3th mile Golden Arch Laksa.
And don't forget the famous Belacan bee hun and Ang Tao Peng at behind no.3 primary school at Ang Cheng Ho.. yum yum....

Posted by: fallen angel at 02 July 2008 1:41 PM

some recommendations:

laksa- near 100% discount store, ang cheng ho.

chicken rice- chicking eating house, petanak.

kolo mee- 10th mile

japanese food- ten ichi/ rakuzen are good for casual dinner. elephant, ang cheng ho

finer dinner- san franscisso, ban hock road.

Posted by: klawls at 02 July 2008 2:19 PM

Hey Kenny,

Here's my opinion:
Best Chai Kueh - Da Fan Shu (near Petanak)
Best Tomato Mee - hawker behind Poh Kwong Park shops...(they use kolo mee instead of ordinary mee)
Best Pork Satay - Lau Ia Keng
Best Mouse Tail(Lo Shu Fan in hakka) - A corner shop at the cross juction next to Lau Ia Keng

Happy eating!!!=D

Posted by: bincici at 02 July 2008 2:25 PM

How about kueh chap? I personally love the one in Tabuan Jaya market. It's a must-eat for me everytime go back to Kuching.

Posted by: Verdoce at 02 July 2008 2:42 PM

Best kolo mee - The shop at Green Road opposite Chon Lin plaza. Forgot the name. Ta Huang Gong also not too bad. I still think Kolo Mee is the best compared to Wantan Mee (no offence) and you can get it only in my hometown, Kuching!!!

Best laksa - Golden Arch.

Best Tomato Mee/Kueh Teow - I think the name of the stall is King Food Centre opposite Siang Siang 3rd Mile (across the road). The auntie cooked quite well Tomato Mee/Kueh Teow. The stall only operates at dinner time only though. And the one at Petanak Market also very good.

Best Chicken/BBQ Rice - Wan Nurn near Padungan.

Best Casual Dining - Country Court near KFC/Pizza Hut 3rd Mile. Try their Butter Milk Sotong (Squid) and their claypot mutton. It's fantastic.

Best place to have breakfast - Fook Hai's Big Pau at Jln Song Thian Cheok. The Big Pau is always my fav.

Best beverage - 5 layer teh-C at Lao Han Jia (The Experts) either BDC or Jln Song

Best food court - I agree with Kenny and almost everyone, Jln Song Food court. That's the best.

Best beef noodles - I'm not sure whether the one in Spring garden cafe at Ang Cheng Ho road still operating. If yes, that's the best. If not, Ah Mui's not bad and also the one opposite Lim Fah San Monastery is also good.

Best Kueh Chap - 3rd mile night market.

Best Char Kueh Tiaw (Taugeh) - Hui Sing Hawker stall

Best Char Kueh - Kenyalang Old Market at night. The Hong Kong style char kueh at Jln Song food court is also good.

Best Kan Pua Mee - Lan Han Jia (The Experts) at BDC.

Posted by: matfoo at 02 July 2008 2:46 PM

what abt seafood restaurant?

Posted by: fang at 02 July 2008 2:49 PM

hey kenny, what happened to your link to Xiaxue's blog?

Posted by: clara at 02 July 2008 3:05 PM

ermm....i think that "fei mao" laksa is da best in kuching!

Posted by: Sylvia at 02 July 2008 3:39 PM

I found that the tomato mee at song thian cheok is good... butbutbut.. i cannot rmbr the stall number le...

Posted by: emily at 02 July 2008 4:02 PM

paiseh.... gave wrong name for the place.. is song kheng hai... haha... embarassing..

Posted by: emily at 02 July 2008 4:02 PM

Alright 1st time to write a comment on your website cos the topic is about food haha..

Best Kolo Mee got few places:
1st the Atap Ke (carpenter street one with the LV bag) Kolo Mee Cheng have 2 at that street i prefer the one with the LV bag one though ^^
2nd Ling Lung seafood kolo mee at king center there
3rd Sing lian chen at Green road^^

Nasi lemak
1st Lok Lok (behind Kuching High)
Its also the best supper area after 12o'cloclk ^^
2nd Kingswood hotel

1st Freedy Goody at choice daily tabuan laru there
2nd Ban hock road one

Fried Sotong from Hijau

Chicken Rice
1st Long Kau Pi chicken rice behind 3rd mile siang siang called world cafe
2nd Hai Nan Jie chicken rice

wah still got alot nice food in kuching type next time liaw haha should be enough^^

Posted by: Edwin at 02 July 2008 4:10 PM

kuching boy (SMKBL) at KL.

1) Kolo Mee
Electra House (fire station) opposite GuBakMee stall.

2) Laksa
Thompson corner tabuan jaya
(gravy shiok, prawns big2, big serving = big)

& thank you Sir! Kuching hawker is better than S'jung. agree!

Posted by: ChrisS at 02 July 2008 4:28 PM


Posted by: Sue at 02 July 2008 4:28 PM

i think best kueh chap goes to BIntawa Aunty... corner house. ah kok Cheng aka Kolo mee is yummy... welll but where to get yummy fried kueh tiaw with 'ham'... emmm best steamboat would be Shabu Shabu.... chiken rice... the one at ban hock road yellow shirt ehh.. the belacan nice though.. best pork leg rice the coffeshop at ban hock road opp Borneo Tour.... best seafood of cos goes to Rock Road... Magenta, Toms n Junk serve good quality of food

Posted by: yummy yummy at 02 July 2008 4:32 PM

Hi Kenny..

Remember to try these..

BEST Kueh Chap- An An Kopitiam, near Kuching HIgh..
(They used to sell at Siong Kong, next to Star Cineplex)

BEST (Sweet) Char Kueh- Kenyalang Market..

BEST Kolo Mee- A1 kopitiam, BDC
(it tastes great with chili sauce- kiaw hiam!!)
Min Joo, Carpenter Street..
(they used to sell the BBBBBEEESSSTT char sio pao =( )

BEST Roti Kiap- Choon Yuan..
(soooo crispy arrrrrrrrr...)

BEST Belacan Bihun- Carpenter Street..
(remember to try her cuttlefish with her homemade chili sauce..)

BEST Nasi Lemak- After Three, Padungan
.. corner shop, what.. Hock, Hui Sing
sorry, i cant remember..
but i know they used to prepare meals for MAS..
(order ordinary nasi lemak, thier curry not very nice)

BEST Har Kau- After Three, Padungan..

BEST Tomato Kueh Tiaw/Mee(request for crispy one)
& Rojak/ Kangkung Cuttlefish
(i dislike SKH's 'watery' rojak)
- Daily Joy, King Centre..
(next to a Chai Jee Kiong Mini Mart)

BEST Foochow Bihun- Thian Soon Restaurant..

BEST Beverage- Air Kedondong, Siang Siang, BDC/ Ah Seng, SKH..

aand.. White Milk Tea from BestBerry..

BEST Lui Cha- Daylight, King Centre..

BEST Curry- Amachi, Hui Sing Market..
(never try it, but grandma said it's the best curry in town.. )

Posted by: michelle at 02 July 2008 4:39 PM

Best Casual Dining - Sushi King

Best Chicken Rice - I don't know the shop's name but it's very famous, located at the back of Hock Lee Centre.

Posted by: windwalker at 02 July 2008 4:52 PM

ey kenny.. it think u should go to Kopi O Corner. Beside satok flyover. You should try the laksa. And also the roti canai. they have variety of roti canai. trust me, you should try it.

thank god that i am back home. or else i will die for laksa sarawak when reading ur entry~

Posted by: my name is at 02 July 2008 5:17 PM

and.. swee kang!!! jalan haji taha..

Posted by: my name is at 02 July 2008 5:20 PM

How about those nice char kueh, kueh chap, pork leg rice around kuching ? Our taiwanese cuisines can also be rated as GOOD.

Posted by: SKS at 02 July 2008 5:52 PM

Best Beverage : Pearl Milk Tea!! Yumm...
Best Kolo Mee: 3rd Mile..Above tne market..2nd floor la.
Best "Fine Dining" : WestWood! Taste good and CHEAP! The best fish and chips in town!
Best Ice Cream : SUNNY HILL!! Better than Desserts..
Best Fried Kueh Tiaw : Ah Huat at Hui sing..The shop that make the most noise..LOL
Best Char Kueh : Kenyalang..at the food centre beside the shop that sell kueh chap.

And last but not least...

Best place to eat SEAFOOD!! : See Good Restaurant..somewhere behind Hornbill..THE best "O chian" or oyster pancake.

Posted by: Lindy at 02 July 2008 6:02 PM


I agree with you that Kuching has the best hawker food in M'sia!

And I am extremely happy to see Kolo Mee and Tomato Kueh Teow on the list!!! ^_^

Posted by: Jwxwei at 02 July 2008 6:03 PM

what about kam pua mee and din bien hu?? kam pua mee would be thompson corner, tabuan jaya; din bien hu must be d one at peach garden, jln song.

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 02 July 2008 6:13 PM

me ta hon at Hui Sing Night market is wonderful. cool and refreshing. you can order it from any drink stalls there.

