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Wednesday, 05 March 2008

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Interview With Alan Sim, BN-SUPP Candidate For Bandar Kuching

Disclaimer: kennysia.com is politically neutral and does not endorse any political party. That, and this is a bloody long blog entry.

This 8 March, one of the most exciting fights will see BN-SUPP Challenger Alan Sim take on DAP Champion Chong Chieng Jen for the championship title of Bandar Kuching MP.

Bandar Kuching is dubbed "the toughest seat in the whole of Sarawak" with perfectly good reasons.

The state of Sarawak has been under BN rule ever since the formation of Malaysia. In the 2004 federal elections, BN won every single seat in Sarawak except for one. DAP stalwart Chong Chieng Jen emerged the lone Opposition winner in the parliamentary seat of Bandar Kuching, ceremoniously denying the state BN complete representation at national level.

No doubt, BN was pissed.

BN taking a pot shot at the opposition at their recent ceramah

2 years later in the 2006 state elections, BN lost even more seats to the Opposition. Eventhough DAP fielded inexperienced newcomers to combat BN's old knights, the DAP underdogs still won an upset victory in almost all the Chinese urban constituencies in Sarawak.

Enter the 2008 parliamentary elections.

BN-SUPP is no longer fielding an old dog against DAP's young and energetic lawyer Chong Chieng Jen. Instead, they chose someone who is almost the mirror image of DAP's Chong.

Young, energetic, extremely capable and hardworking, Alan Sim is the head of the SUPP Youth contesting in his first ever election.

Alan Sim is also a lawyer who, unlike his older colleagues, speaks fluent English and identifies a lot more readily with the young urban voters of Bandar Kuching. He is smart without being arrogant, sympathetic without being helpless. All these qualities made him very likeable among the people he serves.

I first met Alan few months ago when he asked me out for lunch and I gave him a few basic tips on starting up a blog. His blog is now live at www.alansim.net. I caught up with him again last Friday evening for this interview. On both occasion, I find him genuine and sincere. The guy really does across as a true leader.

SUPP is not as out-of-touch as many may think. Alan is very well aware of the concerns of the local Chinese. At our hour-long chat, we spoke extensively about allegations of corruption, the Malay agenda and non-Muslims' irrational fear of increasing Islamisation.

Below is a transcript of my interview with Alan Sim, the BN-SUPP candidate for Bandar Kuching.

Kenny: First time contesting in elections. How do you feel right now? Are you taken aback by how hostile it can be?

Alan: No, actually I have helped out in five elections before. It's nothing new. Actually there will be a lot of personal attacks that are levelled at the candidates, which is not exactly what we wanted. We should be able to talk more about what are your thoughts, about certain issues, rather than making personal attacks on each other. But since DAP started doing it, we can't help it lah.

Kenny: I think a lot of people are taken aback. Like, "Wow, I didn't know it can be so brutal."

Alan: It's all very hostile. It's all personal attacks. They don't talk about what they can do for the people, what are some of their ideas. It's all personal attacks. Last election, we have been trying to explain to people what we want to do without making personal attacks. And that strategy obviously didn't work. That's why this election we change a fair bit. We are going to be aggressive in publicity.

Kenny: Can't just sit back and absorb all the attacks, isn't it?

Alan: Absorb all the punches I don't think so lah. *laughs* By the end of election it'll be taxing and we'll lose a lot of votes, so I think we have to go on the aggressive mode.

Kenny: So what's a typical day of campaigning like?

Alan: Well I think I sleep on an average of about 5 hours. That is if I can sleep well at all because I think there's a lot of things in the mind also. But that is expected of politicians. Normally, I would go visiting in the early morning to places where there's a crowd, like coffee shops and the wet markets. And later say about 9am, I would go to the commercial areas where it's busy and speak to shopowners.

Kenny: Any interesting things happening there? Have you seen people that turn away or don't appreciate your visit?

Alan: Not many, eventhough I realise that out of every two person I think one of them is gonna be on the other side. In general, people are still quite polite. That should be the kind of culture that we should encourage. We can have political differences. We don't have to get too personal about it. That's my view.

Kenny: I think for them, everything become personal and people don't separate personal attacks from what's meant to happen in an election.

Alan: But not in the case with voters. For example, today I walked into a shop. I was shaking hands with them and they were giggling. I don't know what they were giggling about but when I turned back I saw them decorating a DAP vehicle. I mean it's ok for me. I walked into their shop, they are also our fellow Malaysians. They should have every right to their political thinking. It's fine for me.

Kenny: Do you think a lot of young voters are complacent about what's happening? Do you find a lot of them are not interested with what's going on, or don't care about elections? Like "why vote"?

Alan: I think if you look at the voting percentage in the last few elections, it has been like something 60% to 65% turn out. That is not very good. Where are the other 40% of the people? It's quite alarming, that kind of voting rate. That shows what you rightly pointed out in that a lot of people are not too concerned. They are quite indifferent, as in "whoever becomes the government I don't really care."

Kenny: If the 40% comes out to vote, it could swing either way.

Alan: It could, very well. Last parliamentary election, Barisan Nasional lost by 2,041 votes over 55,000 possible votes. It is very, very small percentage. It is important that people come out to vote, but somehow or rather it is not happening, no matter how hard we try. Our canvassing team have been going to every house and help them to do a voter search to let them know which polling station they'll be voting in. And we even provide them with transport. The number of people involved in this election on polling day itself, just on our side, is probably coming to 2,000 people working on that day. Despite of all these efforts, it's not working. In other countries, you may see people voluntarily coming out to vote.

Kenny: What is your take on the rising cost of living that we're experiencing?

Alan: I think the rising cost of living is a global problem. I think it's faced by every country. The main cause is the increase in the crude oil price. The crude oil price has gone past US$102 per barrel. As I've been saying all these while, that's because of 4 countries where there's a huge demand there: Brazil, Russia, India and China. These are 4 main countries where there's big population. They are doing well, and the amount of crude oil that they need is quite scary. The demand is increasing at quite an alarming rate.

Kenny: So there's nothing much we could do?

Alan: Not to say there's nothing much. Government has put in quite a lot of effort in terms of controlling prices of basic items. All along that's been done by the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs. Once you go into price control, you have to subsidize. There's no way out. You can't ask people to sell at a loss. So the only way you can control is through subsidy. That has been done all along. That's why despite all this hoo-ha I think Malaysia, certain items in general are still much cheaper than in other countries. So the only other thing that we could do if we want to soften the impact of all these inflaction is look at a better economy. If you have a better economy I'm sure people won't feel the pinch so much. If everybody is doing well, you're not short of money, then I think the impact of inflation could be lesser.

Kenny: Because you can afford these things.

Alan: I was in China recently, I brought my mom for a holiday. If you're in Shanghai that region, they won't even feel [the effect of inflation]. You have a tourist guide who just bought an Audi A4 that costs 500,000 RMB. A tourist guide! Can you imagine? He's in his 30s. That kind of thing will never happen in Malaysia - tourist guide buying a luxury vehicle. But if our economy is as strong, then... maybe?

Kenny: Is there hope that one day we will be?

Alan: In general, I think Malaysian economy is not doing too badly, if you look at our GDP and all that. But of late, I think people are talking about a slow down in Kuching.

Kenny: I think Kuching is actually developing. I mean, judging by the number of malls around, I think it is developing. I'd be surprised if people say that Kuching hasn't been growing.

Alan: No, growing or not growing is another thing. I think people are talking about businesses being bad. That is what they're saying lah. But the way I look at it is it's more competitive. Just look at one example. If you look at foot reflexology centres...

Kenny: Too many of them!

Alan: Just how many... it's about 100 now in Kuching. Big and small. Some are quite big scale. Whenever there's money to be made, everybody will jump in. So of course it's becoming competitive, so the business is being shared by all the competitors. So people are saying business is bad because of stiff competition.

Kenny: Business is growing faster than the population.

Alan: Probably lah. When I started out as a lawyer back in 1990, there's not that many firms in Kuching. There was only about 50 firms in Kuching. Today, we have more than 150 firms. I don't even know some of the lawyers in town now. It's all about competition. And the reason why we have all these competition is because over the past 20 years Malaysia has been enjoying good economy growth rate, and people have accumulated some wealth.

Kenny: A bit of chance to respond to some of the "allegations" that your rival has been making. I think one of the first things, if you see the posters around town, is that they said that you might not be able to speak out against the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister. How would you respond to that?

Alan: I think it's not a "personal thing". I think in politics, if you belong to a team, you talk about policy. You don't go and make personal attacks against your leaders. Even Chong (DAP) himself, when I saw him at the DUN sitting, all he did was make one comment about the CM then he would sit down. I have never see him once engaged in a debate with the CM.

Alan: Let's not get too personal in politics. There's a lot of allegations of corruption by the Opposition. The simple question that we ask: in Malaysia, we have anti-corruption laws. They are all lawyers, why don't they go and lodge a report? The law is there, and they are making all kinds of allegations. The proper thing to do is lodge a report. Get some of them charged.

At this point, I raised a point made by the Opposition about how most government projects were given to 'The Family' without an open tender. At Alan's suggestion, I think it'll be wise not to include this part of the interview on the blog.

Kenny: What do you think of the Angkasawan project?

Alan: That project ah? Well, I think... there was a term that was used for it, because we didn't really launch the...

Kenny: Space tourist, is it?

Alan: Something like that. There's a lot of people who talked about that. But of course, as a nation, we may have certain vision that is to take us to greater height. For example, building the Twin Towers. I think it's something that's iconic. A country has to be identified with certain things that will take you to certain levels. But I don't know, there are differing opinions about the way that it was done. About how it was not really Malaysia being able to go to space. There's quite a lot of people who spot on that.

Kenny: Do you think it's a good thing?

Alan: Well, maybe money could be better spent? I agree money could be better spent.

Kenny: Alright. Do you think that it's important that young voters be exposed to fair and balanced news in the media? In our current situation, is that happening?

Alan: The freedom of expression in Malaysia has improved a lot over the past decade. We have opposing views expressed in the paper all the while. If you know how to read Chinese newspapers, there's a lot of coverage for the Opposition. Whatever they said is not being censored. I mean, nowadays it's also difficult to censor anything. Come on lah, if you don't allow me to publish it I can always go on the Net.

Kenny: You've been online as well. You have your own website. How is it working out for you?

Alan: Yes and no lah. I think you gave me some tips before. It's a question of going in to maintain it lah. But being so busy, it's sometimes so difficult to update it. And then to engage a webmaster to manage it for you is impossible. Especially when we're talking about a political blog. Basically, people want to know your take on political issues. You should be doing it all on your own lah, but then we run into a lot of problem because of time constraint.

Kenny: It's very time-consuming lah, I know that. Have you received good feedback and a lot of support?

Alan: On both sides. There are a lot of people who are of course my political opponents, seize the opporutunity to attack me on certain issues. But I take it with an open mind. It's ok, they can come in and they can level all kinds of attack. I'll just explain myself.

Kenny: You are very patient then! I guess a lot of people are just gonna breakdown. So you are very patient.

Alan: But I don't want people to call me names. I'll just take it out. Things like foul words and foul languages, definitely I'll take it out. Swearing at my family, that one I'll remove it. Then they'll come back and say something else.

