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Monday, 13 July 2009

Short Talk:

The newspaper today ran a story about how a top STPM scorer failed to get into a local university. The paper also mentioned that in order to help him, “Higher Education Deputy Minister Dr Hou Kok Chung has written to the Higher Education Ministry.”

Does that mean the minister is essentially writing a letter to himself?

ADV: Which Hyundai R U?

Somebody wants to fly me to Paris.

Not just Paris.

Somebody also wanna take me through France, England, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. For 10 days in total. And I will be given pocket money to go shopping. Somebody even told to bring along a friend with me. All expenses paid.


Somebody must love me very much. All up, this is gonna cost somebody RM38,000.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t have to sleep with anybody, and I am certainly not suddenly dating some rich sugar mommy and daddy.


The 10-day Europe Trip for two is the grand prize I’ll walk away with if I win the ‘Which Hyundai R U?’ contest.

Unlike other contests where I’d have to write short stories, publish blog entries or make videos, this one is actually pretty straightforward. All I gotta do is camwhore with a Hyundai car that I think best represent me.

And who doesn’t know how to camwhore? It’s very easy one.

You can do it even after you’ve crashed your car into a ditch.

But if you seriously cannot make it dunno how to camwhore, you can still try to win one of ten iPod Touch - just by voting for the eventual winner.

Want to fly to Europe or win an iPod Touch? Up to you lah! Just remember to turn up to 1Utama, Saturday 25th July at 8:30pm to claim your prize, and also to see the unveiling of Hyundai’s latest vehicle.


The Korean car maker already has such a large fleet of vehicles that choosing one that best suits my personality can be mindboggling.

I’ve decided to join the photo contest. So the next most important question is which Hyundai car to camwhore with. After spending some time in the Hyundai showroom, I think I’ve found the one.

The Hyundai i10.

Yes, I know. It is a small car, and I know it’s not very manly for a guy to drive a small and cute little car.

Unless your name is Mr Bean.


But see, the thing is, we’re in a global financial crisis right now and tough times call for tighter purse strings. Most people need a car that’s affordable, and for that, it’s hard to look past the Hyundai i10.

At roughly the price of a Myvi (about RM50,000), this Korean can give so much more bang for buck.

The thing with the “Which Hyundai R U?” contest is that you must know how to camwhore creatively and outrageously. The keywords here being “creative” and “outrageous”.

So all you beginners who dunno what that means, let me show you the how.

For example, this form of camwhoring ain’t gonna win you any trip to Europe.


But it might impress your mother.

This type of picture on the other hand...


... has a much higher chance of winning you a free trip.


Even if you don’t get the free trip to Europe, at least you can win a free trip to the mental hospital!


I like the the Hyundai i10 ‘cos as much it’s is small on the outside, it is surprisingly roomy on the inside.

So when you are with your girlfriend, you can go to the backseat and do that “steamy hand on the window” scene from the movie Titanic.

Remember to do it at the backseat hor and not the front seat, because the gear stick is quite err... prominent!

The spaciousness is not just limited to the back seat.

For example, you can fit a whole Kenny Sia inside the car boot.

Perfect for kidnapping people!

Okay, enough fooling around. Be sure to join the contest right here.



Lol lah Kenny.


thats really nice...a treat after ur car accident


Haha, I like the last pic xD


Yeah, the last pic might get Kenny on the free trip. LOL.


I guess a person as tall as me will never fit this car >.


aha nice weh. i was thinking of just 1 pic will do. i hope u win this! :D


LOL voted you Kenny


Haha Kenny I got think of the Titanic Idea too ;p

Here is my submission

I seems like a mice fight with a Kuching cat now for recruiting votes...
but anyway, will try my best~! T.t"


haha. nice one! =)


i10 pawns myvi ? O.O


you're taking me if you win. i like haba.


lol...like to see kenny got kidnap...lol


i10 looks beautiful`


i remember the titanic scene!!!!! it's right before the iceberg hit the ship. awwwwww....


if the car boot can fits a person... dats a huge compartment!