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 02 July 2008 6:20 PM

I think next time should include "Best Pork Leg Rice " Category.

Posted by: kahyeec at 02 July 2008 6:27 PM

Mr. Kenny, you do this right before rainforest. if all the hot chicks go and eat all the good food in kuching, how they wear bikini at rainforest world music festival?

wei ;p choose one. haha

Posted by: thegeekinpink at 02 July 2008 6:29 PM

Oops forgot to mention. Best Kueh Chap - Green Road , take the turn in front of ESSO fuel station .Follow the road ,its behind Poh Kwong Park Shoplots . They operate at night perusing the carpark to put their tables .Think there is a Magnum outlet in front there but not sure . Their Kueh Chap even ppl who dont like the "babi" smell also can eat. Best chili to accompany any Kueh Chap too.

Posted by: kahyeec at 02 July 2008 6:39 PM

even though it was like 8 years since i left Kuching, i will never forget Green Road Kolo Mee.

the other places i think i forgot them already :)

Posted by: wahlau at 02 July 2008 6:44 PM

Best Kolo MEE = Tabuan Jaya,668 cafe(just next to kaya toast. And another one also corner of bishopgate at carpenter street.

Best Kueh Chap = Bintawa, Pending area, operates in a house.Ask around, its really famous.

Best Laksa = Sekama, AH YEW Laksa.


Posted by: Mark at 02 July 2008 7:01 PM

laksa - golden arch, chong choon, foody g00dy
kolo mee - green rd. but dunno the name. some stalls deep inside jln wan alwi & stutong. i think you can list a few names, maybe no.1, no.2, no.3 ...
char kueh - chong ch00n
chicken rice - fan yuen behind hock lee?
best pau - 'l/hok hai'?
food court - jln song
gu bak mee - ah bi
'fine dining' - bla bla bla, mr. ho?

Maybe u can also list the best things to do and best place to go in Kuching?


Posted by: jingPENGboy at 02 July 2008 7:04 PM

haha im a kch lover too!! there's no place like home. there are many good kolomee nowadays, but my personal favorite will alwez be min kee, kenyalang market second row. im salivating jus tinking abt it.. it's still super cheap. last i went it was rm2.20. portion wise it's fine. they don't use pork oil, so it's more healthy. try the one without lard..

Posted by: kch boy at 02 July 2008 7:11 PM

Best Kolo Mee- Sister Cafe, just opposite the old Miramar Cineplex. Best Chicken Rice- Chicking eating house, beside Madam Tang. Breakfast- NK food network, you will find it if you move along Jalan Kereta Api and try out the other meals too.

Posted by: Nick.T at 02 July 2008 7:15 PM

Best Chicken Rice - I think Chick King at Jalan Petanak has already taken over the crown from Fang Yuen nearby. Just my 2Cents.

Posted by: kahyeec at 02 July 2008 7:16 PM

Bella italia, casual dining for the win! I never leave that place after a good plate of carbonara.

Posted by: sarah at 02 July 2008 7:18 PM

This should get plenty interesting.
Just came back to Kuching yesterday and starting my eating pilgrimage. OMG..


Best Ice Cream perhaps? The obvious winner is Sunny Hill though. Franchise and mass marketing can go suck balls.

Best Ais Kacang? The one in Tabuan Jaya, at the old market? The one at the corner, owner with the crater-face.

And everyone please. No McD's or Sushi King.
I think any other Kuchingite will hang their head in shame if that ever showed up on the list.

Kuching? It should be called Heaven.

Posted by: iggy at 02 July 2008 7:39 PM

What a coincidence. I was thinking about writing a post about my favourite kolo mee place right this very minute.

For kolo mee, one excellent place is 668 Cafe in Tabuan, right next door to Kaya and Toast. I love it, the kolo mee and kiaw soup is good as the any I've had in town and certainly much, much better than many other places.

You should check it out.

For the other stuff, I haven't been to Barzing in months. Is it still good?

Posted by: mac at 02 July 2008 7:46 PM

does coffee count?
tom's,delicafe, bing

Posted by: shiroi at 02 July 2008 7:46 PM

One more thing I forgot, when it comes to chicken rice I'm always partial to the excellent Suan Chicken Rice near the Pizza Hut near Sarawak Plaza.

Posted by: mac at 02 July 2008 7:56 PM

Yet another thing, for casual dining I enjoy Tomoe Japanese Restaurant in Mendu.

Japanese cuisine for the masses. Reasonable prices and reasonable authenticity.

Check it out.

Posted by: mac at 02 July 2008 8:01 PM

kenny! for kolo mee, i suggest you go over to spring cafe, its the one opposite to the miraman, the old cinema! :D they serve the best kolo mee in town! :)

Posted by: obieé at 02 July 2008 8:20 PM

hi there Kenny,

proud that at least a Kuchingian is doing his part to promote Kuching! It will do our local tourism and economy good.

Below are my nomination of the best food based on.... well... my taste buds.

1. Kolo Mee
I believe that Lian Yun Restorant (not sure if i spell it correctly) situated near BDC Everise sells the best Seafood Kolo Mee. Although it is a bit small in portion and a little expensive but that is the only Kolo Mee I will tapao when I fly over to KL. It is situated behind A1 Coffee Shop, and is a Seafood restaurant at night. But in the morning, it is famous for its Kolo Mee. Most importantly, the kolo mee is not oily as other kolo mee tends to be. Go have a try, highly recommended.

Another place for Kolo Mee is at Hui Sing, the coffee shop beside the police station. I don't quite remember the name of the coffee shop. But that is one shop where i frequently visit for good kolo mee and also their yum puff. :D

2. Best Laksa

I nominate the best laksa in Zhong Hua Xien Coffee shop (pronounce in mandarin, i can't remember what it is called in English). It is situated at the same row of shop as the famous 4D shop in Hui Sing. well, the laksa there is one of the laksa that i grew up with. Selling at a very affordable price, it has lots of prawns and the laksa soup is cooked to perfection. not that oily and its simply delicious. You got to go early as the laksa usually finish selling around 10am. Go have a try.

3. Best tomato kueh tiaw or mee

Again i believe Hui Sing night Hawker stall has the best tomato kueh tiaw or mee.. situated in the middle of the whole row, Shi Xiao sells their tomato kueh tiaw and mee until you sometimes have to queue up for up to 1 1/2 hours. Starts business at 6pm or later, and finish selling at about 10, it sells the best kuching tomato kueh tiaw and mee.

Posted by: leonitez at 02 July 2008 8:39 PM

Chong choon's laksa not so nice now... Prawns very small.. Ah yew's laksa? Not so good and quite expensive..
@iggy, ya the ais kacang at old tabuan jaya market was good... but donno wher they moved already..

I recommend:
best laksa - Thompson corner, tabuan jaya (i eat their laksa since i was small)
best kueh chap - 3rd mile.. 4 1/2mile siang siang's kueh chap also not bad..
Best kolo mee - Ah Chong, hui sing hawker stall
best pau - xiao pa wang, padungan street(opposite the office)
best fried kueh tiaw (with clams) - daily joy, king's centre
best steamboat - RH plaza, BDC

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 02 July 2008 8:41 PM

Hey Kenny, may be you should compile a list of distinctively Sarawakian food. We keep mentioning kolo mee and chicken rice. I am sure we have more than that. As a Sarawakian, I myself not even sure if I have tried everything in Sarawak and I definitely don't know what that 'everything' is.

I will miss RFMF this year... sniff sniff*****. Decided to go climb Mt. Kinabalu again this coming Sept.

Posted by: Hee at 02 July 2008 8:54 PM

For fine dining I don't think you can beat the Steakhouse at the Hilton. Very good service, excellent food and good prices. Nice for a romantic meal definitely.

Posted by: Happytiler at 02 July 2008 8:58 PM

Best Japanese is definitely Tomoe at Jalan Mendu(most authentic & best price). Best Korean at Koreana (new branch??? at 101).

Best Bak Kut Teh at BDC AND Grandma's Noodles http://gregwee.blogspot.com/2007/10/grandmas-bak-kut-teh.html

Posted by: Greg & Nee on the Go! at 02 July 2008 9:06 PM

laksa: golden arch! =p

Posted by: miss nurulle at 02 July 2008 9:06 PM

Hey Kenny, something out of topic here:

Did you 'fall out' with Xiaxue?
Realised her blog link was disappearing from your blog and vice-versa, your link was also taken out from her blog.

Just asking out of curiousity.
Dont flame me !!!

Posted by: Chicken at 02 July 2008 9:10 PM

Best Tomato Kueh Tiaw- Kim Joo at Carpenter Street. [Their Veg Rice is pretty nice too]

There should definitely be a BEST Cold Desserts category. Think of all the ais kacang/ cendol/ ABC's/White Ladies that aren't being nominated.

Best Cold Desserts - Ah Kang, next to the old Sedaya College opposite My Bookstore.

Posted by: Sam at 02 July 2008 9:14 PM

no one knows this but the best kolo mee is at this little place close to the tower market. find the old cathay cineplex, opposite, lies a little corner shop that sells only noodles. good shiz man....they bbq their own cha siew. yummm....man i miss that place...