Kenny: That just stoops to a new low I think. Well, this one is another sensitive question I suppose. Then again, you have the freedom whether to answer or not. Do you think the current government is corrupted?

Alan: As I said, there's a lot of allegations levelled at the government. But what I'm saying is, the law is always there. Lodge a report. When you have the evidence, lodge a report. DAP always claimed that they have a lot of evidence. They're always voicing it out in ceramahs. Why don't they just lodge a report with the police if they think there's any corruption? And there are also certain prosecutions by the government. Top-level people, ministers, civil servants. So?

Kenny: So you think the government is clean, would you say that?

Alan: No, I won't say that. I won't say that. Definitely there could be certain cases which are unexposed. But of course, if there's any act of corruption, personally I would not condone it also. I condemn any act of corruption and the person should be dealt with by the law.

Kenny: Go through the proper channels?

Alan: Go through the proper channels, don't just throw allegations at everybody and say that we are corrupted. For example, even at my level, even as MBKS councillors they say that we are corrupted. I for sure say that if there is any evidence of corruption that you can find against me, I will not contest in the election. I'll be out. That is my pledge.

Kenny: That is great. The police service and the government servants, can be improved then?

Alan: Well I think the standard of service provided by the police left much to be desired. They are not performing to the people's expectations. I mean, it's not from me. I seldom have cases with the police, but I received a lot of complaints. And most of them I think are genuine complaints. Generally people are quite frustrated with the police in Kuching.

Kenny: So it is a concern?

Alan: Yes it is a concern. And in fact, it would be my top priorities to get the security matter sorted out.

Kenny: Ok, another sensitive issue again. Once again, you're given the freedom to answer or not. Do you think Malaysia is an Islamic state, or a secular one?

Alan: To me, that question has always been argued and things like that but life still goes on as usual. The more important thing is that we still have freedom of religion. You can still be a Christian, I can still be a Buddhist. We should not be too bothered about the argument about whether Malaysia is still a secular or an Islamic state.

Kenny: But personally you won't make a comment about that?

Alan: I won't make a comment about it. I know Tun Dr Mahathir has made certain statements to the effect that Malaysia is in fact already an Islamic State. Also, the Opposition are harping on it. But whether Mahathir made that statement or not, has any changes taken place? Is there any effect? I don't really think so. It's still the same. I can still go to my temple, you can still go to your church. More important thing is that we still have the freedom of religion. And Sarawak I think is quite special in that freedom of religion is really felt here.

Kenny: I think we are a lot more tolerant than the West isn't it?

Alan: We are a lot more tolerant. I mean in Sarawak in particular, you look at the Chay Sua (Muara Tebas) temple - it's a Chinese temple right in the middle of a Malay kampung. Where can you see that in Malaysia? It never happened anywhere else in Malaysia. I think Sarawak is special, very special.

Kenny: What is your stance, or perhaps your party's stance, on the New Economic Policy and the quota system?

Alan: New Economic Policy came about in the 1970s. It was modelled on Mahathir's Book The Malay Dilemma. If you read that book then you can look at the rationale behind that book. I think the New Economic Policy should not be continued indefinitely. I think the government should have a look at it from time to time. With globalisation Malaysia has to stay very competitive. If you have a policy that protects one race, then of course you may lose the competitiveness. But hopefully, eventually, when our Malay friends are ready, government should look at reviewing the New Economic Policy.

Kenny: Alright.

Alan: It is a very sensitive issue.

Kenny: It is, I know. I think we need to thread very carefully as well. Here's another question put forth by a reader. When in parliament, if something is clearly against your conscience, will you vote against your party line? Just to give an example, previously there were some BN members who were making some remarks that were considered sexist. And when the motion was moved to reprimand them, it was turned down because BN has the majority in parliamant. So the question this reader put forward is, what would you do in a similar scenario?

Alan: I think there are certain principles. As a team, you may be asked to toe certain party lines. But that doesn't mean that you personally agree with them. In terms of certain stance, you may take it outside the parliament and say you don't agree with this personally. Things like this better lah. Some things are uncalled for lah. For example, talking about ridiculing the ladies' period and all that. I don't know... "leak". *laughs* Nonsense lah. I think that one cannot be excused. That is my personal view.

Kenny: So eventhough you may not agree with what they are doing, you will still follow the party's principles?

Alan: I think we are often put in very difficult situation. If you don't toe the party line, you may face certain penalty. But of course it depends what is the issue. If it is something so serious you might have to really...

Kenny: So it is a case-by-case thing?

Alan: It is a case-by-case thing. If it is something so unimportant, you cannot just say "it is against my conscience, I don't want to vote it." So I think it depends on the seriousness of the matter. If it is something that really is against Chinese interests and what you stand for then sorry lah, you may have to sacrifice your political career and go lah.

Kenny: Do you think the whole Barisan Nasional coalition works well?

Alan: I think Malaysia is a multi-racial country, there is no better formula. Unless somebody can tell me that there's a better formula. I think if you compare Malaysia with other multiracial countries, it has done very, very, very well.

Kenny: So what is your take on race-based political parties? As in forming a political party where all the members are of the same race, for example.

Alan: I think if you look at Barisan Nasional, it's not formed on that basis. There are 14 parties inside, MCA representing only Chinese, MIC representing Indians, UMNO representing Malay, PBB representing Dayaks, whereas smaller parties like us may be representing majority Chinese but ours is a multiracial party also. We have a lot of Dayak comrades also. But it doesn't mean we are just racial based party lah. It's more looking at the overall. When we fight the election, we fight under Barisan Nasional. We don't fight as SUPP. If you notice that, that means Barisan Nasional is the party for all races because we are composed of small little units that represent different interest groups. So I think this formula probably works better in the Malaysian context. Imagine all of us inside one party, how would that work? We would be arguing among ourselves all the time.

Kenny: I think a lot of younger people coming back from overseas, and they see parties formed based on idealogies. For example in Australia, there's Labor and Liberal. In America, there's Democrats and Republicans. Whereas here we see that there's parties based on Chinese only, Indians only, Malays only. The Lain-Lains don't know where to go. I think people are saying why is there a difference. Looking at the history, I agree that there is a need for it. But that was a long time back. I think we have grown as a nation now, and if there's still a need for race-based parties?

Alan: I think as I pointed out, in the Malaysian context probably there's a need to. To form based on ideologies, even within the party we'd be arguing day and night about what should we do.

Kenny: What are some of the things that you will do if you get elected onto the parliament.

Alan: One of my top priorities would be on the security issue. We have like about 13 or 14 cases of robbery cases already for this year, so it's quite scary. Even last night's incident, I think there was shooting involved. The robber was trying to fire the gun at the victim, but it didn't work. The gun was defective. It is getting worrying and we have to do something about it.

Alan: And of course the road system in Kuching we have to look at it. If you notice, our speed around the city is around 20km/h. Our airport is 10km from the city centre. Used to be around 10-15 minutes, now it's half an hour. You want to go to the airport, your friends come in from West Malaysia and they ask you "can I make it?" You'll have some doubts lah. Last time we used to say, "10 minutes lah, no problem."

Kenny: Public transport?

Alan: Public transport is another area we definitely have to look at. Especially if you're talking about savings from oil and all that. I think we have to fight for some money for Kuching to work on the public transport system. How many of us use public transport?

Kenny: Last but not least, why should people vote for you or for the Barisan Nasional in general?

Alan: As I said, now that the Pak Lah government is different now, we allow the MP especially backbenchers to speak out. So I will be able to bring the people's voices into parliament as well. It is not just DAP, being the champion of people's rights, can speak out just about anything they want. I will be able to do that also, plus of course I will be able to deliver. DAP talks only, at the end of the day they can't deliver much because they have no vision to form the government. That's the difference. They are only contesting in how many seats? There are 222 seats, how do you even form a government? They have a lot of problems even with PKR. They are contesting against each other in two of the constituencies. So obviously they can't form a pact with PKR even if they were to win all the seats. The only way is maybe to form it with PAS loh. But is that what the Chinese people want? To see a PAS and DAP government? We know for certain that at the end of the day, BN is still going to be there, it still going to form the government. So DAP can say anything they want, they will remain as an opposition. I think that is the difference. People know the only way for us to perform, is to be part of the coalition government.

Kenny: Well I guess, looking at the way it is, this is a very tough seat isn't it?

Alan: Just for your information, there was a survey done in West Malaysia where even when there's 70% Chinese majority seat, it is very tough for Barisan Nasional government to win. In fact MCA only won 2 out of the many seats with 70% and above [Chinese majority]. Most of the seats are won by DAP. And Kuching is 92% Chinese majority, so it's the seat with the biggest Chinese voters. So it's tough lah.

Kenny: All the best in your elections, and thanks for taking time out to chat with me.

My next interview is with DAP's Chong Chieng Jen, Alan Sim's opponent and the defending champion for the seat of Bandar Kuching.



Interesting answers...


i read that Alan is giving out ideas on how to raise the security issue, but can problems such as snatch thieves and road robberies be reduced or solved? it scares the hell out of me, as an oversea student going back to my own country. I'm always having second thoughts of my own safety in my own home.


Interesting responses and viewpoints! Awesome job, Kenny. Can't wait for the next interview.


well done Kenny! I have never been interested in Politics until now :) !


Having read this article, I'll still vote for DAP! Probably that is why the election commision did not allow overseas citizen like me to vote coz they know people like us normally go for the opposition.

My stand is, you don't want a government without any opposition, otherwise there is not enough check and balances. A good number of opposition is always good. Otherwise, might as well call our constitution autocratic rather than democratic.


I still feel that there is an extreme need for ideology based parties. Although it might warrant fighting and disagreements, it is necessary as then they would be fighting for ideas that people want to see happen, rather than fighting for one particular race. Overall, it would mainly be played on an even platform.

They might argue whoever gets elected will vouch for their own race more. But look at Obama & Hillary for the democrats. They fight, not for blacks or womens rights in particular, but rather the important issues which are at hand which needs change and needs to be tackled, whereas Malaysian politics is still extremely biased because of the current economic policy.

I would still like to know the comments on corruption however, which was censored out. I feel it is unfair that in a land where now there is open communication and freedom, and where the government promotes honesty and trust within the people, they are absolutely not being transparent whatsoever when it comes to these issues. Honestly, DAP seem to have better things going for them, and true while BN will be around, at least they now have to take note that if they screw up, their days will be numbered.


I still feel that there is an extreme need for ideology based parties. Although it might warrant fighting and disagreements, it is necessary as then they would be fighting for ideas that people want to see happen, rather than fighting for one particular race. Overall, it would mainly be played on an even platform.

They might argue whoever gets elected will vouch for their own race more. But look at Obama & Hillary for the democrats. They fight, not for blacks or womens rights in particular, but rather the important issues which are at hand which needs change and needs to be tackled, whereas Malaysian politics is still extremely biased because of the current economic policy.

I would still like to know the comments on corruption however, which was censored out. I feel it is unfair that in a land where now there is open communication and freedom, and where the government promotes honesty and trust within the people, they are absolutely not being transparent whatsoever when it comes to these issues. Honestly, DAP seem to have better things going for them, and true while BN will be around, at least they now have to take note that if they screw up, their days will be numbered.


hhmm....did BN pay for this entry?