Now, that is a big booty!


i like the design inside...gonna beg my dad later


lol kenny u should have done the furong jie jie seal pose in front of the car, LOL


nice one, lol!

i10 is like a turtle when going uphill...very slowwwwwwww


Kenny, I think u've slimmed down. If not, im sure u wont fit in d boot.


LOL.. another well-written adv kenny!
melikeythe pic of you wit the car that went down to the sideroad haha
always love how u give a bit of humor touch in every single of your post! :)


Honestly it looks like the combination of viva and myvi lars...


haha.. nice one!
this is an advertisement..
and you're joining it too? lol



Hahaha...real good one. But Hyundai...mmm, need to think twice before buy :p


all cars have their pros and cons....


The newspaper today ran a story about how a top STPM scorer failed to get into a local university.

Intelligent hardworking people are denied while lesser individuals are offered placements. How do you expect the nation to prosper intellectually with all the brain drain going on ?

The Malaysian education system, especially tertiary education is clearly abusing the quota system designed to give bumi's an advantage in terms of university placement. This has been going on for years, nothing new here. The Chinese & Indian Malaysians, as usual, are too chickenshit to do anything about it.
Afraid of another May 13th repeat. Maintain the status quo and hope things will get better. What a fucking joke.

Guess why we have STPM and matriculation courses? It's fairly obvious we, as non-bumis, will always be subjected to the road less travelled, the road that is full of hardship and heartache, the road where your chances of obtaining an education which is rightfully
yours is less. STPM is one of the toughest exams you can find in this world, and you're not even guaranteed placement no matter how well you do.

Get the fuck out of Malaysia if you want a fair chance in education.
It's going to be one hell of a struggle, but at least your individual abilities will be judged instead of skin color.

I'm sure the Malays wouldn't mind, as they say, "You tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!"


you know this always reminds me of the scene in matrix reloaded that says... for a XXX yrs the machine had tried to kill us, and after XXX yrs we were still here. We were still alive!

so can i say for XX yrs the policy had never been advantages to most of us, but for XX yrs we were still here and we were great.

so whatever the people of the policy threw, we take it like a mature person and

says straight to their dramatic face... we survive your mistakes and we were not afraid of changes because we can handle whatever you threw at us.


hmmmm, so which hyundai r u ? :-P


'The malays' including me, when you are referring to certain malays please do me a favor, do not be hitler can you? one malay is bad does not make all are the same, what if I say this to a chinese who stole my car years ago, the chinese is naturally car-theft, what would you feel instead?

For your information smart guy, Today, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS QUOTA, anymore! there are thousands of malays who failed to get university placements too although we've managed to get 8-9a's in SPM or 4-5 a's in STPM.

Before you make yourself much more stupid, do more research on this, the BN is doing 'worse' thing to the so-called Bumis than the chinese and indian.

I am not trying to be racist, but please think of others before you utter more words out of hatred.If all malays think like how you think, do you think we will even have malaysia today? so do not go to the racial bounda where things unknown to you may cause unwanted effects.

Anyway, this is offtopic. apologies


On a lighter note,

the Deputy Minister is writing to his boss, not to himself : )


as usual(you made blog so much fun)... i like the part where you tried to kidnap yourself. =)


ur so funny larh... still can smile after u drove ur car into the longkang...muahaha!!!i saw ur performance in nuff nang's party in akiraceo.com... crazy...dun tink there wil b any1 like u... gambateh ne!


lol.. very creative..


Hi Kenny,

To me, Eiffel Tower is like a giraffe ...



Wow.....u can send 'em these pics and u probably might've won that contest already!!!!! I luv the Mr Bean part. Hahaha so funny and I wish everyone who's in the contest the bestest....


Eekk, Korean cars. Urgh... White goods, really white goods.


Speaking of cars, the facelifted Viva is going to launch soon.

Spy shots:



Hey Mister!