Posted by: j at 02 July 2008 9:22 PM

Golden Arch Laksa!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Arthur Fonzerelli at 02 July 2008 9:24 PM

i like kolok mee from Ah Chong stall at huising hawker center. As for Laksa, i think the one near satok (the shops opposite handsome food court. It's next to Toyota and CIMB.

Posted by: kuchinggirl at 02 July 2008 9:28 PM

thegeekinpink, can't we have our cake and eat it? ;) We want our kolo mee. We also want our hot chicks in bikinis at RWMF.

Better yet, we want hot chicks in bikinis rubbing kolo mee all over themselves at RWMF! :P

Posted by: kennysia at 02 July 2008 9:34 PM

My personal favourites:

1) Kolo mee - Sin Poh Poh, Ban Hock Road, behind Dr Loh Clinic/Asia Life + Carpenter Street's "Lau Ya Keng" (tie)

2) Laksa - Jin Min Coffeeshop, Sekama, behind Culture Inn

3) Chicken rice - Double shop behind Hock Lee Building, Jln Padungan (only the daytime operator/at night different guy)

4) Pork leg rice - Lee Cafe, Ban Hock behind Asia Life Building

5) Food court - Lee Cafe, Ban Hock

6) Formal fusion food dining - The Junk/Magenta (tie)

7) Mixed claypot home-style cooking - Noi's Claypot (opp Heritage, Ban Hock)

8) Chinese restaurant - Heritage, Ban Hock (behind Eon Bank)

9) Japanese restaurant - Robata Minoru, Rubber Rd

10) Exclusive pub - Junk Bar/ Singled Out (tie)


Posted by: elyong at 02 July 2008 9:36 PM

KAMPUA MEE!!!Let the Foochows SHINE!! XD

Posted by: aNgeLine at 02 July 2008 9:40 PM

KNN reading this entry all the comments make me hungry dammit

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 02 July 2008 9:48 PM

kch still got others nice food like : batu kawa's meat ball soup (noon time), cha kueh in sweet taste @ kenyalang old market (nite time), belacan bihun near chung hua no.3(noon time), lok-lok near banghok road (nite time), olyster a.k.a o-jian ,fried belin with belacan or red wine @ (nite time), beef noodle and siow bee @ open air (nite time) , asam fish head @ hui sing 919 cafe (noon/nite time) , kueh cap @ green road there (nite time) , chicken rice @ aladin cafe near carpenter's street(nite time), kong pia @ song keng hai (noon time)

for beverage lae.. still got sunny hill ice cream or ang tao peng / ang tao ceng lut :P / 3 suan/ white lady / methahon / ABC / Special / Sea Coconut ... these can be found @ any hawker centre

n... The Bing! also is a great cafe

Posted by: kelly at 02 July 2008 9:54 PM


U should try some of the delicacy...

[b]Best Laksa - Hong Garden[/b] (opposite Star Cineplex)(their gravy taste different & very unique then ur ordinary S'wak Laksa)(originally from Old Rex Cinema food stall)(morning only)
[b]Best Kolo Mee - Kim Joo[/b] (at Carpenter Street)
[b]Best Chicken Rice - Just at the side of Ting Pek Khing's New Car Wash Centre[/b] (sorry, dunno the name) around Green Road / Rubber Road area (originally from Capital Cinema side restaurant)(try it on weekday coz they only served "porkchop" on weekday)
[b]Best Kueh Chap - Lee's Cafe[/b] (Abell Road)
[b]Best Pork Leg Rice - Lau Siong Pork Leg Rice[/b] (operated by 2 sisters)(at the rear of Hong Leong Bank (Sekama Branch)(the kopitiam is located at the corner of the building (with 2 other kopitiam in the same row, & there's a paint shop at it's side)(served everyday; till late noon only)
[b]Best Mixed Pork Soup - Honeywell[/b] (at the middle row of building, at the back of Riverside Majestic)(served as porridge, kuehtiaw soup, etc...)
[b]Best Curry Rice - opposite of K.Y. Cafe[/b] (side of Hollywood KTV)(only available around 10.30am till 2.00pm everyday)(better if the gravy is poured on the rice)(only for someone with iron belly)

Posted by: kabal82 at 02 July 2008 9:59 PM

i think...
if for laksa i'll choose to go to golden arch and tabuan jaya thompson corner...
for kolo maybe i'll go to tabuan siang siang or 7th miles siang siang(morning shift)...
chicken rice i'll have it at hai nan jie at bdc...
u can try for it...

Posted by: jenny at 02 July 2008 9:59 PM

Hey dude, how about Hakka Lui Cha, I nominate the corner house at Green Road, corner house. Ngai Teen so nice, so horse shit.

Posted by: e at 02 July 2008 10:00 PM

best kolo mee-ky @sekama, "xin lian chen" coffee shop at green road, sister cafe at satok
best kueh chap-at sekama dono wat name, foody goody wan is not bad too
best curry noodle-at tabuan siang siang there brasil lamb,beef,chicken curry mee damm nice
best laksa- @ foody goody,bromil cafe
best ais kacang and belacan behon-near chung hua no 3 there
best fried chicken-@ alaka there beside the back got one temple beside it got one hawker selling it using 3 roda bicycle and oso at carpenter street aladin cafe there
chicken rice-old man selling at wee keng chiang road eat while u stand(old fashion way),singapore chicken rice oso not bad,chicking not bad, the chicken rice shop
cantonese noddle-would be at jj corner
cha kueh tiaw- at best berry at pi ta nak
satay-at hui sing, and matang under the bridge the beef noodle there is not bad.there is one stall in swinburne selling beef noodle not bad last time but it is close now.

Posted by: JianX at 02 July 2008 10:03 PM

Some mistake...

Best Kueh Chap - Lee Cafe, Ban Hock

And, want to add in some more nice delicacies:

Best Fried Chicken - Aladin Cafe (at carpenter street)
Best O-jian - Chin Hing Restaurant (Behind Hock Lee Shopping Centre)(I dont take it, but recommended by my family & friends)(their dishes is also affordable)
Best Soup - Shop at the side of 100% Discount Store at Jln Keretapi/Green Rd. (Hot & sour seafood soup, best served with a bowl of rice)
Best Satay - Lau Ya Keng, Carpenter Street (especially the pork satay)
Best Kampua Mee - Mekong Cafe, Ban Hock; & Top Ten, Jln Song (tie)

Posted by: kabal82 at 02 July 2008 10:10 PM

aiya,u left out 'siao mi' le...best at open market...

best laksa: CHOng Choon cafe

best Kue chap (u left out also): a Hawker behind a row of shops at Poh Kong Park..

best chinese restaurant: Lok Tien

best 'fried chicken buttock': Hawker in front of a temple (beside Life cafe one, cant remember the temple's name)

best 'white lady'drink: food court at hui sing garden

best ABC: market at Song Kheng Hai market, the corner market..

wah, all r so mouth-watering, cant tahan anythg. Kuching really has too much delicious food that cant list all. I love Kuching...

Posted by: ljy at 02 July 2008 10:26 PM

i suspect ur tastebuds when u say KY cafe has the best kolomee, coz i don find it special anyway... in fact, it seems to be kinda tasteless but i still cant deny y there are oways so many ppl eat at there... on the other way, i find tat the true best kolomee in sekama area is actually a stall located juz behind KY cafe, a taukenio often cooks her mee with her daughters as assistants... i find tat one of her daughters is pretty eye catchy... btw, when i say the BEST KOLOMEE, i didnt mean her daughter, i mean the MEE itself...

Posted by: albagmane at 02 July 2008 10:27 PM

wahhhh soo many places to go and try now!!!
Here's my short nomination:
Best Popiah - Handsome Court at Rubber Road
Best Beehoon and cangkok manis - Yew Fook Cafe at Bormill
Best Supper - Afer 9pm, Porridge and anything you ask the chef to cook
Best Pau- Mui mui cafe at Palm Road (next to Thompson Corner) have to call and reserve in advance its thaaat good!

Posted by: Mel at 02 July 2008 10:34 PM

Chun's Laksa --> Expert Food Court at 4 and a 1/2 mile (opposite 688 Hot Market). Might not be called Chun's laksa, but anyways, the Laksa at Expert Food Court I mentioned.

Posted by: Kuchingite27 at 02 July 2008 10:35 PM

Well, Penang has no Kolo Mee and Kuching has no gd prawn mee. So the food matter is very subjective.

Anyway you are not concerned in getting your skinny self back?

Posted by: JM at 02 July 2008 10:59 PM

hi. please try kolok mee at Jalan Kapur in Wee and Wee garden. seriously. its a purple colored house two or three doors down after you turn into Jalan Kapur. Also coffee shop right opposite petanak market (sorry cant remember its name) next to a company called Solid Group of Co. or something. Laksa - try laksa at mui mui cafe chong lin park. big ass prawns. and ah yew laksa at the coffee shop next to Celcom, block next to happy valley. BBQ seafood - Toyo garden, the belacan damn effing shiok (nice cafe area, 2 1/2mile).