After reading this ....my vote will definitely goes to DAP.

Pak Lah is a good leader? Pui ...


It's such a shame that a well-articulated interview by the BN candidate has this as a lasting impression: why did he not want his opinions on 'under-table contracts' published? Definitely it could cause a furor, and fan some bad sentiment, and are we insulting everyone's intelligence by saying 'you don't want a repeat of May 13, do you?' Not that I really need to know what was said, but it seems quite sad to conclude that he is trying to avoid party backlash, ie. I speak for BN, but BN controls my words'. And this is what many Malaysians are getting cynical about.

Other than that though, he seems like a sound man. Definitely not a stuffed shirt. Looking forward to the DAP interview!


Ok la looking through that again, I have a question: Why do you align yourself with BN? What is it with the BN ideology that you identify with and are passionate about? Because with the interview I get the distinct sense that you're speaking as a group, not as an individual.

'I think Malaysia is a multi-racial country, there is no better formula. Unless somebody can tell me that there's a better formula. I think if you compare Malaysia with other multiracial countries, it has done very, very, very well. '

-- your answer IS a formula. Besides being very formulaic, it also glosses over many very unhappy undercurrents, multiracial-wise.

'... look at Barisan Nasional, it's not formed on that basis. There are 14 parties inside, MCA representing only Chinese, MIC representing Indians, UMNO representing Malay, PBB representing Dayaks, whereas smaller parties like us may be representing majority Chinese but ours is a multiracial party also. We have a lot of Dayak comrades also. But it doesn't mean we are just racial based party lah. It's more looking at the overall. When we fight the election, we fight under Barisan Nasional. We don't fight as SUPP. If you notice that, that means Barisan Nasional is the party for all races because we are composed of small little units that represent different interest groups. So I think this formula probably works better in the Malaysian context.'

-- that doesn't address many opinions that all the little parties are cowed by UMNO (cf Penang Gerakan)

Right that's enough for today. Racial-based politics give me the shivers.




haha...well said in the interview!


hey kenny, are you a traitor? how could you give your firt interview to BN but not DAP? did BN bribe you to do that?


Kenny: Last but not least, why should people vote for you or for the Barisan Nasional in general?

Here is what Alan should have said,"so that I could join the corrupted UMNO memebers in the parliament, and make myself rich from corruption. This is the easiest way to get rich"


I dont know how is Alan's knowledge about other Countries, but went i'm overseas, i tend to undertand from Economy to culture on the why and what. But my point is, does Alan knows that in China, an AUDI is about half the price we buy in Malaysia??!! Now gentlemen, why are all AUDIs and BMWs here are two times more expensive than China??!! Because of BN in the helm my friend......


I find his answers somewhat vague. Honestly, he claims he will speak up but ultimately, he uses the "teamwork" concept to justify not speaking up. Just to cite an example, how about PKFTZ? As you all should know, this scandal in West Malaysia involves an elected MP of SUPP. Will he speak up? Will he move a motion to censure and ask for a royal commission to investigate this issue?

If by speaking up he is referring to cleaning drains, fixing lamp posts and clearing garbage, please just apply for work as city councillor. The parliament is meant for enacting laws.

Ultimately, we need real opposition, not token ones that claim will do but eventually come back 3.5,4 or 5 years with nothing to show.


The typical answer given to the question of rising prices of goods. "Malaysia goods are still cheaper if you compare with other countries such as bla bla bla, and because we are bla bla bla, subsidy shits and thats make us our economic more developed and thats the reason we are the right candidate to rule the country."

Anyone can counter this argument using the issue of AP, how much under table money the so call minister made by issuing AP?The percentage of markups for imported vehicles is consider ridiculous when you see other countries are selling it at half of our prices.Please, just face the facts that Malaysia is a corrupted country.

Instead of arguing in Parliament and ask for proofs, go check the international corruption index and see Malaysia ranking. Not too suprising for me though.


after reading the interview. i still go 4 DAP as we all know, we need opposition in the parliament



Good articulation, but definitely the ideas are out of the window.

He avoids most of the important questions and does not convince.
Those personal opinions he has, in the end, is impotent, because those are not his projected party wills, just his personal thoughts.

Kenny, you should are not a conventional press,
so you should grill the candidates during the interview.

If we want pro-BN feel good interviews, we can read the MSM, if we want pro-opposition interview, there's many on the internet.

For BN candidates, you should grill them about the stuff that opposition doubts them about. Don't let them just get away with simple general statements like economy is doing good. use statistics against them, ask them to defend with statistics. grill them until they give an answer that convinces and satistfy, or until you see it is clear that he has no good answer.

The same thing should go for opposition candidate interview. Grill them about why we should support them, what are their concrete plans for the goverment, and allegations from BN.
Don't let them get away with just "cause BN is the suX0r".
We want the best, not just the least worst.


Those who say that party affiliation is not important have obviously not learnt from history. Remember the Penang MPs from BN who dared to speak up for their constituents and openly disagree with their party leaders? Suspended. Remember MPs from Wilayah Persekutuan KL who were unceremoniously dropped from candidacy this time round probably because they showed themselves in the past too inclined to choose voter sentiments over party rules?

Friends, two equally good men may be standing for election in Kuching this time around. I don't deny the BN candidate may be articulate, intelligent, sound, honest etc. BUT the very nature of his affiliation with an oppressive ruling coalition means he cannot speak up for constituents without fear or favour. If he does do that, it may mean opposing his leaders. The most important question in this is: Will he do it? When push comes to shove, will Alan defend Kuching's voters rights or will he, like countless other honest men before him, stay silent purely out of self-preservation instinct?

Yes, candidate matters, but party also matters. Don't be fooled by what anyone else says.


Unless Alan can give the voters the undertaking to speak for them come what may, I for one would suggest that to give him our vote would be too much of a gamble. He may be a good man, I agree. However, being in the party he is, he sometimes has no other choice but to toe the line, or risk political suicide.

Unless, of course, Kuching-ites feel that the government's wishes will never contradict their wishes, which is a possibility I don't deny.

Thanks for your time.


There are some 10-year-olds here accusing kenny of being bribed for writing and siding with BN.

Read the last line. Kenny is giving both individuals fair chances of being exposed on this blog.

"My next interview is with DAP's Chong Chieng Jen, Alan Sim's opponent and the defending champion for the seat of Bandar Kuching."

Guess we'll wait and see how it goes.


forget about Alan for the time being. What the hell is George Chan (SUPP) doing with DAP at the MBKS there?!!! Main kobek-kobek kah? Being a SUPP boss, he should set a good example. These 2 groups are just like hooligans. What a laughing stock. Everybody is laughing at George Chan. Is he senile?? Want me to vote BN, I have to think twice.


Typical BN candidate answer. Vague, no real solutions proposed, no undertakings to do anything, dodging the issues and far too careful toe-ing the party line.

"And in fact, it would be my top priorities to get the security matter sorted out."
--- Sure, it's a priority. Pray, tell us HOW you propose to do it. Give us an undertaking that you WILL do something and not shut up and keep quiet everytime UMNO starts yelling.

"That is my personal view."
--- What's the point of having a personal view when it's always overrided by UMNO views?

"It is a very sensitive issue."
--- Just a convenient excuse to avoid the issue forever. Plus a veiled May 13 threat.

As long as BN = UMNO, no BN candidate will be able to come up with a proper answer, no BN candidate will be effective.


without having to read the content, it's already a clever step to approach you, since last year.. and got this post now..


If I'm a Malaysian I'll vote for this guy after the interview liao.


ask Alam sim Break down the GDP growth, I would say most of the growth is come from our natural resource and not much growth form our industrial and trading.The growth is from our oil and palm oil. He is mocking in front of voters like us. Voters opposition to save our country.


ALAN, do you have guts to say no to White hair or Georgie??? IF not you are wasting our vote. We don't want waste our 5 years on you....
GO DAP GO~~~!!!


Alan, im sorry, you might deliver but your party and your boss, your boss's boss, CANNOT!

No vote for you because i care about Malaysia!


its just an interview... dun need to get so serious. the choice is till in your hand. y make such a big fuss out of it?


well done, kenny..


i agree we need oppositions in our government so that they don't become complacent but are we going to base our votes solely on that even though a certain BN candidate is better than the opposition? i personally think we should vote for the candidate that we think will do a better job in that constituency... if both are equally good then the party comes in...

and i think he doesn't want to publish some things because certain close-minded individuals won't be able to take in what he says... if he says something then ppl will misinterpret and go "haha see see? division within party.." and happily diss BN some more... if he doesn't, ppl will go "wah keep everything under the table.."... lose-lose situation right... i think even politically ignorant ppl will know that corruption exists... politics is dirty no matter who rules...

and about the sensitive issue... he acknowledges it... we just need more ppl who think like that in our government to amplify the thoughts in our minds, opposition or not... though yeah, UMNO's voice is pretty loud... a voice spoken from the heart can be louder... yeah why am i so idealistic i dunno..

i think we shouldn't be blinded by our dissatisfaction with our current government till we can't think rationally anymore.. and i will shut up now coz ppl will say BN bribed me wtf -_-

(ey, he giving DAP the last say lah... -_- traitor what traitor... if it was me i'd rather speak the last lor, then can shoot down all my opponents words.. having the last say and last words...)

and we shall wait for the DAP interview..


'The guy really does across as a true leader'

Kenny I'm actually quite surprised that you find qualities such as these define a true leader. It is actually quite sad if the people do not see how helpless this guy will be in parliament regardless of his personal views.

1.)'The freedom of expression in Malaysia has improved a lot over the past decade.'

Not true. Recent incidents and the continued existence of the ISA proves that.

2.) '..the law is always there. Lodge a report.'

And end up like the Lingam tape issue. Or Altantuya's forgotten murder.

3.) '..you may be asked to toe certain party lines. But that doesn't mean that you personally agree with them.'

What is amusing here is an individual's personal opinion does not make policies. It is his vote that carries the power. Why should the public bother about your personal opinion when we are forced to accept any discriminatory motions that you had a part in passing?

4.) ..I will be able to bring the people's voices into parliament as well.'

Obviously a contradictory statement The Chinese communities' grievances often do not go well with the government policies. So how do you toe the line and still air our views?

5.) ..They are only contesting in how many seats? There are 222 seats, how do you even form a government?'

A clearly naive view. By contesting less than enough to form a government, the public can vote for them at ease without fearing any adverse effects of a possible government change. The point is not to overthrow the government, but to provide the public a platform to address their concerns.


This interview i think is a total waste of time.

articulate yes..."COOL" he can spaik English and Mandarin well which is what thousands of others out there can do. just show he is educated FULL STOP. as for content, eeeiiii sound so much like the look like me sound like me and not me guy. he is just another one of them. no vision. no stand. no guts. nothing. just someone who want to make himself more powerful and richer through politics.

But thanks anyway, helps to decide that this guy is off. Before this already bad impression. first time open his mouth, wants to do drains already. Vote DAP no drain! Alan Sim. dont try threatening the voters. Now is 100% off. And kenny, you have NOT grill him enough. too polite!