The picture we took last Sunday at the festival turned out great! Was nice meeting you!


hyundai cars sucks!!fuck korean cars!!use it 2 years n the paint faded already...not to mention about dashboard and the interior electronics such as power window..DONT BUY HYUNDAI!!really..or u'll regret it..



other than rather high fuel comsumption as compared with kenari, i dont think there's any major issue...

i hav owned one for 5 years, regular servicings and checks, no issues watsoever, however, pity u, if you really have experienced such problems.

gentle reminder, atoz is just a normal car like other more expensive sedans, so treat it normal as well...cheerz :>


Bring me !! i never been there =(


kenny WIN already lor...*lol


wow, a sponsored trip to france, that's brilliant. the car looks cute, and its blue. i wonder whether they have a pink version.


I still don't believe you can fit in into the car boot.

XD jkg!


grow up, boy.


i envy your creativity :D


I think you'd be the winner lah! No one can beat you to it...very funny & creative indeed! :)


Hyundai cars consume a lot of petrol....not a good idea.


Muahahaha! I love your camwhoring ideas! You damn cun la!



izzit must go 1 utama to claim the prizes ? im from Sabah ... what if i din show up in 1U izzit the prize will give to other people ?


No worries Teru. If you can't make it we will informed you by mail later.

We will only give the prize away if we can't contact the winner.


thank u very much for the reply ^^


Wow, after seeing you crashing your hyundai into a ditch, makes me wan to do it to my old hyundai too....but i want to crash it into KLANG river instead


10A1s and 9A1s Chinese scorers didn't manage to get scholarship but a Bumi with 6A1s managed to get the scholarship. Malaysia Memang Boleh !!


Anyways.. I've seen this Hyundai.. It's really cute.. But if one day I see Kenny drives this.. *hmph*

Nvm.. :D


get 10, 15A's also need to write to edu ministry to ask for scholarship means the MOE is not doing its job lor!

what a bunch of crap saying that there's scholarships available but no one is applying.


FYI, there is no such thing 'we will come and get you' if you get 10a's. I have obtained 11a's, went for JPA scholarship, not they come for me.

Who said a 6a's bumi could get scholarship? based on today's merit system they would not get scholarship. You are spreading blasphemies and hatred just because you are purely ignorant of the issue.

Those who have managed to get the interviews including me, are only top scorers. There is no such thing as 'quota' to favors any race anymore.

If you want to hit the government or whatever crap, please do, but do me a favor...

Do not be hitler, thank you


awak macam orang bodoh la. puki mak


bodoh la, ini orang


Dear hyundai team , personally just feeling that the voting system is a bit unfair .
what if the participants they call all of their friends to vote for them everyday ?

it might be fair to them as they work for it . But it totally defeat the purpose of "voting"

the purpose of "voting" is to choose the best , most likable contestant based on the choice of ALL voters. But if u have someone keep voting again and again everyday , the winner was not chosen by "ALL the voters", but was chosen by "a specific group of voters" instead .

Totally defeat the purpose of voting.Instead of creative / nice / good idea photo taking the first price ,the competition might ended up having some lousy photo taken by some lousy contestant winning the first price , just because they have the "highest vote"


Dear Tan,

So far from what we can see, the better photos ARE getting the votes. Remember, each person gets to cast 6 votes a day and the votes can't be for the same photo per day.

And the voters also have to consider what's in it for him/her, as they will be rewarded for unbiased voting as well. By voting blindly, they are throwing away votes that may get them a FREE iPod Touch.


What if they only vote 1 vote to their own photos everyday?

And how come your company change the dateline sesuka hati ???


That will only be a maximum of 21 votes for the whole duration of the contest. That will be counted as one person/voters. The other 9 person who voted for that particular photo still have the chance of becoming the first 10 voters who voted for the eventual winner.

It's about getting friends to help you. That's the whole point. There's no judges. The voters will dictate the winner... just like American Idol. That's why it's interesting.

And all the American Idol contestant rely a lot on their friends' support as well. But that's just a fraction of the total votes. There's no way that if they are a lousy singer, they will get millions of votes.

I do not know what you mean by "change the dateline sesuka hati"? The organiser changed the dateline with proper consideration to the fact that the we need to give people more time to get a good photo with a Hyundai. Plus, the extended dateline was properly announced in the mircosite.

Thank you.


8677. 7 july 1986..perfect date of mine.


have you checked out the results. pls visit my blog to see the best snap shot winner.

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