Posted by: ame at 02 July 2008 11:09 PM

theres a good laksa place in central park near sri sarjana. not the food court but the coffee shop near the food court. other food worth trying there is the spinach or carrot noodle in the same shop- healthy and yummy =)

chicken rice.. singapore chicken rice near timberland =)

Posted by: Al at 02 July 2008 11:24 PM

Checkout that wat i have done past year. :) for reference

Posted by: ApplePie at 02 July 2008 11:24 PM

Best Kueh Chap @ Taman Riverview aka Bintawa :D
Best Tomato Wanton @ Stutong Baru aka pek tiam teh.
Best OhCho Kolo Mee @ Big Potato & Sekama :D
Best Char Kueh @ Kenyalang

Posted by: ahlost at 02 July 2008 11:25 PM

Forgot to paste the link.


Posted by: ApplePie at 02 July 2008 11:32 PM

Kenny! I want that pork satay..hehe. I've heard a lot about Kolo Mee. Mum said nothing beats the Konlau Mee in KK. heeeeh..

Whatever it is, i really am a big fan of sumptuous dishes. Will try every single food if I happen to be in Kuching. Cheers!

Posted by: DeChantal at 02 July 2008 11:36 PM

DROLL ~ I shall visit Kenny next time so u can bring me to eat all the best food in your hometown

Posted by: Ryan at 02 July 2008 11:36 PM

wat about butter prawn at Sarawak Club?Hmmm... *slurpp*

Posted by: slurpp at 02 July 2008 11:45 PM

How about the ice cream place infront of Hilton? I can't miss that place everytime I go to Kuching.

Posted by: cheehon at 02 July 2008 11:55 PM

best blooger KENNYSIATZEFu

Posted by: eds at 03 July 2008 12:19 AM

thanks for linking me kenneh!!!

Posted by: junkie at 03 July 2008 12:22 AM

you play all in your blog.. kuching ppl.. no need talk about food liao.. no body cant win kenny blog on food in kuching already.. haha..

Posted by: Crazyfool at 03 July 2008 12:23 AM

hijau @ bdc

Posted by: lalala at 03 July 2008 12:24 AM

Peter's Special and The Venue for is sinful OR-Chien. Pork intestine noodles at Bishop's gate:)

Posted by: kidchan at 03 July 2008 12:51 AM

you just made me hungry.. had to heat up a pack of frozen laksa.. closest to the real thing in Kuching.. : P

Posted by: von at 03 July 2008 12:56 AM

eh kanasai leh Hap Hap Hin tomato kueh tiaw! not nice at all & certainly not the best!!! i ate that just when i don sleep and buy it in the morning as early as 6 nia ler! the one at kenyalang but not at the market wan is nice... the old market.. the hawker stalls arh! got kueh chap and stuffs wan... there baru nice mah... or u never been there? hahaha... promising nice! got sotong in the tomato kueh tiaw and nice lah!!!!

so kiasu wana lah lor and ler! xD

Posted by: Jon at 03 July 2008 1:30 AM

best kolo mee
old jpj, the kopitiam infront swinburne. the best kolo mee i have eaten *****

best laksa
rubber road, beside ING insurance that kopitiam.

chicken rice
ban hock road, fook jin ji fan

best beverage
yeo's Green tea.. :)

best place for breakfast
choon yuan beside grand con hotel. the ah gong who bake the roti is very friendly. pok piah there is nice, kolo mee unty also frenly, drink serve very fast.

best food court
jalan song xing wang

fine dining

best steamboat
green road garden steamboat

Posted by: nominator at 03 July 2008 1:38 AM

Are being Hippocratic mr blogger. I have been to kuching and stayed there for almost 2 years and frankly, I totally disagree with you. Kuching don't have the best food in Malaysia. The best foods comes from penang(all up north). As for kuala lumpur, it can be consider the center of all good foods. Whatever you desire you can get it in KL, whereas for kuching, frankly, nothing great except I did like the kolo mee of one specific stall. So please get your facts right nr blogger.

Posted by: Penang the Best at 03 July 2008 2:53 AM

aiyahhh...talk talk about food makes me hungry loh...i think the best food is PEE POT, go see how they process it....sure beat all, can it be considered loh in this competition..canlahhhh.

Posted by: Ahbeng at 03 July 2008 3:10 AM

Laksa Sarawak... Aunty Vero's stall at Jln Keretapi (I can't remember the name of the kopitiam but her Laksa is superbly delicioussss... sehingga menjilat jari) and oso the stall at the kopitiam near Sarawak Plaza..

Mee Sapi... the best is at the kopitiam near Pasar Satok.

Haiya... I can't remember the name of all the kopitiam...

No Mee Jawa kah? Rugi2...

I love the butter buns sold at Petanak (or Jln Padungan - can't really remember where).. The best la..

Posted by: me at 03 July 2008 5:05 AM

kuching...fine dining??????? hahahahhaa

Posted by: russki malchik at 03 July 2008 6:10 AM

.....dont have to give excuses if you want to go on an eat-gasm. the fat kenny just wants to eat all around kuching for his own pleasure and satisfaction, not for same lame ass kennysia best food awards blah blah.

Posted by: luke at 03 July 2008 7:02 AM

Kenny!!! Three people already mention mee sapi at Satok. The kedai called Mee Sapi Haji Salleh. Yumm..... try le..... Sedap weh.. It's halal too... so good for your Muslim reader also. Kan kan kan?

Posted by: Linda at 03 July 2008 8:19 AM


For best laksa, definitely try the one in Golden Arch at third mile.

Best kolo mee, I can't remember the name for the place. It's near the '7-storey-gov flats', next to a hairdresser's. Um, crappy directions. -_______-!

and you forgot Ais Kacang!!! :D

Posted by: FRESH.OYSTERS at 03 July 2008 8:55 AM

The best laksa I want to vote for is at Mei Mei Food Court at Chonglin Park, opposite VIP Snooker. I always eat the RM8 bowl which is all fully covered with prawns. It's not open on Sundays.

Posted by: Annabella at 03 July 2008 9:17 AM

You have left out the only one of a kind mouthwatering fried mee in the whole world available in KUCHING only... which is none other than Char Dean Mee - Fried Sweet Noodle (fried with local dark palm sugar). Nice ones are available at Hui Sing food stores and Kenyalang Market Food Store.

Posted by: LingSy at 03 July 2008 9:22 AM

Almost forgot,

Kolo Mee, I like the one sold at night at the stall behind Star Cineplex.

Beef noodle at Green Hill Corner, yum yum.

Chicken rice, I still prefer Ah Suan Chicken Rice or the one same row with The Patio (only sold at night).

Fine dining, Magenta thumbs up!

You forgot Cha Kueh, I love the one used to be at the Tabuan Jaya Market which is gone now. *Sob* *Sob*

Claypot Chicken Rice, Tabuan Jaya Thompson Corner and Twin Stars near the new Stutong Market.

Can't remember what else to vote for, I'll be back with more~

Posted by: Annabella at 03 July 2008 9:23 AM

oh pleasee... your kolo mee, tomato kuay teow (lol), and laksa are so mediocre compared to penang hokkien mee, char koay teow and asam laksa.
your turn to shine? haha.. dont think so. I'm sure many penangites or ppl who've tried both states will agree with me. no doubt about it. -unless u r from kuching then well...

Posted by: dee at 02 July 2008 11:00 AM | Link to comment


someone tell this fucktard this is KUCHING FOOD AWARDS.

dont get it, dont make so many smartass remarks

Posted by: naeboo at 03 July 2008 9:27 AM

Aladdin Cafe along Carpenter Street sells darn good chicken rice.

Posted by: james at 03 July 2008 9:34 AM

nice kolo mee from shin lian shin cafe(xin lian chen** in mandarin), green road~

Posted by: ben at 03 July 2008 9:37 AM

i cant wait for the results

Posted by: Jes Tang at 03 July 2008 9:44 AM

best kolo mee
the shops near to song thian cheok

best ais kacang.
near song kheng hai

best laksa
Golden Arch laksa

Best Pork Satay - Lau Ia Keng

best chinese restaurant: Lok Tien

penang food sucks. stop being arrogant.assam laksa taste horrible.


Posted by: ahnong at 03 July 2008 10:03 AM

me miss food in kch...the best food i could come up with are as follows:

1. Bak kuk teh - grandmother in 3rd mile (behind the chinese embassy)
2. fast food (usually lunch) - kopitiam opposite chinese embassy
3. best Teh C peng - chuan choon...ah long makes the best teh c peng...
4. kueh chap - 3rd mile market..only open at night
5. ku bak mee - open air
6. fine dining - let's not forget TOM's near Bing's...u shld try the waygu beef and red wine cheese cake..yum..it was SUPERLICIOUS...*Double DROOL*
7. casual dining - fish n chip at westwood...yumm
8. best pork satay - carpenter street, opposite temple, and hui sing *DROOL*
9. tomato mee/kueh tiaw - Hui sing (si xiao)
10. pok piah - woon nam yuan
11. best handmade noodle with pieces of pork fat - long xiang yuan in JPJ
12. best chicken rice - kopitiam near the cave (next to the karaoke place)..best chilli sauce
13. Laksa - the love of my life~~~CHUAN CHOON...mdm tang is only ok la...