Voters, if we let this fellow win, we are really demeaning ourselves, our intelligence and our integrity.


how easy to tell us to lodge reports. dont think pek mou will come for our asses ka if we did?

if so easy, why is he still in power and sucking all the resources!


"At this point, I raised a point made by the Opposition about how most government projects were given to 'The Family' without an open tender. At Alan's suggestion, I think it'll be wise not to include this part of the interview on the blog."

See..... He didn't even have guts to speak out. He was pissed. Well.... I understand... he stands by his man, rain or shine...


Hmmm, you are on treading on dangerous grounds Kenny. But I enjoy your work, doing your bit for the country. Keep it up. As for my vote, I am leaning more towards DAP. Sometimes it is good to have strong oppositions to deliver the greater good for the people.

Or better yet.....I rather sleep with my Sprite...


Nice effort Kenny! Some may agree or disagree with your style and "lack of grilling", but most do not have the kind of initiative that you've shown. So kudos again.(thinking of joining "umbrella" party next time, K?)

I think Alan Sim is a well-meaning, sincere guy. But as a politician, I'm afraid he will have to do a lot of compartmentalization... certain things that he believe in will not match what he will say (and probably do) in public.

From the interview, it seems that he has his own ideas of developing the country and state. At the same time, he also shared some of the sentiments shown by the Opposition. But I think he is a practical guy. He wants to improve things for us, and he thinks by being a BN candidate is the best way to achieve it. Smart?

In fact most young politicians think like that: "If I want to better society, I will have to join the biggest force (i.e. BN) to achieve that. They have the money and influence. And then I will slowly change certain things I disagree in BN from within."

It's almost like pretending to be satan to influence the other satans to do good. Hmm... ok satan is a strong word. I just couldn't find another substitute for now.

Again, good job Kenny.


very thorough interview, kenny, it's good that nobody is wearing any mask(being fake).

at this point i feel that voting for BN has a greater prospect n development, being positive abt the future, having an ally in the parliament. As for voting for DAP will only waste another 5 years of waiting for the impossible to happen, i already waste 5 years, i'm not gonna sacrifice the future of my kids. i feel matured after the 5 years given to DAP with no solid results, only focusing on negative side n personal attacks, it's endless quarrel, nobody can move forward while holding back the grudge of yesteryears. i noticed some ppl comment on being in another country and wish to vote for DAP, u shud come back here to see the real situation before reaching to a conclusion, u dont even love ur country, what to say a vote, it's almost certain u will vote any opposition, and this is very childish, and this country doesn't need childish politics!

i look forward to ur interview with DAP's Chong, election is near, so make it fast! TQ very much!


You're fat


i donno about this guy, but i know i hate George Chan... He is so childish!!

just look at how much is wasted in the so call 'indelible ink' that the Election COmmision not decide to use it at last minute. WHos fault is this??? dammnnn!! our money there larrrr!!!!!


Our BN MPs too many YES man. All afraid to do and say the right thing... but follow what the BOSS decides for them to say. Notice all the personal opinion and guarded positions so that he won't get into trouble for saying anything wrong, at the same time trying to emphatize with the people's issues and problems.

What is the different between 1000 YES man and 1 YES man. Practically nothing.


"Kenny: So eventhough you may not agree with what they are doing, you will still follow the party's principles?

Alan: I think we are often put in very difficult situation. If you don't toe the party line, you may face certain penalty. But of course it depends what is the issue. If it is something so serious you might have to really..."

And that my friends, is why we vote for the opposition. Thank you very much!


i agree with Nemesis though


Thanks Kenny. I'm going to go back to the Kuching to vote, and having a better idea of the candidates I am going to vote for is simply fantastic.

I can't wait to catch your interview with the DAP Candidate.


ermm.. kenny, that Alan Sim link you gave leads to http://ww.alansim.net leh. 1 w is missing....


dude - so proud of you for tackling political issues. your questions, while not the toughest is definitely better than what those lapdogs at The Star and NST would have asked. Go Kenny! Hope to see you run for parliament one day aka Jeff Ooi!



Something like Pak Lah!

Got problem? Lodge a police report? But police work for BN.

Voice our grievience? Later bomba shoot us with acid water and put us in ISA lokap for 2 freaking yrs. Then be labelled as Terrorist!

Contracts gone to "THE FAMILY" .. WHY SENSITIVE. MEANS HE"S AFRAID TO VOICE OUT AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT. Corruption is corruption. Small potatoes and Big potatoes who does corruptions still must face the consequences. WHY PAK LAH more SPECIAL? Alan Sim = Potential Yes Man. We have too many in BN already.

CHina economy good...Good point. Msian economy already like shiet under Pak Lah's rule. Still vote BN?

I rather bet on opposition for a term. Let BN scared that if they slack.. they will not get our votes


i don't want a "YA / BETUL" politician. Alan said: report to ACA or police if got evidence on corruption. What the use!!!!! Take Zakaria's case for example. He is a free man now. Althought he cannot contest for this coming parlimentary election but his daughter-in-law can. So what's the difference. It's a case of "Orang Malaysia mudah lupa". Always hangat-hangat tahi ayam. I might as well dont come out to vote. Wasting my time only. The one who win will benefit everything. Well, who cares.


Very simple questions to unfairness -

Why POSTAL VOTE only apply to government staffs e.g. army????

Why not apply to all Malaysian citizen resides outside Malaysia (working oversea)?


Dear kenny, first of all, thanks for the political insight u have put on your blog. Indeed your efforts are much appreciated, and just taking some time off to do the interview has benefited the younger ones who have no clue as to the political situation in our country. at least now they have something to start off with.

A lot has been discussed in the above comments,and i do see alot of good points being voiced.

i personally think that sometimes as voters, we need to look at the big picture. Alan clearly comes across as an educated and enlightened individual with a clear understanding of democracy and politics. however, is that all we voters should base our vote upon?

there have been issues far more fundamental than rising prices and corruption - such as freedom of religion (remember Lina Joy?), a warped system of democracy, corruption in the judiciary and no free/independent press. All these are the MOST fundamental in a democracy, and yet, we don't have that.

How do we even embark on the discussion of this topic without even having a free press??!! columnists dont even show a beacon of independent opinion and we're supposed to decide who to run our country based on biased opinions? dear govt: are u insulting our intelligence?

oh i could go on and on and prob kenny's page would be full of comments from me. But its sad - the focus of the narrow-minded people basing their votes on last-minute increments in their pensions by the government. Its also sad, the false impressions about scholarships given to non-bumiputeras. *shakes head*

Lets hope the people vote wisely this time, and for once, have the greater good of malaysia in mind when voting.

Disclaimer: im not from any political party, just airing my views. heck, im not even 21 yet, not eligible to vote.


To be frank with all of you, Alan Sim statements and views were quite one sided. Its pretty obvious that he was urged to stand on his own misleading points simply because he's a member of BN. I hope he fully understands that even if BN wins this upcoming election... there still wouldn't be equal rights given to all malaysians (which includes him as well)


Hie Kenny, 2nd comment...awaiting the DAP interview with great interest....



Could you kindly consider blogging about this -
a Bidayuh kampung being named Kampung TUN RAZAK(as per Borneo Post newspaper)?

I think this is absolute rubbish!



"Why don't they just lodge a report with the police if they think there's any corruption?"

this could possibly be the funniest line of the interview. tell me he's just kidding right? and as if no one has ever tried to report over the years -_- Hah.


BN candidates are all BONEKA! If the head say SHit is sweet then all of them would say the same.

Did any BN candidates raise concern about body snatching incidents?

Why put a representative who cant even represent himself in the parliment. Better to elect someone who can speak out the truth in parliment.

Most of the people join BN because of money! POLITICS GOOD MONEY!


Vote for BN for waht? All diam diam in parlaiment. SO many corruption cases agianst leaders of Sabah and Sarawak leaders but all masuk cold storage. Polcie and ACA all in cohorts rite up to the PUtrajaya. Go vote more BN fellas = asking us to die younger.


"The proper thing to do is lodge a report. Get some of them charged."

Obviously he hasn't been to Raja Petra Kamaruddin's www.malaysia-today.net

I think its bollocks to go against your conscience just to toe the party's lines and not voice out against the majority just because of your party's policy. You're being put into parliament to serve the Rakyat, not your party, mister.

The point he put up about the Opposition being too divided to form a proper government is old story. What we need is not the Opposition for government but the RIGHT people in government and obviously the past few years has shown what bad choices the Rakyat has made.

I am not living in Kuching and I am not even old enough to vote yet but I really have doubts about this person's capability and sincerity in helping out the denizens of Kuching. His statements don't really pack a punch for me.

Its silly to say that they are resorting to being more 'aggressive' just because the Opposition has been fielding personal attacks at them. Actions speak louder than words, the best way to stump your Opposition is to show hard results and not just plain talk (e.g. record of services or contributions to Kuching from 2004 til 2008 before elections were announced?)

It irks me to only be able to see the MPs faces on posters all over the place when election is around the corner when at other times, they hardly show up. What about that amendment that Parliament passed that enabled the extension of the retirement age to 66 for the head of the Election Committee? Where's the spirit of democracy in that? And NONE of the BN MPs stood up against that amendment. The opposition walked out in protest on that day and no one else were present to vote against that amendment. So coming back to Alan, is he saying that he will toe the party line like the others as well? Or if he were asked this question in the interview, that its a sensitive topic, better not to put it up on this blog?

I look forward to your interview with the DAP representative.


Mostly politically correct answers not to offend his bosses / party & somewhat seems pleasing to others. I would expect such answers from any BN candidates. Ever heard any BN candidates said rising price is not global problem? Its a pre-formulated & easy-way-out kind of statement to cover all the corruptions. An oil exporter facing even more problem in the event of oil price hike? What the heck ! Where are all the RM80 billons of profits of Petronas gone to? The oil subsidy is only RM16 billion...where is the rest?

Well, I don know how clean he is....no fair to go into that since I don know him well...he may be a nice polite guy...but this wont make him to be elected. We want some1 to deliver our voices. He is of no power to deliver our concerns as he is the political secretary of Almighty Lord of Swak-CM, & he belongs to a party who has failed the people - mainly because of comical internal power/money/kangtao struggle which we are well aware of & a party that has no voice because no one dare to challenge the CM & UMNO.

Things has gone too far. When it affects the common people (may it be chinese, indians, malays & all other malaysian) & we have suffer because of the abuse of power, funds, corruptions, injustice....We will fight back....& we will vote for opposition. The people may not be able to deny the BN majority but we will hell make sure our displeasures be heard - LOUD & CLEAR !!


Alan Sim does sound very much like a good man. A man who every Sarawakian wants to call a friend or maybe a patriortic one. But as our malaysian politic goes a good man (be him a John Rambo or Superman)can do nothing in the face of those high ranking MPs who speak without going through their head. Come on people... think of the level of intelligent of the Party where the representative speaks on lady's period as a joke and critised some air stewardess on their dressing being too revealing. Not to mention using the whole Federal Meeting to discuss on how to get back on some kid for writing a song on the national anthem. It's kinda sad to think that our country top men are these group of bozos. I wouldn't even entrust even my car to them, let alone now that they are running our country (some more with the main- driver being dozed off all so occassionally).

