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  • Ten Years
    Good to see this blog updated with meaningful entry. I guess the next one is when you're becoming a papa?...

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  • The Best of Europe
    I think Italy came up more times than any other country in Europe. I'm glad we've made the right decision to go there for 16 days. It's an amazing experience....

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    Neoh Soon Hueng
  • I Think I Lost Weight
    You had to post the same thing twice just so you can ensure your message gets across. =)...

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  • ADV: What Is Your Dream Home?
    No matter how tempting the house property is, the price tag surely is just reserved for the rich elites to afford it. Even a person with a salary of a business manager could not afford RM1,000 per sq ft. So, middle class people will suffer from this. Good luck in...

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  • SEGi College Malaysia Main Campus @ Kota Damansara
    i'm da 1st lah! hmm.. college for the rich & famous.....

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