Posted by: jenny at 03 July 2008 10:03 AM

hey, steamed bun in Kuching is very different from the rest of Malaysia too!

Best steamed bun
I nominate the 'dua bao' -- big bun at Jln Padungan. Ah, forgot the name already!

Hey, we keep talking about Chinese and Halal food. Dont we have other races?????

I heard the Malay laksa is very different from Chinese laksa, so is their version of Kolo Mee.

Posted by: Hee at 03 July 2008 10:08 AM

"I'll go on a food-tasting mission all over the city. "

gib me a break...who u think u r? turning from a fat fashion judge to a food critic oredy? fat doesnt mean u have good taste ok.

Posted by: avispek at 03 July 2008 10:10 AM

i forgot to vote for the best fried chicken wing just opposite STARs...the sweet old couple set up a stall at the roadside...i love the wings...yumm

Posted by: jenny at 03 July 2008 10:24 AM

i find the kolo mee & laksa at No. 12, Kenyalang Food Centre (signboard name is "Chee Tek Chek" also known as Remember To Eat)(behind Yong Kwang Cafe)are superb. Where can you find kolo mee with 5-6 kind of "liaw" ie. cha sio, bak cho, fish ball, fish slice and fresh meat & taugeh only at RM2.80 and its laksa soup is so "kaw". Once you try it you know what i mean.

Posted by: joyce at 03 July 2008 10:41 AM

Try Drunkard Chicken in Memories.

Posted by: pegs at 03 July 2008 11:15 AM

Boo: Ya laaahhhh already the title Kuching Food award....Sebok pasal Penang apahal? Suka hati laa Kenny wants to go for Kuching Food Award. Cehh... Maybe should throw gambir sarawak to Dee.... Hehehehehhe

Posted by: Linda at 03 July 2008 11:39 AM

Best Kolo Mee : Kim Joo, RM5 Stall

Best Laksa : Mei Mei, Foody Goody

Best Beef Noodle : Spring Garden

Best Bak Kut Teh : Sin Chew Cafe

Best Chicken Wings : The Original Car Wash

Best Nasi Lemak : Grandma's Noodles

Best Prawn Mee Soup : Soon Fatt Cafe ( Petanak)

Best Fine Dining : The Junk

Best Cantonese Food Restaurant : Cuixiang

Posted by: itto at 03 July 2008 11:55 AM

Sorry buddy, but Kuching will never shine in the food section. Maybe the ugly Hornbill structure. But never the food. Penang food... not all of them are great. Mind your cholesterol level there.

I highly recommend; (Penang) Balik Pulau's Assam Laksa And Lorong Selamat's Fried Oyster. (Ipoh) Salted Chicken (Kuching) still searching...

Posted by: immaduck! at 03 July 2008 12:30 PM

best laksa- foody goody

best place to hav breakfast - the place near salvation army

Posted by: blah at 03 July 2008 1:24 PM

damnit! I miss my Kolok Mee and teh C Special..*sobz*

Posted by: Esther N at 03 July 2008 1:34 PM

Ooo.. i love and hate kch!! Love kch for its yummilicious food; Hate kch because its yummilicious food are making me FAT! ;p

1. Best handmade hakka noodles & Taiwanese beef noodles - Loong Siang Yen, the shop in front of Old JPJ building or next to KWSP building

2. Best Teh C Peng - Chong Choon
3. Best Pearl Milk Tea - Cool's
4. Best Kueh Chap - 3rd mile market
5. tomato mee - at a house in 'Ba Dian Di'
6. Best Pok Piah and toast - Chung Yuan , next to Grand Continental
7. Best chicken porridge & chicken rice - Aladdin. I love love love the chilli sauce too!
8. Best Lui Cha - Green Road & Toh Yuen
9. Best Ginger Milk Tea - Daun Kari
10. Best Indian Rojak - Batu Lintang, KIngs centre

Mannnn.. the list is endless!

To me, mum's cooking is still the best! :)

Posted by: jj at 03 July 2008 1:41 PM

Best Laksa at Mei Mei Kopitiam at Chonglin Park. Come and try.

Posted by: Eric Lew at 03 July 2008 1:52 PM

Sarawak food... ermm... good ar?

Posted by: Matthew at 03 July 2008 1:55 PM

Best nightspot - SOHO!!!

Posted by: ..... at 03 July 2008 2:04 PM

nyam.. nyam... it's look so nice. Some time i must go to your country.

Posted by: enrichco at 03 July 2008 2:21 PM

Anyone tried the Kueh Chap at Sekama Road, Three Hill Cafe before? no longer ther since years back, anyone know where it moves to? that was the best Kueh Chap I ever had.

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 03 July 2008 2:29 PM

kolo mee - ah ping's tabuan jaya
laksa - foody goody
kueh chap - carpenter street thr, isit archbishop gate? (night only)
gu bak mee - green hill
casual dining - bella italia

Posted by: ash at 03 July 2008 2:38 PM

Dude, you and me both know that the LV bag is a $20 copy. But in the Far East you gotta be a fool to pay full price for that shit.

Posted by: Avi at 03 July 2008 3:01 PM


Posted by: Yang at 03 July 2008 3:26 PM

cha kueh - big potato
beef kueh tiaw - big potato
belacan beehoon - mbks thingy in padungan
laksa - golden arch, chong choon
gu bak mee - 3rd mile market ah mui
fine dining - bla bla bla
kolo mee - 3rd mile nam kwong
casual dining - home...seriously...hmmm causeway bay is good.
favourite breakie place - A1 in BDC
chicken rice - SCR jln song
favourite cheap hang out place - jln song hawker
tomato kueh tiau - i like family cafe's in hui sing.

favourite breakfast bread and bun - padungan old bakery shop....coconut & butter bun super yummy. kaya and toast is overrated. there's this breakfast shop in padungan which serves good breakfast. dunno still there or not. still remember the ham and cheese bun...

ohhhohhh i luv porridge ...satok's kuching porridge is so good. causeway bay is good as well.

I miss padungan. luv the street so much. ahahhaa.

hmmm im a bit outdated...these are the places ive been to and luv so much....will definitely go eat at these places every two years i go back. hmmmm i miss home.

it's the fruit season!!! :( i wan my dose of manggis, durian, langsat, longan, ...

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 03 July 2008 3:33 PM

TO NAEBOO: Miri kueh chap is crap..i've been going here and there and there is not one nice..the one at Hopoh association so so only..Kuching kueh chap rocks more than Miri..go suck your thumb..haha..go to green road backlane forgot wad name of the lane..only night..go to petanak night..

Miri kolo mee dont ever try..its the crappiest shit you would wan to eat..insult to sell it as kuching kolo mee..

till then piss off!

Posted by: NiAhMu at 03 July 2008 3:36 PM

china dolls is kuching best foot

Posted by: Edi神 at 03 July 2008 3:46 PM

laksa? i think the best one is in bintawa!! it is near the resident's area and they serve very nice kolo mee also!!

Posted by: toady at 03 July 2008 4:04 PM

Don't Forget BELACHAN BEEHOON with CENTURY EGG.... YUMMYYYYYYYYYY .. near San Siaw / Opposite St. Teresa Primary school at Padungan.
I come back every year from Aussie land Just for that. *stomach growl...

Posted by: Ivy Chai at 03 July 2008 4:27 PM

Also, not forgetting, Kueh Chap (No Chiak Bak, no pui bak, just gimme the intestines..heaven..) at pertanak ... best place for supper. especially after drinking. muahhaa.

P.S. To those penangites.. You can't compare kuching food with your food lah. Its different. Even the Laksa tastes different. But both Asam and kuching laksa are both good. :)~ And i don't think you guys have tomato kueh tiaw either :)~~~~

Posted by: Ivy Chai at 03 July 2008 4:33 PM

best chicken rice -- world cafe at 3rd mile centre park(somewhere behind siang siang).
best laksa -- bormil cafe.

Posted by: just at 03 July 2008 4:38 PM

best kolo mee has to be at green road.it's e only noodle stall i eat at when i'm back in Kch. the shop's name is Syn Lian Sin..

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 03 July 2008 5:27 PM

Noodle - Grandma's handmade Noodle at 2 1/2 miles, Fortuneland, behind Uniasia and Amazing Pet

Porridge - Mei something-something coffee shop at Chong Lin Park

Casual dining - Wishing Well, Padungan

Try these.

Posted by: Igat Bond at 03 July 2008 5:33 PM

for those who think penang has the best food than kuching, then get ur asses out of here! "LU TAK SUKA, LU KELUAR DARI SINI!!!"

Posted by: albagmane at 03 July 2008 6:26 PM

shud post in kompia as welll!! omg~~ im drooling all over the food ad... i misssss them!! >_

Posted by: meLLe at 03 July 2008 6:33 PM

Here's my list of Kuching's best:

Kolo Mee - Sin Hock Hin Cafe at Padugan (On weekends, hafta wait 1hr for the mee to arrive :-O).

Latsa - Madame Tang & Golden Arch 3rd mile

Kueh Chap - Hawker stall behind Pok Kong Park shops.