We want to ask Alan this one question. If he is elected then, what would he do ? BN representative have not done anything before, I am very sure they wont do anything in the future. With Alan in it or not.

BN has been saying there is DAP has not manage to graps any fund for development. What the nuts. Shouldn't development be equal to all states be it DAP or BN control. Mind you that DAP representative is also the decision of the people. By not giving funds to this states the govenment is intimating the people on the very basis of the democratic policy the country is build upon..Oh hang on.. this is Malaysia..there is no democracy..just authocratic hidden in the skin of that call itself democracy.


Election is all about making promises. We have to know WHO kept the promises.. n who didnt. N those that didnt , need to go. Simple. But not as simple to many... as they keep voting the incumbent.


Now we all know what BN candidates are capable of .

They are good in giving vage answers.
They tends to push problems to other dept like the police dept or Anti Corruption Dept.
They agree that there is corruption in the country but hack they cant do much and wont speak about it so no point raising it up.
They like to compare our country to other country may it be comparing a apple with an kiwi fruit. As long as it justify their decision they can even comparing our country to Mars.
There are reckless spending in the government, they know about it but cant do anything to stop it.

So tell me people. Why do we need them anyway.


I'm not interested in the elections until I read your blog. Seriously, I used to think that whatever that has been mentioned or done by the government, we have got no rights to anything else.

Thanks so much to Kenny for the exclusive interview. I mean, we won't know so much about BN/Alan if we didn't read your blog. Newspaper won't display such detailed interview.

Good luck to Alan Sim for the coming election.

Can't wait for the next interview to be posted. Hiak hiak..



I suggest you attend a DAP ceramah and understnad the real people's problems...



I am writing this from outside Sarawak as I migrated with my family to Australia last year. I spent most of my working life in Miri and Kuching and as a businessmen, was forced to socialise with SUPP and other political leaders. I got to be quite close to them, and became one of their “supporters” who was “required” to “help” during elections.

I would like to appeal to all the voters, especially the Chinese voters, to vote for the opposition and not the SUPP. Let give just relate some of the home truths about SUPP

1. SUPP under George Chan is not working for the Chinese but Taib Mahmud. Forget the words but look at the action. TM took away the Kuching Mayor’s post and gave it to a civil servant (died) without consulting SUPP. Before the announcement I was at a dinner with George Chan, Lee Kim Shim and Alan Sim and GC hinted that AS would make an excellent mayor for Kuching. AS was smiling so hard that you would have guessed that he was 100% sure that he would be the mayor. But TM simply gave it to someone else and GC could not do anything about it.

2. When the 2006 state elections came about, I was asked to “donate” to SUPP campaign in Kuching. My Miri branch manager told me that the SUPP Miri people (Andy Chia, Datuk Wee and gang) “asked” for my company vehicles to be “loan” them for the campaign. When the issue of land lease came up, GC told us in a dinner function that he will “speak” to CM and CM would make an announcement at a unity dinner in Kuching. I was forced to buy 3 tables at this dinner at Crowne Plaza. I was sitting a metre table away from the VIP table and I saw GC begging the CM to announce that he would renew the lease. CM just told GC, in front of everyone, I will announce in my own time. Can you image the SUPP president’s shame? In front of the Chinese community, he cannot even get the CM to make a “hint” about the land lease.

After the elections, I was having dinner with GC’s supporters in Miri and he told in a serious tone that CM refused to make the announcement because he wanted to “punish” the Chinese/SUPP for making “too much noise”. This meant that TM had already destroyed Iban unity by splitting PRS/PBDS into two factions and he wanted the Chinese to be the same while he prepared his children to come in and take over. This man even hinted that TM only dared to do this because GC was the SUPP president. GC cannot stand up to TM on any issue. He just gives in on every crucial issue. Why?- I will tell you later.

3. During the 2006 state elections, one of SUPP’s biggest financial contributors, Ting Chek Si, a tycoon from Sibu, was not selected to defend his Meradong seat. His crime? TCS was in a business dispute with TM’s brother over the Sanyan group of companies. TCS has sued TM’s brother for “oppression” and revealed that he gave TM’s brother 51% of the shares in the company in return for TM’s timber concessions. TM told George Chan to dump TCS and GC, like a good running dog, did as he was told. This is despite the fact that Meradong people wanted TCS because he was using his won money to provide help to Meradong. The SUPP Central working committee even endorsed TCS’s name as candidate. What kind of party leader is George if he dumped his own men and listen to PBB”s leader? Is SUPP a sub-branch of PBB?

What is worse- when TCS protested to GC, GC lied to his face straight and told him to keep quiet and TCS will be given another chance as senator. Of course GC did not keep his promise, he gave the senatorship to Sim Kheng Hui.

4. This is not the first time GC lied openly to his colleagues. In 2004 General Elections, he promised Law Heing Ding that he will be nominated as the Minister but for the last term. George even put this in writing. After the elections, George nominated Datuk Peter Chin. Is it any wonder that LHD called George Chan a liar in the Chinese press and GC did not dare to sue him? If George Chan is a man of honour as he says he is, why does he not sue LHD for defamation?. LHD even went to the extent of writing a complaint letter to all the SUPP CWC members and gave a copy to the PM and TM. He has documents to prove that GC is lying and backstabbed him.

5. You do not need to look at GC’s political games to know he is a fake. Just look at the way he behaves towards his first wife, Judy. He cheated on for some many years that she ran away. He had an open affair with Christina Foo of Priority One and gave the company a lot of state government consultancies.

During the search and rescue mission for Dr Judson in the Kelabit highlands, he visited the place often to “direct” the search. The real reason was that he was chasing a Kelabit girl and took her to KL to be his mistress. Just ask anyone in the highlands and they will confirm this story. This girl is now driving a BMW and living in a semi-D in KL.

What kind of man would use a moment of anguish over a helicopter crash to think about sex and chasing girls. Is this a “leader” of tahe Sarawak Chinese community?

Even worse, he allowed his daughter (the most beautiful one with white skin) to marry TM’s son. When Sulaiman turned out to be playboy and started to hit the daughter, GC actually told the daughter to “bear it” as Sulaiman could ensure that she has a luxurious life. When Sulaiman heard this, he hit the poor daughter even harder and send her off to live in the states leaving him free to chase all sorts of girls in KL and Manila. As a father, how could GC do all these things?

The question is why? Why does GC do all these underhanded things?
The answer is simple. The love of power and wealth. He can only get power and wealth by being a running dog to TM and this is exactly what he has done. He has made SUPP weak because TM wants SUPP to be weak while the Melanau dynasty rules forever.

George Chan wants to enjoy the good things in life like fine wine (he has one of the finest wine collections in Malaysia) and women. He can only do this as deputy CM.

With a leader like George Chan, who lies to his own senior party members, and reports to PBB and TM- can we elect SUPP? If SUPP were to come out and say that it is a sub-branch of PBB, at least I will consider it as they will be telling the truth for the first time.

After all these nonsense I decided that I had better migrate. I do not want my children to deal with this sort of “leaders” and live in a country where the Chinese leaders are forever kowtowing to someone else.

I am not writing this out of spite. I encourage readers in Sarawak and elsewhere to investigate if what I say here is true. Even if 50% is true, don’t you think SUPP deserves to be punished?

The only way to get rid of George Chan and his group of “PBB” SUPP members is to vote out SUPP until George Chan loses power. There is no other way. I took the easy way out by migrating but that does not mean I do not love Sarawak or care for the future of Sarawak. It simply means I am too old. I am telling his story so that the younger generation will know the truth.

[Disclaimer: kennysia.com holds no responsibility and does not vouch for the accuracy of this comment.]


Good points. "Nemesis at 05 March 2008 9:29 AM" http://www.kennysia.com/archives/2008/03/interview_with.php#c393318

A little vague on (5).

But, it is true that we need a leaders that provide the public a platform to address their concerns. Even the slightest issue, there is right or wrong."I think.." - is not a leader...It should be "The public wants..the people think..we think.." - is the leader we want.


This BN candidate might be intelligent and helpful but the point is do he able to stand up for rakyat to reject those non-sense suggested by UMNO?

Don't give me crap like "teamwork" or "toe the party line". When u not able to speak up a wrong doing by UMNO gangs such as BOCOR, u are not much different that those UMNO goons. When a statement is wrong, it is wrong and u need to speak it out, whether the statement is from your allies or enemies.

And regarding the media being controlled by BN, what the hell is "Come on lah, if you don't allow me to publish it I can always go on the Net."? Do u think every citizen is able to access internet or knowledgeable enough to access the Internet?

There are still a lot uncles and aunties reading newspaper and when u blackout all the opposition news, means the election itself is unfair.

Unless u are contesting independently or under opposition OR condemn all the gay policies by BN, then only i'll pay my full respect for u. Pui, so much for an MP


Alan Sim should the facts that George Chan put him up just to get rid of him out of SUPP. Alan Sim has been a fool (cheated by George to be the next mayor). Alan, remember this, you lose Kuching, you lose everything in the goverment, Secretary to Chief Minister as well as Counsel for MBKS. Being a Youth leader in SUPP means nothing.

Anywhere, you took the risk.

Maybe we will see you sitting in your Law firm begging for business after this.


Why did Sarawak join the Federation of Malaysia in the first place? We could be so much better off without the West. Our natural resources are all taken from us and use for the development in the West - what do we get in the end? A state with little noticeable development over the last few decades. Until this is addressed, I'll vote against the present government. You guys aren't doing enough - period.

If you can't deliver results, why shouldn't I vote for the opposition? We've given the government more than enough time (30 plus years) to make changes and I'm not going to wait for another 3 decades. De facto, both sides are making tonnes of promises with no guaranteed results. Actions speak louder than words! If so, why not put an opposition representative in the parliament to "bark" - check & balance - simple as that.

Personally, I do think Alan Sim is a pretty nice guy but to vote for him would be a terrible waste. The problems that we need to address in Malaysia (Sarawak in particular) should be the lack of development and the poor distribution of wealth. If we want to remain relevant and competitive, the focus should be on raising the standards of thinking among the locals. Addressing petty traffic jam issues won't get us the attention that we need.

When we joined Malaysia in 1969, the main reason was to curtail the expanding power of the communists. We did eradicate communism from ruining the state but on a second thought - look at China - maybe communism isn't that bad afterall.


It is true that most of time, suggestion voiced out by DAP are unfulfilled but then at least they state something that's true and make other people aware of the real situation in this case, as a BN representative, although implementation of plans would be much easier but somehow there are policies where BN have stated which even as the MP can't really do much or change


Alan Sim is just echoing whatever his bosses (read: UMNO) tell him to say. Same old talking points. Same old answers. "Got a problem with corruption? Why just lodge a report la. We're democratic country what." Which school of brainwashing did this guy come out of? Does he actually think that making reports work? He obviously hasn't lodged any reports that's unfavourable to the powers that be. Go ahead try that and see what happens.


Well say "Why SUPP Deserves To Be Punished"

How good is a good man under a bad stupid leader (or shd we refer him as Puppet hereafter)? I dun think any of them could do any good under the puppet even that they might genuinely mean to do good for the people.

Vote for opposition is of utmost important now because of the failure of the ultimate leader of the current regime.

Just take corruption and racial discrimination and inequity is enuf to cast the vote on opposition. To create a warning and to REMIND the government that whatever they do, people are watching and listening.

And people know how to think and vote without being fooled.

It is so important because BN will still win, simply because they are many especially those knowledgeable and educated urban folks choose NOT TO VOTE. These are people who know how to think and analyse.

Many from rural areas and with less analytical skill would most likely vote for BN as they are either easily influenced or they can only recognise the BN logo! Regardless of the fact that their houses will be flooded everytime it rains; They only know that once they vote for BN, they will receive tangible rewards even that it only happened once very 4 to 5 years!!!!

Look at our education! we have been robbed! The education system was designed with intention to make us less smart and easier to controlled. Those who cant effort will be victimised. Look at those MPs and VIPs, where are their children having their education?? How many are here in local Us? and how many are overseas?? Why are they not trusting the system which suppose was designed to make our next generation better!!!!! Every Uni breaks (summer break overseas) why are we seeing MPs, VIPs and WPs (wealthy people) going overseas to see their children?

Because they cant trust the system! Because they KNOW the fault in the system!!!

Dun trust me? Why we have so many 11As, 12As (getting more and more As) and these students cant even qualify for Singapore U and many failed for Australia, Canada and others!!!???

Be awake and be smart, dun let them think u are a fool. Vote with a purpose, to deny the majority!

SUPP under Puppet George will not improve and deserves to be punished (again!)


nice job. waiting for the DAP interview.And perhaps you should have ask more questions regarding all the sensitive issues. hehe!


"At this point, I raised a point made by the Opposition about how most government projects were given to 'The Family' without an open tender. At Alan's suggestion, I think it'll be wise not to include this part of the interview on the blog."

y? tis is the most important part in tis blog...y cencored it? where is democracy?


I find Alan as a very careful person.And i mean it nicely. I doubt he will speak out to the Menteris if he does not want to be clear on many issues to insignificant bloggers like us.

As a lawyer, he knows the the constitution ( in which Sarawak should even be more watchful) defines Malaysia as a secular state.

He sidestep that twice when you ask him. You are too nice to him.

"And Sarawak I think is quite special in that freedom of religion is really felt here."

The silent movement in Semenanjung is a memorandum from Islamic NGOs.And since they are physically closer to hearts and ears, should Sarawakians not be concerned about:-

• Defend and strengthen the position and jurisdiction of Syariah Courts under Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution. ( means sarawak will be one)

• Legislate laws controlling the propagation of non-Muslim religions among the Muslims in Sabah, Sarawak, Perlis, Pulau Pinang and Federal Territories as provided by Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution. ( ditto )

• Increase the learning period of Islamic subjects in national primary and secondary schools.

• The Ministry of Education to continue encouraging Islamic practices in schools.

• Provide special allocation to Islamic NGOs to carry out Islamic educational activities.('educational' does mean Daawah)

• Prosecute those who cause religious disharmony, especially by making offensive remarks against Islam, under Section 298A of the Penal Code.( under criminal law )


Alan should change his statement to ""And Sarawak I think is quite special in that freedom of religion is CURRENTLY really felt here." Not sure about the future esp. if we have leaders like this who is short sighted.


no surprises here. textbook answers which distracts you for a while into thnkin that a real answer has been given when it's just goin round in circles. also dodge hard questions. alan, you're the best politician for hollywood- not for the people.


Hey dude, line me up with a Rocket shirt, can or not ?


talking business? u have any idea wat is PPP?
purchasing power parity?

what case to case thing? what is it tat brought up in parliment is UNimportant thing ? so bocor is UNimportant thing?

"more important thing is that we still have freedom of religion. You can still be a Christian, I can still be a Buddhist. We should not be too bothered about the argument about whether Malaysia is still a secular or an Islamic state"

aiyoyo, U can still b xxx for how long? do u know the concept of process / evolution / transformation? which road u think we r heading when dis thing is declared? again, constitution is so vunerable tat it can change any minute bcoz of u holding 2/3 (66.666%) of the power

"Whatever they said is not being censored. I mean, nowadays it's also difficult to censor anything. Come on lah, if you don't allow me to publish it I can always go on the Net."

oh ya, u mean all MM having maths problem when few 10 thousand miscalculated as few thousand in the bersih? juz conduct a test lar, an ahma who read only ur papers vs ahlian who read internet news, see how polar different the answer u gonna get.

in short, he's juz another longkang mp,

hey, your drains, paved roads etc, don't mean a thing if even the constitution can be changed anytime to 'unguarantee' and 'unprotect' it lar

ppl....dun vote according to person at least in this election...bcoz how outstanding he is, he wont b able to fight for ur right as the rule of the game now is small muz kowtow to the big

n we need candidate who c all as malaysian not malai hantu cina babi kelingkia so tat nobody is kowtow to anybody




But, that doesn't mean I need to LOVE BN or whatever tail wagging component parties under it.

I WILL NEVER vote for BN or whosoever monkey candidates they are sending.

But, that doesn't mean I am an anti-government.


well...like a white sheet...when u dip into a pail of black dye it will become black....the goverment is doin it best to cover everything even if we noe everything that they are doin we also cannot do anything...goverment is everthing..if goverment is not corrupt then everything will not be in normal state...


Nowonder u r so famous. :)


Some very good comments here (WHY SUPP DESERVES TO BE PUNISHED, Harry, etc).

Any true Sarawakian who loves Sarawak will not allow BN to divide the rakyat, continue stealing from the State's wealth, and let BN practice corruption & cronyism openly without any consequences - just like what they have already done in West Malaysia. Do you want Sarawak to turn into the sh!thole that is Semenanjung? Delete me, I don't care.

Alan, sorry but you sound just like every other Chinese puppet to me. Do you have the spine to stand up for what is wrong or will you just slink into the background in hopes that the white-haired man will still give you the scraps off his plate?


"In general, I think Malaysian economy is not doing too badly, if you look at our GDP and all that."

What an alarming generalization. The problem is, the GDP is the total - a few companies or individuals make damn a lot of money that they stash somewhere. But the vast majority like you and me don't see much of it, maybe only a trickling.

And how come his answers are non-committal. Yes, he agrees there's corruption, that it's stupid to send a space tourist. But, WHAT IS HE, AND WHAT CAN HE DO ABOUT IT?

The answer is nothing, except spout answers to make you feel happy, is there.

Lodging a police report..? How, when the evidence is so easily destroyed? But it's an open secret to everyone that this BN is extremely corrupted. Hell lah, even with VIDEO evidence, also cannot convict a judge-fixer. Thousands of reports have been lodged. Hell lah, my mom's snatch theft report also kena mangled. Check out Patrick Teoh's account about lodging a police report at niamah.blogspot.com. Who the hell trusts the police?


No matter how good the BN candidates are, they are just going to be puppets of UMNO to rip the people's wealth.



You are going to interview the DAP candidate right, for the sake of being impartial (as you have claimed)?


Poor Chinese ...

Why you people like to fight against your own race so much ? (Which was my intention).

Georgie, I only give you 7 chairs out of my 33 seating, What do you expect ! It doesn't matter even DAP got all the 7 seats. We PBB still rules Sarawak.

Do you expect me to give you new seats ? Look at Kota Sentosa, the new seat that i gave you. You see what happened ? You Chinese just keep fighting.. The bottom line is, we Melanau still rules Sarawak and that is the fact cannot be change for a few generation. We PBB are the undisputed Party in Malaysia. Even UMNO does not dare to step into my land. Do you see that George or you DAP Nerds.

Whatever happens, an UMNO will be the Prime Minister and a PBB will be the Chief in Sarawak. That is a fact.

So what you Chinese are thinking ? Come and try

Think about it !


another thing is... only say all these things during election time is a bit too late la. the 20++ years in power still canot even have proper police force. sorry la!

why they alw gelabah only during "campaigning" (even my student council campaigning need to debate properly, not personal attacks)

who wants to vote for the kind of govt which is arrogant and never really cares about the people?
only need our vote but never really work for it. only know how to take bribes and kiss CM and PM's asses

sao pei la!!


I do not vote in Kuching but this is what I have to say to Alan:

If you truly represent the RAKYAT, you vote how we tell you to vote. Even if it is against your party line.

You may lose your party post by doing so but you will gain our RAKYAT's vote in the end.

Which is more important to you? Voter's will or Party's will?


Lodge report ?

Alan, you out of your mind ?

Police are not different with you politicians

We are corrupted too !


DAP is GOD, heaven.
BN is BS, hell.

Together we shall create utopia, an eden, a heaven for all mankind! 100% no corruption, no crime, no liars, no tax, no inflation, no natural disaster, no pollution, no nothing bad, and everything good. we will have 100% free gas and oil, free food, free houses, free medical benefit, free cars, free education, free schools, free everything, so u dont need to work, to hell with schools and businesses, if we already have free everything.

plz have your fingers cross and pray hard that it will happen! peace out!


Alan may be a terrific person, but unfortunately the party that he's serving is not. One can tell how much wealth BN has gathered just by seeing the amount of ads (newspaper, tv, radio, banners)they have this election. And those are just small investments, considering the gains they'll reap if BN has another 2/3 win. And corruption? Its always the same. The lie is so blatantly in your face but they always ask you for evidance! After awhile, the whole thing gets swept under the carpet....AS USUAL.


Long and winding..sien laaa


WEATHER BREEDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



talk for wad????people know all you say are lies alan.........


Lodge police report? LOL. what good of lodging police report when the country judiciary as good as non existent with all the "looks like me" and "duta mongolia" still playing around with our court.

To fakeDAP,
No one said DAP or Anwar is saint but we need check and balance in parliament. Do u want BN to amend any gay policies as much as they want without any resistance?

We have enough with those extending 1 more year for the head of EC to retire and see what we get now? Inedible ink plan crushed, yeah...expect more hantu to the polling station...

Ppl always saying that opposition no experience in running the country and will screw it up...wait....do u even give them a chance?

Nobody gonna 100% guarantee that the oppostion will not screw up our country but at least there is a chance they will doing good. I rather try this than let BN rotting our country.

Ppl keep on saying that 5yrs is long enough for opposition to screw up our country if they take over...hell yeah...50yrs for BN is not too long!!


Thanks for the great coverage of the election. I think I get most of my election news from you rather than the normal media.

Its a pity that so many things 'can't be said' in a malaysian blog.



IF U think there's no pt to vote. Pls go to other country. As a citizen, we have the rights to vote for the better of the country

BN has not done their job properly. We ought to give opposition at least a term to try.

So many issues, 99% bad since Pak Lah took over. Are u guys all blind or simply ignorant?

Do not believe The Star newspaper too much. PPL will a lil bit of brain will know they only promote BN and pijak opposition like shiet. Its so obvious that its Government control

I Feel that Msia is actually a communist hiding under a democratic banner.

Wise up people. Only the rich cronies at the top gets rich. We malay chinese indians with no political afflictions can only hope to strike 4D one day


we only trust what we faced & what we saw.