Beef Noodle - Open Air and Petanak Market (after 10pm)

Chicken Rice - At Ban Hock Road, beside Ting Noodle house (forgot name)

Bak Kut Teh - BDC Hawker centre

Pizza - bella italia & Beccari (tied)

Pasta - bella italia

Posted by: Sartan at 03 July 2008 6:53 PM

Tomato kueh teow and kueh chap is so not nice, especially kueh chap...ugh.

Posted by: Matthew at 03 July 2008 7:34 PM

Hey, I onli visit Kuching once/twice every yr. I must recommend u guys this place. I dun actually rmb the road name but it's somewhr near the huge cat xD.

10. Best Fine Dining
TOM's. The food ain't cheap but they sure taste good. =D try it out.

Posted by: Gene at 03 July 2008 8:27 PM

I used to live in Kuching in the late 90's and I was addicted to Sarawak Laksa. Yum,yum.... and the place is in Siang-Siang foodcourt, Tabuan Jaya. Forgotten the name of the stall.

Posted by: Pok Kam at 03 July 2008 8:44 PM

You people who condemned about kuching food are dum ass, especially the blogger. If this is foods related to kuching i would totally agree that we should not mention about other places but the blogger himslef claimed that kuching food is the best in MALAYSIA!!! Come on, ain't that offensive to other people who are not staying in kuching. I think your kuching people are shallow in food and probably jakun when it comes to food. By the way, Mr Blogger, frankly i think you're a very shallow person. If you want to write and comment or even compare about food please be certified and recognised by ALL.

Posted by: YOUSUCK at 03 July 2008 8:51 PM

Oi stupid blogger, isn't your statement offensive and racist!!!!

"I am a proud Kuching boy, and I stand by my belief that my hometown has the BEST hawker food scene in the whole of Malaysia. (Sorry Penang and Ipoh, its our time to shine.)"

Becareful what you write m8, you still have to visit west Malaysia and probably someone will "SPIT" in your food when you are here. Frankly, I hope they do.... I did warn you.

I think you should apologise to all west malaysian who reads your blog!

Posted by: WestMal at 03 July 2008 8:56 PM

Tomato char kuey tiao seem awkward >.

Posted by: mysurface at 03 July 2008 9:45 PM

i missed kolo mee amoi at open air there and red mushroom kolo at parkson area there~ really nice one...

Posted by: omara86 at 03 July 2008 10:15 PM

hi kenny, i'm shyang, the kch guy who draw comic, haha i nvr commented in ur blog before, so this is my first time (arh!)

ok these are my recommendations

1. best kolo mee : i agree with you, its still KY (but i will go for "straight noodle"; not the curly type s u show in the photo)

2. best sarawak laksa : Jin Ming Cafe, Sekama (iz at a corner, ask direction from me)

3. best tomato kueh tiaw : hui sing, stall No 7 or 8 forgot d

4. best chicken rice!! this one i must recommend u, iz either Aladdin (a small shop in carpenter street) or Fang Yuen (behind hocklee)

others i lazy to comment liao

ciao dude!

Posted by: Shyang at 03 July 2008 10:59 PM

LOL tt LV is only RM 2000
no need RM3000

lol ii spot spammers!

Posted by: abby at 03 July 2008 11:39 PM

Recommend: Kolo Mee that worth to wait for 2hours!!!!
Yes! during the occasion day, you might have long queue for his kolo mee, but it worth 4 your time because the taste is simply GOOD !!!
Xin Hock Hin Cafe @ Padungan

Posted by: Donut at 04 July 2008 12:25 AM

xx is so kiasu.. it's luffable.. that's the oni reason for flaming other bloggers.. my ultimate wish is for her to be banish to an island without internet connection with steven lim.. lol..

Posted by: kennyiscute at 04 July 2008 12:49 AM

the best chicken rice in kuching ar...
i nvr went to the one that u said...
but i would recommend to try the one located behind hock lee centre...
it's beside the vegetarian restaurant...
it'a a coffee shop...
that only sell chicken rice...
n char siao rice...
it's reli nice...
and it's crowded with ppl everytime i go...
omost full...
especially lunch time
hard to find a sit in thr...

Posted by: Karen at 04 July 2008 12:50 AM

The best roti canai has got to be Curry House located in Satok, same row with Satay House.

Posted by: MACMAC at 04 July 2008 12:53 AM

"Oi stupid blogger, isn't your statement offensive and racist!!!!

"I am a proud Kuching boy, and I stand by my belief that my hometown has the BEST hawker food scene in the whole of Malaysia. (Sorry Penang and Ipoh, its our time to shine.)"

Becareful what you write m8, you still have to visit west Malaysia and probably someone will "SPIT" in your food when you are here. Frankly, I hope they do.... I did warn you.

I think you should apologise to all west malaysian who reads your blog!"

... hypersensitive! This is a complete waste of time but I feel compelled to say something.

About food also want to get pissed off.

It's called a PERSONAL OPINION asshole. No need for apologies from anyone and no need for lame anonymous threats.

So what if someone thinks the food in their home town is best? What is it to you?

And to all the flooders, get a life or DIAF please.

Posted by: Incredulous at 04 July 2008 1:23 AM


1. Best kolomee: 3rd Mile Stall #8, Big potato
2. Best Sarawak laksa: Not a laksa fan zzz
3. Best tomato kueh tiaw: Sarawak Club
4. Best chicken rice: Fang Yuen - behind Hock Lee
5. Best beverage: Teh C Peng - at the sup babi shop
6. Best place to have breakfast: kopitiam! anyone of them as long as there's kolomee
7. Best nightspot & food court: Jalan Song's
9. Best casual dining: Secret Recipe?
10. Best fine dining: Magenta, Mr Ho's

Posted by: june at 04 July 2008 1:55 AM

Tomato Kueh Tiao is crap. So is Belacan Bee Hoon.

I like Sarawak Laksa, Kolo Mee, Kampua, Teh C Peng and Sio Bee though.

Posted by: vkeong at 04 July 2008 1:58 AM

hey kenny,
i think you better remove this posting because its offending many people from west malaysia and even many in kuching itself. This is now a very serious issue and don't play around with this sort of staffs when it could be related to politics issues.

Posted by: concerndude at 04 July 2008 3:05 AM

""It was meant to be a list of what I personally think are the best food around Kuching, Sarawak.
In the end, it turned into a topic of wild debate and controversy. Although there are many visitors to Kuching who found that list useful to find good food here, there are also many Sarawakians who hated me with vengeance because I erroneously left out a lot of good recommendations on my list"".


Posted by: Kuchingstall at 04 July 2008 3:13 AM

you can be easily bribed with coconuts =D

Posted by: jet at 04 July 2008 3:16 AM

why so many ppl out there dont have better things to do than to critic n condemn?

its natural for a local to think their food is the best, so what? it's a personal opinion n why would u get pissed with it? now even involved w. malaysia vs. e. malaysia, sicko!

anyway, there's different opinion as to 'the best', but i like to show the 'best price' hawker food in Kuching

Rm2 chicken rice at Stapok near SRB NO.6 and Yoshi Square. Rm2 kolo mee, laksa, fried kueh tiao etc at Sgp Apong Hawker Centre...n most of all, their quality is not bad.

Posted by: owllow at 04 July 2008 9:05 AM

from a simple compilation of nice food, now it become like a circus...

really kena knn-ed.


Posted by: KNN at 04 July 2008 9:40 AM

This is about a boy being proud of his hometown and sharing his love about his hometown's food. Nothing wrong with this post, as every one of us has that in nature, because each one of us grow up with that familiar taste and mindset as "the best" for ownself.

Please do not condemn Kenny on this or further create unpleasant conflict to differenciate amongst continents, we are all MALAYSIAN as a whole, you may blog about your hometown food like he does and be proud of it.. Don't be a shallow hypocrite.

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 04 July 2008 11:04 AM

Best Kolo mee: Wooden stall behind KY, Sekama.
Best Green Kolo mee: Chang Choon, 3rd Mile (next to Tong Guan).
Best Mi Sapi: House at Crossroad, Pisang Timur.
Best Laksa: Bormil Cafe, Bormil & Spring Cafe, Palm Road (Same Row with Mega Audio).
Best Keuh Chap: 3rd Mile Market.
Best Drink - Teh C Peng: Kubah Ria No.34, Matang.
Best Drink - ABC: Kubah Ria No. 34, Matang.
Best Salad Chicken Rice: Sunshine Cafe, Matang Jaya.

Posted by: AhChia at 04 July 2008 11:16 AM

chill ppl! it's only a blog! at least there is a list of makan place @ KCH, u can't find this from borders, MPH or even British National Library!

Posted by: aiyo at 04 July 2008 11:23 AM

I somehow don;t know why no one suggested the Hui Sing Hawker stalls... but maybe like you, ever since I can remember, I have been eating Ah Chong Kolomee (Stall no 5) @ Hui Sing Hawker Centre. They used to sell their kolomee outside their humble house in Hui Sing residential area. Besides the standard Kolomee, try their Char Siu Sauce Kolomee, and even Kuey Tiaw.
ANother one not to be missed is the AH Pek Char Mee and Char Kuey Tiaw at Green Road (His stall is always in front og Goh Say Lak grocer). He is so much older now since the last time I bought from him...his children doesn't help him anymore, but still his Black Sweet Sauce Char Mee & Char Kuey Tiaw is still very good. Best eaten freshly cooked.