Do you realize that after Malaysia promoted Abdullah as our Prime Minister, everything keep increase?? Petrol, sundries, and a lot!
And one thing, please don't always give priorities to Malay. Chinese and other races in malaysia all are Malaysian what! Be fair.
For me, i still think Dr. Mahathir is the best one. Abdullah.. i wonder is he a "leech"?? =X

And election is near.. candidates even use their "cry kung-fu" to get sympathies. *swt* Fight in election also useless, in the end always Goverment win. Cis!


yay kenny u blogged on my birthday! *does merry-go-round dance in kitchen*


I doubt he'll dare to go against things he felt wrong wif BN. Like rejecting a motion by the opposition, to whom M'sian felt right.. It happened.. pity..

Oso, stupid remarks on saying dat chinese daily gives fair report to opposition and government. A fair share of ppl read english paper, ok?

Erm.. correct me.. does corruption means coming to our company to ask for support and treating us lunch? :)


I can only say not every allegations and accusations made by opposition party is right...


DAP for sure! SUPP do nothing in past 10 years.


still going for DAP!


Taib should go down!


Wonder why no SUPP supporters of Alan visiting this site? We are open for engagement, pick any topic listed here; but make a stand, not lawyer twist twist.


good news for you all being stuffed by controlled mainstream media. malaysiakini.com is free for 7 days.


kenny...i think u didn't grill him more. this is the best time to really ask about serious political issues and you have kind of wasted it.


That Alan guy probably dint know shit. Police reports have been made. But dint he know that even the police in under BN?


What else to say?
BN control the 'democractic' government, which control the judge fixing judicial system, the riot inciting police, the erection commitee, the bias law makers, the idiots who sit in the parliments calling out 'bocor', the disappointing FAM, the lady who fix interest rates at federal bank, the samseng police chief who gave Anwar his famous black eye, the explosive experts who blew up the mongolian gal, and... the Dr. who was having a nice time with his 'personal friend' at a hotel room.

Well, some of you think that after our Mr. Nice guy Pak Lah took over the helm, all the hell breaks loose, with the oil prices keep on increasing, some foreigners got blown up, the judge-fixing, the minister caught in video, the space tourist project...

Many of us are thinking, 'Heck, what is that old fella marrying a new wife for? He should be running the country and fixing the problems.'

Let us not forget, our 'beloved' Tun has his share of sh!t too. Every time the government can deliver to the Rakyat's expectation, the BN will freely splash our Rakyat money onto big mega and ridiculous projects!

Yes, dreams and inspirations.
Try to drill that into that thick skull which containing the bird-brain size of yours, Alan!

You called that iconic?
I'd say it's idiotic.


kennysia.com also reporting one-sided news?


When it comes to talk..everyone can talk. I can talk too..But all talk and no action, this is what i saw happened in the last 4 years. Our country no longer grows and it seems that it's going backwards or just stagnant.
I no longer want to listen to anyone, i can see with my own eyes what have the government done for us. And from there i know who i will vote.
No amount of talking or blogging will change my mind.


Nice post although the answer is rather vague! I look forward to your next post with DAP! I am sure u can ask direct on what your readers requested!
Have a nice day!


kennysia.com also reporting one-sided news?

Posted by: shocked at 05 March 2008 6:47 PM | Link to comment


shaddap lah idiot. read properly b4 u comment la. sheesh...


When it comes to talk..everyone can talk. I can talk too..But all talk and no action, this is what i saw happened in the last 4 years. Our country no longer grows and it seems that it's going backwards or just stagnant.
I no longer want to listen to anyone, i can see with my own eyes what have the government done for us. And from there i know who i will vote.
No amount of talking or blogging will change my mind.

Posted by: Jeremiah at 05 March 2008 6:55 PM | Link to comment


sure or not last 4 yrs? BN has been in power for the past god knows when la.


Why won't he comment on the issue of whether or not Malaysia is an Islamic state? He is a lawyer, he should understand the immense constitutional effect of calling Malaysia an Islamic state. We cannot just brush this issue under the rug. That is the BN mentality which I hate.

I am so sick of BN because all they have done is to reinforce the view that Chinese, Malays and Indians are so different that they NEED to have their own race to support them. In other words, BN has created the situation in which Malaysia as it is today is a mirror image of them: fragmented parties in an uneasy coalition focused on race politics. BAH. How can we talk about integration and unity when we still need racial parties?


Islamic country is okay for Sarawak as long as we have our freedom of religion? Alan? My Foot!
Than don't call your son Sim, call him Tan or Lau and he is still your son.

We Sarawakain espcially us the Dayak join Malaysia for a better tomorrow but see what we got? From Bolehland to Bodohland to Busokland!
We lost the whole forest and our last drop of oil to this BN zealots!

BN are evil!


Just to illustrate how "fair" & "democratic" Malaysia is lemme share an experience of mine. When we checked our polling centers recently, we realized that even though registered with the SAME ADDRESS my family members and i are actually voting for two different state assemblies.Initially I thought it was just an "innocent" mistake.or maybe like my friend suggested the separating line lies in our house. (yeah right). today when i checked the polling stations for some friends, i discovered that (gasp!) they also have another separating line in their house!!Can anyone explain what EC is trying to do? I have been asking around and the most logical answer so far is that EC is trying to spread out voters esp non Malays so to weaken opposition in their strongholds.Does EC really think we are that stupid? DISGUSTING


The interview is too long. I couln't bother finishing it. You try to be neutral but made a bad job out of it.


Don't blame me if your blog went into automatic entry before I put in my name. I am surprised at u, being blogger u should be aware of the whole political scene and if the present political situation is acceptable to you, I don't know what to think of u


wah lao... so long... -.- tired to read de leh!


SUPP-BN."CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN". Chief Minister used Geoge Chan to divides the Chinese and used Alfred Jabu to devides the Iban.See now,how is the Iban community,the majority ethnics in sarawak state,it's already divided.next is the chinese turn. "WAKE UP LAH SARAWAKIAN"


if everything lodge report...cham lo like that....nobody to catch thieves and robber already... even now haven lodge report already no ppl catch thieves and robber.... IF police continue to work "hard" like this, you and me will become robber and thieves one day.... Is that our vision 2020?


Dirty person with lotsa filthy businesses going on.


Politicians need to be more mature-lah..
In Miri,we have this ridiculous poster wars.BN/SUPP copycat-ing the DAP poster,with replies (or more of bashing) for DAP.
The people are not blind nor they are deaf.Development-wise,Miri is considered ok.We know there are developments and efforts done to solve issues.But that is not enough.It's as if when there's an election coming,the year before,there will be major projects.So development once in every 4 yrs?
Politicians need to stop wasting the money on these "is-it-sponsored-by-wedding-studios" posters and bashing the opposition like "we brought curtin uni in,what DAP did?" or DAP Tidur, Miri sudah bandaraya,sekarang ke arah bandaraya gemilang???!!!yada yada...

This is why young people tend to vote the other way.


just letting u guys know that malaysiakini.com is free to read for a week!


lol,i cant wait for DAP leader's turn


Hi Kenny, what i would ask him is what is BN plan for job creation in Sarawak particular Kuching. Gov seem to be out of ideas on this. No job = no spending power = bad business = slow economy.

Get ppl to give you question to ask next time.


Kenny.... the first link to Alan's site is broken. You left out a 'w'.

Secondly, pat on the back for asking him these questions. Although some people won't be too happy with his moderate views, he sounds genuine, kinda.

Empowering Youth


"We should not be too bothered about the argument about whether Malaysia is still a secular or an Islamic state."

I can't believe this came out from the mouth of a lawyer or a MP candidate...


Malaysia Oh Malaysia!

It appears that in the rural areas of Malaysia, the people are still
so poor that they will gladly accept a few ringgit to vote for the
BN, something which no opposition party or independent candidate is
in the position to offer them.

Forget about all the “support” that they give to any opposition
candidate during the campaign period. This is merely to up the “ante”
so that more money and promises are forthcoming from the BN (and if
they are lucky, from the opposition candidates as well). They think
that they are being smart. They of course fail to realize that they
are only deceiving themselves.

This act of self-deception has drastic consequences for them and for
all of us over the next 5 years or so after any election, but will
they ever learn? It has been going on for the last 50 over years.

Ironically, especially in the Malay-majority constituencies, it is
not even necessary for the BN to pay anything other than for some
token food and drinks for the voters. These are the voters who will
believe anything and everything that the BN and the BN-controlled
media will tell them.

Will the BN prove yet again that it can fool most Malaysians all the time?

The situation is so bad that in some if not most of these areas, the
saying goes that even if you put a monkey under the BN symbol, it
will win. And there are many BN YB’s who are arguably worse than
monkeys (and that includes KJ). The only reason they are picked is to
be yes-men (or yes-monkeys) to the Prime Minister. Just give them
their daily bananas.

UMNO is only too happy to let the Prime Minister, arguably now
the sleepiest and most ineffective politician in the country, to get
away with it as long as he delivers the goods each election – how is
never the question.

Malaysians have still not woken up to the full extent that
their country's wealth and resources have been stolen, siphoned off
or wasted (thought sheer inefficiency and mismanagement) by UMNO and
their cronies, leaving the rest of us for generations to come to pay
for the damage.

This being the case, it is doubtful that the 9th Malaysia Plan’s
avowed intentions of eradicating poverty, etc. will work, since most
of the allocations meant for the poor will be stolen by the BN
monkeys who are about to be voted in to Parliament or rather by the
sleepy zoo-keeper, Pak Lah and his cronies and family, UNLESS the
people really have a say in it and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

After all, the people will end up paying for it themselves. Where
else in the world can you find people paying to get cheated and
stolen from?

That is democracy Malaysian style. The people deserve what they get!
So my dear Malaysians, VOTE WISELY THIS TIME!

Malaysia Oh Malaysia!


pak lah is government... pui...
He do ntg and 1 thing he is super gud at...SLEEPING ALL THE TIME...


Given the kind of constraints that Alan operates under, I guess this is as good as it could possibly get. Having said that, these are the most articulate, and closest to frank, words from any BN candidate, as far as I have read to date. In comparison, my representative was embarassing on Malaysiakini.


New Way New Hope ?


No Way No Hope ?


Shame on you Kenny.
Seems like you are siding one side.
Have u been doing a lot of bimbo shows like malaysian Dream Girl till u lost your sense of self?
Is this your way of looking up on celebrities like MCA??
U should be shame of yourself as Chinese and Malaysian.
U should have use your talent on seeking justice and rights for yourself and everyone.
Hope u sleep well at nite!!!


i vote BN!


Give him a break, guys.

This guy is not even elected an MP, and you guys already sound like you wanna skin him alive.

When he get elected how?


"What is your stance, or perhaps your party's stance, on the New Economic Policy and the quota system?"

He didnt answer that question fully, sorry brother, That part is the most critical question but he didnt answer it..sorry bro my vote is with DAP


shi + William Wang, I put up a Decision Generator that "appears to favour DAP" - people say I'm biased.

I put up an honest interview of a BN candidate first before the DAP candidate - people say I'm biased.

I have good intentions. I wanted people reading this to be WELL INFORMED going into the elections. And what do people say?