Posted by: Snap no Stevun at 04 July 2008 11:58 AM

Clarification: What I meant '...like you, ever since I can remember, I have been eating Ah Chong Kolomee...' I might be biased because I have been eating his Kolomee since I was very young....but I have to give credit to the Taukeh nio that she always remembers me whenever I return for her Kolomee.

Posted by: Snap no Stevun at 04 July 2008 12:01 PM

Do try the chicken rice at Handsome court...they have something different other than chicken coz they have lo nen also...

Posted by: Grace at 04 July 2008 1:08 PM

Dun gaduh2... old folks say ar if gaduh2 depan food or over food ar no rezeki you u know. Up to Kenny la if he wants to promote Kch food. He's a Kch boy so natural la if he wants to promote Kch food kan very weird (and so x kena) if he goes promoting food that he's not very familiar with. He might not be able to fairly judge whats sedap and whats not. Later, you pun get offended btol x?. Each to her/his own tastebud ok so dun gaduh2 later lari the rezeki.

Posted by: me at 04 July 2008 2:19 PM

pulis kata jangann... ini ini bodoh...

Posted by: albagmane at 04 July 2008 9:10 PM

Here are some good food that u must not miss when u land in the city of cats!

1) Kolo mee - Middle shop, next to choice daily stutong. Only RM2.00... Where to find!
- Carpenter St. Corner shop, by the drain. Very good - but need patience!
- Nite kolo mee - Behind Star Cinemax.
- Inside sky garden, by the roadside... someone's house - heard was quite good!

2) Laksa - Foody Goody - next to Medical center - Remember to order "yu thiao" also.
- Sekama, coffee shop (don't know what name) behind Ginza massage parlor.
- Coffee shop next to Ruby Massage Parlor.

3) Tomato Kueh Tiao - Sekama, coffee shop (don't know what name) behind Ginza massage parlor (Got fried fish)

4) Kueh Chap - 3rd mile market, near the traffic light.
- Nite - Sky garden open air market behind shop lots - very good.

5) Belacan bee hoon - Song Khng Hai market. If u never try, MUST GO.

6) Seafood - ABC, Topsopt
- Benson seafood

7) Desert - White lady, Amachi, Metahorn, Malboro - Hui Sing garden open air market.

8) Lok Lok (Got chicken butt... YuM yUM) - In front of Marina Dangdut (previously called Jupiter) - Nite only!

9) Chicken rice - The chicken eating house - Petanak.
- Nite: Aladin, Carpenter st.

10) Bak Kut teh - 2 1/2 mile on the way to Maybank. Need to drive behind the shop lots - Not visible by the road side.

Posted by: JooJoo at 04 July 2008 9:37 PM

ahh...yes, yes...ahh...correct...ar...ar...correct, correct, correct

Posted by: Matthew at 04 July 2008 9:59 PM

I will vote NUMBER 1 to AH KOK kolomee in Carpenter Street. Not only their noodles D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S, their teh-si-peng ( NOT the 3-colours teh-si-peng) also 'yi ji bang' :)

Posted by: Wei Wei at 04 July 2008 10:04 PM

ellow kenny~~

a few good laksa in beloved ka-cHing
~satok (infront of Choice Food Centre::forgot the name oredi:: huhu)
~ kopi o corner (satok) also hv a nice one
~ laksa sarawak tinot ::at the kampung no2 near satok there::

i lov laksa that's y i only vote 4 it

oh yeah ~~ breakfast at Keluang Station @ the Spring is also okay.. shd try their Cham (nyum2), fried bee hun and roasted chix wings...

be sure to wear elastic pants k?


Posted by: princess_dhani at 04 July 2008 11:11 PM

Maybe should add in another Kuching unique food - Hakka Lui Cha, you can get it from most famous coffee shops.

Posted by: Lui Cha Lover at 04 July 2008 11:30 PM

Best casual dining:

Suggestion 1: Westwood(Jalan Tabuan)
Suggestion 2: Fork and Knife(Jalan Song, behind upwell)

They both serve yumilicious western food for reasonable price. PRICE DO MATTERS OK!

Posted by: bjk at 05 July 2008 2:28 AM

It's not about food, its about pride of one's hometown. I think kenny should not talk about penang or even ipoh if he want to write about his own homwtown food. What you have written for sure will make others angry.

Posted by: mike at 05 July 2008 3:03 AM

Niah, I think those angry people are just good for nothing cybertroopers. Just ignore them!

Who would (sensible person) get offended by such post except for those who are out to seek and destroy?

Posted by: Hee at 05 July 2008 12:10 PM

Try out Hua Zai Chicken Rice at Tabuan Laru (opposite Unaco Country Market). It's really good. One other place would be the chicken rice shop at Ban Hock Road (forgot the name though). It's on the same row as Asia Life's office and it's at the middle.

Posted by: Joe at 05 July 2008 12:31 PM

The Junction and Curry House!

Posted by: -gc- at 05 July 2008 2:20 PM

Kenny, great idea 2 hv dis award. Been living in Kuching 4 17 years. Known ur blog 4 quite sumtime bt nvr post any comments. But i must tell u da best places 2 eat in Kuching since 'im loving it!'.

Laksa- Golden Arch, 3rd Mile (Nt much parking space)
Breakfast- nk Food Network, Keretapi Road
Casual- Sushi King
Fine- Bla Bla Bla

These are my fav places so check dem out b4 u announce da winner!

PS: i dn recommend Jln Song Food Courts coz der r a few cases of car thefts. My friend was a victim.

Posted by: ReBeL at 05 July 2008 3:19 PM

Yeah ReBeL i agree. Jln Song seemed to be popular with their car-stealing thingy. G0sh~ =.="

Posted by: teenangel ^^ at 05 July 2008 6:31 PM

Best Laksa - Huo MIn cafe- hui sing
Best tomato kueh tiau - 919 cafe
Best Chicken rice - delicious chicken rice
Best kolo mee - Sin Lian Shin Green road
Best three layer tea - sugarbun (trust me! )

Posted by: melanie at 05 July 2008 7:21 PM

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Posted by: cool at 05 July 2008 9:10 PM

Come on Kenny,
The best fine dining in KCH is Hilton Steak House ok!Don't make it like kch don't have such a high end place, there are tans and tans of ppl read ur blog,what u said may mislead people have a wrong impression on kch.

best laksa? had u try the 3rd mile, bomil garden 1?

best kolo mee? have you forgotten the kolo mee at capital street 1? where as ppl have to queue up for at least 30 mins for a seat?

best chicken rice? wat happen to our song keng hai centre 1? the last time mid nite bus stop chicken rice?halo~~~~

wait,what happen to my ah mui beef noodle? the capital street fish ball "tang hun"? the pork satay?

sorry if im harsh,cos im extremely proud that im a kch guy, i been out from kch for 8 years, and i forgot how many person i meet from around the world and i keep on inviting them to visit kch,try our kch food.........read your this post could hurt me.

i am a food expert, an operation manager who look after big chain of rest.biz in sg and KL.

i should noe food more than you do.......
make thing right when u still be able to do so...

Posted by: Lenny Ng at 06 July 2008 4:49 AM

best casual dining? i do remember there is a place, a residential house just next to the bus stop of hui shin garden roundabout,the atmosphere was nice,dim light,( but always play Kenny G only ),food taste not bad at all.......

Posted by: Lenny Ng at 06 July 2008 4:56 AM

malaysia boleh

Posted by: Adrian at 06 July 2008 10:16 PM

best food

Posted by: Adrian at 06 July 2008 10:18 PM

malaysia boleh

Posted by: Adrian at 06 July 2008 10:19 PM

The Kolo mee looks very good. Got to try it when visiting Kuching. thks

Posted by: peteformation at 06 July 2008 11:08 PM

My nominations, kenny..
Best Kolo Mee - Ah Ming stall, at a corner shop behind the kenyalang complex that opens til 11 am only. MUST TRY!!

Best Laksa - Expert Food Court's stall, 4th Mile Kuching.

Best Beverage - I'm nominating for 7th Mile's Teh C Special again!

Best Place for Breakfast - Hock Hai (or Fock Hai?) Cafe, around Song Thian Cheok area for signature dim sum.. Yummy.

Posted by: becca at 06 July 2008 11:47 PM

Just read about this tonight and can't read all 263 comments & lists. However, i'd like to add on....

- 1st corner shop beside Tun Jugah Complex, Padungan
- Sin Bao Bao Cafe, KMC Flat
- shop near former Capital Cinema, near Open Air Market & Khoo Hun Yeang St
- kopi shop at Culture Inn, Sekama
- ABC Cafe, Off Jalan Padungan, behind EON Bank
- Spring Cafe, behind Kuching Park Hotel
- Da Wuan Kung, Ang Cheng Ho / Padungan, opposie SJK Chung Hua No. 3
- Nan Xiang Yuan, Ang Cheng Ho, near river

- Xi Xiao stall, Hui Sing Hawker Centre

- Top One Food Court, Ang CHeng Ho
- Ah Yu Laksa, Sekama Hao Ko Fu
- Ying Jie, Ang Cheng Ho near Petanak Market

- FU, corner shop behind Sekama, facing MBKS side

- Rock Rd Restaurant, Rock Road (vietnamese prawn with bun, and many more...)
- Palm Garden Seafood Restaurant, Buntal Village
- Jojo Cafe, Rock Rd / 3rd Mile (seacucumber soup & belacan midin)
- Country Court, Rock Rd / 3rd Mile (butter sotong)
- Happy Garden, Batu Lintang Nite Market, recommended O-jian (crispy oyster omelete)
- last stall at Open Air Nite Market (seafood)
- stall no. 27, petanak nite market (salted fish with pork, ....)

- Riverview Garden, Bintawa (Lorong 1, corner house)
- A1 at BDC
- Carpenter St. opposite the temple

- Xiao Pa Wang, Padungan. (white Chinese Cha Xio Bao only 1.20.... yummy...)

- Tom's, Padungan (recommended Triple Cheese & Tiramisu)

PORRIDGE (morning)
- can't remember the stall no. & name, but it's facing the kuih stalls, at Kenyalang Morning Market (besides Shell Petrol Station). 1 bowl of Pork Porridge with egg only RM2.60 (others may cost RM4+)

PORRIDGE (midnight)
- Open Air nite market (seafood stall side)

- a coner intermediate house, at Nanas Road West, only open at 10am till 1pm, from Mon-Sat

- only at Kenyalang Market beside Shell Station, can't remember it's stall no. but they also open at nite, 7pm onwards, 2nd stall beside the drinks stall (only 2 stalls open at nite)

- you'll find best vegetarian curry & best butter U-cha-kueh here. Fu Kang, behind Hock Lee Centre

- Shabu Shabu, Simpang Tiga, opposite The Spring
- White Swan Cafe, corner aircon shop beside St. Thomas school
- Happy Villa, opposite Crown Square

- best Dragon Fruit Juice & Durian Belanda Juice at Auntie Cafe, Bormil Garden

- Sizzling Noodles stall at Tun Jugah Food Court, Tun Jugah Shopping Complex
- Claypot Rice, Thomson Corner at Tabuan Jaya
- Heng Hua Pa Mee, Foody Goody, Stutong
- Heng Hua Pa Mee, corner shop beside Hock Hai Bao at Padungan
- Cha Kueh, 1st row at left, Kenyalang Nite Hawker centre (old) behind Yung Kwang Kopitiam
- Ding Bian Hu, Lee Cafe, Ban Hock Road
- Belacan Bee Hoon, ABC cafe, from 2pm-6pm
- Special Fried Rice (blace rice), 919 cafe, Hui Sing road towards Seng Goon Garden
- Best home-cook crspy fried chicken and 3-layer pork, corner kopi shop opposite current China Embassy (Ong Tiang Swee Road) near Rock Road
- Cheese Roti Canai, Cilli Padi, behind KWSP
- local malay burger Ramli Burger, at Jalan Song Hawker area

Posted by: Lynn at 07 July 2008 12:16 AM

Hi Kenny,
1st time here....comment...

Maybe u should introduce more Kuching's food in ur blog...Kueh Chap, Nasi Briyani, Roti Canai, Char Kueh Tiao + clam (Ham!), Char mee with sweet sauce, Gu Bak Mee, Pin Piang Hu, Hakka Lei Cha, Ah Lok Char Sio Rice, Pork Leg Rice (Tu Ka Rice), Tomato crispy mee, Sio Bee, Cuttle fish + kangkung, Ang Tao Cheng Lukk....

There are so many good foods in Kuching, Please introduce them all....
Hopefully I can go back to Kuching soon...
Best of Luck

Posted by: nknknk at 07 July 2008 4:46 AM

everytime i went back kch i wil go to this small shop, at BDC (or mayb it's called 3rd mile? it's close to a few big food court), who sells yang2 chung1 noodles, which made up by spinach or carrot

i think it has the best bbq pork and it's js oily enough. very good and unique type of kolo mee

Posted by: honsie at 07 July 2008 12:26 PM




Posted by: eda at 07 July 2008 12:31 PM

Those tasty food makes me wanna go out and buy and eat.

Posted by: David Chew at 07 July 2008 11:36 PM

ooo yummilicious! Will be heading down to kuching for RWMF this week. Thanks for posting this up.

Posted by: elaine at 08 July 2008 6:24 PM

wah, yum yum....

Posted by: IWL at 08 July 2008 9:59 PM

Best kolo mee has to be the one at the padungan round about. The cafe is called home cook or something like that. It's the one people can go to after clubbing because it's still open that late. A lot of my friends agree as well and ever since being introduced to it by my group of friends, it has been a must to eat there every time I go back to Kuching. But I haven't been in kuching for a few months now, so there may be new places that are better that has popped up, but do give it a try Kenny.

Posted by: Roger at 08 July 2008 10:36 PM

i juz want to suggest "mom's laksa" for laksa sarawak at mohamad rex satay cafe (somthing like that, i dont remember) =P at koperkasa, petra jaya. dunno if many people know d place. my sis is addicted to the laksa tho. n her frens. she kept bragging bout the laksa n here i am, continuing her in promoting the laksa. she even brag bout ur blog n thus here i am again. (i'm too much influenced by her) but it is the best laksa (beats my mum's).

Posted by: Nadia at 08 July 2008 10:54 PM

KOLO MEE: Spring Cafe, Jalan Nanas, opposite Miramar

LAKSA: Fat Cat, Tabuan Laru

A Best Coffeehouse category would be nice, especially with the mushrooming of a variety of coffeehouses in town.

Posted by: Arlyne at 08 July 2008 11:20 PM

i suggest you add "Best Yuppie Joint" as a new category. You know, expensive coffee shops should be at the top on most people's lists e.g. Bing, Starbucks (if even eligible).

Posted by: kaka at 09 July 2008 12:51 AM

Best kolo mee - 7th mile Huat Huat.

Posted by: 七里阿德 at 09 July 2008 6:06 PM


Posted by: PORK PORK PORK at 10 July 2008 11:41 AM

No one mention about "KaChang Ma" meh?? I miss it alot :(

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 10 July 2008 1:32 PM


Posted by: Betty at 12 July 2008 8:46 PM

Kenny, how do you find food in Kuching?

Have you ever try the laksa and porridge at Merry Food Center corner shop lot, it is near to Sekama Hong Leong Bank. Apart from that it also has kolo mee stall and foowchow fried delight.

Posted by: knoxis at 14 July 2008 11:40 AM

i hate you i hate you i hate you.

i miss kch so much. :(

Posted by: ahBONG at 16 July 2008 11:06 PM

best kolo mee ~ xin poh poh

best cha kueh ~ lim kee @ song qing hai

best tomato kueh tiao ~ 3rd mile nam kwong

best ABC ~ chung hua primary school 3 (behind)

best curry rice ~ 3rd mile nam kwong (trust me!!!)

best belacan bihun ~ song qing hai

best ice lemon tea ~ pizza hut

Posted by: shirley at 18 July 2008 9:12 PM

wonder if you've been there, theres a place behind pending puspakom selling manicai meesuah and curry noodle, problem is, there is no signboard for that place.

Posted by: anne at 28 July 2008 7:30 AM

Best coffee ever... at Bau, LINA Cafe

Posted by: I'm A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 28 July 2008 4:32 PM

Hey Kenny. What about halal eateries? I had some friends who had visited Kuching last year and this year for the RWMF but I was not able to recommend them great halal food. Still, I managed to scour one stall located at the open air market in the city. The mee sapi is one of the best I've tasted thus far. The pakcik actually used minced beef instead of beef slices. Another great stall that whips up wicked kueh tiau tomato can be found at Jln. Hj Taha. The stall serves halal food and the shop is located just next to Cafe Bunda. I think the shop is called Kafe Suka Ramai or something.

Posted by: Poison at 30 July 2008 11:50 AM

Oh. Almost forgot. The best drink is of course the Teh C special from Sugar Bun! Where else! Hehehe...

Posted by: Poison at 30 July 2008 11:51 AM

u should try PORK LEG RICE at SIANG SIANG CORNER 3rd MILE. Trust me, it's very nice.

Posted by: Kimi at 01 September 2008 10:53 PM


Have you tried the wonderful lamb dishes at Hot Pot? They serve a nice selection of dishes but my all time favourite is their Herbs and Spices Mutton Soup.

The best coffeeshop for me is Kwong Hup which serves real delicious Laksa, Popiah and the LuiCha is very good, you may order for extra bitter.

Kueh Chap - 3rd mile bazaar (opp the tyre shop)
Kolo Mee - handmade noodles at Chong & Low, BDC

Posted by: Iain Bong at 10 October 2008 12:26 PM

Tabuan Jaya Market Cha Kueh have move to Stutong Community Market Stall No. FA36 first floor and now use Mami Cha Kueh 妈咪炒果 as signboard

Posted by: Tabuan Jaya Market Cha Kueh at 07 November 2008 8:46 PM