Screw it, I'm not doing this again next time.


this guy could have done a lot better with his answers, i think. i cannot believe that bit about making the police report and how BN isn't kinda totally exactly actually race-based; who's he trying to kid.

but at least his stance on NEP was slightly more convicted than Chew Mei Fun's. sheesh. no one can top CMF's interview with mkini.

this guy sounds a lot more decent than some of the BN buffoons we have out there. at least he has substance and tolerance. but just like every other BN candidate, no conviction in so many of his answers especially when it comes to how BN has screwed up. this sensitive, that sensitive... haiyoh. isn't that exactly the kind of dumb fear they wanna keep the rakyat in? so that we become too lazy or too afraid to voice out on these issues by virtue of them being 'sensitive'? sensitive doesnt mean irrelevant or unquestionable. stalwart representatives shouldnt be afraid of what's sensitive.. that's where this guy could have done better.

i'm looking forward to the DAP interview. w00t!


"I think if you compare Malaysia with other multiracial countries, it has done very, very, very well."

Please look at your neighbour across the Causeway and do some actual comparisons.

Bloody joker. His answers were nicely-phrased, but in short, beating about the bush.

I'm looking forward to the DAP interview. Don't worry, Kenny. I don't think you're biased at all. Do what you think is right, and ignore what other people say. Afterall, Malaysia is supposed to be a free country isn't it?

Just ignore the fucking morons who do not understand the meaning of being BIASED. =)


Say all you want in ceramah... but does he DARE to represent rakyat's voice in the parliament against UMNO??? I DOUBT SO!!!

Many BN MPs talk big in ceramah, but when it comes to defending rakyat's voice in parliament, they are just another "ass kisser" to UMNO.


Kenny, please don't bother about what some people say! I think you have created a high peak of political awareness, and that in itself, is a big feat already. :)


lodge a report??
like what others have said, police are under the executive body which means they are under the government. It's like lodging a report against the enemies to the enemies.
= wasting time.

freedom of religion??
yes. we have. but we don't have the right to even protect our temples from getting demolished by the government and even get approval for building churches, temples....

Where are our rights? democratic country my a$$.

vote for a change people.


hey kenny,

i'm sorry you feel depreciated/ misunderstood despite your good intentions.
so, i'm taking the liberty of representing those who DO appreciate your efforts,



Vote DAP for sure~!!!!


Hi Kenny, I feel somewhat disappointed when I read this entry. I felt that his answers were rather vague and in some occasions he was just agreeing with your questions which are leading him on to the answers that you want him to say. On reading his response I don't see why you think he's such a good candidate. What do you mean by 'go through proper channels and make police reports'? First of all when you talk about corruption you don't know how deep this goes and so what difference does it make if police reports are made but no action taken on them? I can't believe you fell for his glib talk! I expected more from you Kenny!


omg... seriously, this is why my blood boils... this is why there are no objective views available when i look like a mad cow for them... coz when there is, this happens..


and we dare to say we're open-minded ladida, dong dong dong...

how do we make good decisions if we're only listening to one side of the party? are we just going for the "DIE BN DIE now" or do we really want to choose the best for our country?

and btw dude, please persevere in what you're doing.. it sucks to have ppl say that but you're making a change... there are many, many people i know who don't speak up here and think you're doing a great job...

i think we're just seriously too darn blinded by our anger... but this is not the way the country should be heading now... there are more important matters at hand...


"We should not be too bothered about the argument about whether Malaysia is still a secular or an Islamic state." - Alan Sim.

So Mr.Alan Sim please name your sons Lee, Teng, Mah, Lim, Ong and never name them Sim. To you they are still your sons since they spend on you.
What a kind of fool wanting to represent Sarawakian.....no hope!


No vote for you and racist BN !


You guys are picking bones inside an egg lah. Harping on grammatical errors, single statements. See the bigger picture and what this guy truly believes.

Let me use a story.

Pretend there is a Family (Sarawak) and a Father (SUPP) who is abusive to his children (rakyat), cheats on the wife and spends money for his own enjoyment.

The neighbour (DAP) can knows something is not right. Make loud noise outside the gate, tell everyone else there's a problem with the father. Even report police.

OUTCOME? Nothing happens because the police is probably also corrupted and couldn't care less. The neigbour (DAP) biggest achievement is to make the neighbourhood talk behind the father's back.

Can he do anything else? He is not beside the "father" to stop him everytime he makes a mistake.

This is what happened when I voted DAP last time. 5 years already, and DAP is the neighbour. What are the outcome? Except that I know more corruption is going on. So? No solution.

In 2008, the family's got a new son (Alan Sim). He has some new ideas. He is fresh and probably idealistic. He hopes he can stop his father's bad habits and make the father more caring.

For those of you who say he'll only follow SUPP etc, etc. There are so many instances when a change comes from INSIDE the HOUSE.

I want a candidate who will listen to the rakyat and be able to change things from inside. It will take time, but better than NO CHANGE at all.


Politics in USA = "I will do this, this and that for you if elected. I will serve you and these are the things I will do for you"

Politics in Sarawak = "He is bad, he is wrong, he did not do this. Here is a list of things he did not do. So, you should not vote for him, you should vote for me".

See the difference? If we ourselves cannot see clearly what we want, of course we get conned and bribed by bad politicians.


Check out Michael Backman's column again, published in The Age, about Election fever in Malaysia: http://www.michaelbackman.com/NewColumn.html You see? Even angmo oso ask us vote opposition ;)



The problem with your analogy is that:

1. The father is still caning his sons even though they are all adults, and they accept his discipline;
2. Most of his sons are corrupt and will fight the good son.

This is exactly what has happened in Parliament for the last umpteen years. Surely we all need no reminder of what has happened to good men and women who have dissented from the official BN line, either by speaking against it, or by voting against it. They have been punished - some have even been prevented from running for re-election, such as Zaid Ibrahim.

When faced with a choice between two men willing to criticise the status quo and fight for what is right, in Malaysia the wiser choice is the opposition - if only because nobody will muzzle them.


Hey people,

Give Kenny a break. He's been doing a good job creating political awareness among Malaysians who have access to the cyberspace. I've never felt so ardent about politics before. Kenny's using his blog as a medium to get people's attention in deciding the country's future. He's not a political blogger in the first place, so stop accusing him of being bias and all.

Kenny, you're doing a great job so far! Keep it up. :)


All you SH ppl out there who thinks Kenny's writing is biased then pls go vote for DAP. (reverse psychology)

I say Kenny did 1 heck of a good job bringing awareness to another group of ppl especially young adults. This is crucial for the future belongs to them.

End of the day, all I can say is never ever trust any young chicklings from BN / MCA / MIC / GErakhas. New faces, new blood to fool the ppl? What can new faces, new voices do when they face off with the mights of UMNO Warlords? YEa they turn into a piece of retarded dumb arse.


adding to johnleemk,

neutral is not neutral afterall..lol...
u given a biased role of the neighbour by accusing them as nothing but gossiper ....

have u ever learn this line
'far relative not as good as close neighbour'

the neighbour would have been the helpful 1 who make protection effort by report to mata of the abuse, as the children and wife might dare not do anything to the father. (under the circumstances tat the mata take action lar)

btw, kennysia, all it takes are juz few denying comments to stop u from doing good?! come on! u give us the chance to understand the 'potential' of the candidate, and now we see it (unless u been adding salt and sugar into his words lar), but then looking at zam rap, i guess wat given above is the closest to the actual conversation guah


dear ms pinkpau,

i really luv ur dis comment, especially the last line, fully agree 100%

"isn't that exactly the kind of dumb fear they wanna keep the rakyat in? so that we become too lazy or too afraid to voice out on these issues by virtue of them being 'sensitive'? sensitive doesnt mean irrelevant or unquestionable. "


Kenny, I am so disappointed with you.


Come on, where's the DAP interview???

No use to vote for BN unless their two big gangsters are gone. Alan Sim sure don't have the guts to vocie against Taib & George Chan.

Btw, Georgie attitude at MBKS that day was worst than a kid.

Booo~~~ Shame on you, Georgie, SUPP & BN~~


The best is ask alan to put a wager with us all. If he can speak up against the umno warlords in parlaiment we lose RM($) to him. If not he pay us all. Sure win wan la we all. Then we can all say who says voting for the BN dudes we cant prosper!


Not true avispek。 Neighbour can only help after the fact. After the father abused or cheated.

Of course, effectiveness of report police, you know I know lah. No need say.

I want a candidate who can stop the deeds before it happens. Prevention better than cure. Someone on the inside who can persuade the STUBORN OLD MEMBERS to change their minds.

All we have now is that we know all about this dirty deeds after it happens. Then make big noise. Then waste extra time and effort to revert, if indeed can revert.

Wouldn't the best thing be to become part of the decision making process in the first place. Like I said I voted DAP last time. That one not work also leh.


johnleemk u do have a point. So how? Vote the same guy again and this time it'll be different?

How different can it be? If same guy cannot do much last term, can make more headway this term?

Anyone highlight what is different this term if we vote opposition? Else, it'll be another 4 yrs wasted. Hearing people oppose and shout. The "bad fathers" still carry on with their deeds.

I don't attend ceramah of either parties.


Whats the point of electing Sim, you can see that even in the interview, he indirectly admit the wrong doing of BN, but yet he did not dare to condemn the BN party. How can he defend for the people? specially the chinese? during the interview, he tried to avoid bringing up those issues.

What I think malaysian need is to convert the country into a Republic, where all the Malaysian vote for a President, whom they can really trust. I dont think Pak Lah will win that, but i am sure there a lot more candidate in BN who will be more suitable than him. I am sure most of the Chinese will still vote for a Malay if he is really capable of doing his job, Right?


4 things he said that made up my mind:

1. Go thru the proper channels if you find cases of corruption. What, go to ACA and get yourself arrested? There are so many big cases of corruption involving senior people in BN for years and years and they are still there. What about the Lingam video, don't you see they are dragging it until kingdom come, like all other cases? How can anyone run for such a party?

2. This person is in utter denial n is a big liar on the religion issue. Has he not heard about the body-snatching?? Is that freedom to choose?Is a Muslim free to marry a non-muslim?? Is that freedom to choose??

3. "If you compare Malaysia with other multi-racial country, it has done very, very,very well." Compare with who? Come on, Thailand, Philippines, SIngapore are better assimilated. And our leaders keep harping that we are multi-racial when there's only 3 major races unlike true multi-racials where there are dozens of races and they live happily next to each other because they are not remined daily by their governments that a certain race is more superior and should be given more rights because they came to this country earlier. If you are 3rd born in the family and your parents keep favoring No2, you'd start questioning too.Besides, it's not fair to No1, the REAL orang asli who were here first!

4.Kenny, kenny, kenny. Just ask him about tt time when the deputy education minister spoke up on Chinese issues and Najib got all upset and some other Chinese fella had to apologize on the deputy's behalf. Why water down your question to sexist jokes. So Alan here thinks he will stand up against some racist when he kisses a weapon in support of their race supremacy, n another when he says something about spilling Chinese blood??

Anyone who supports a party that is so crooked has low morals and principals. I would be ashamed to stand for a party that cannot even allow the citizens a fair and clean election.

And finally, if you are still not convinced this guy is not faking it under all that calm and gentle demeanor, look how he manages to slip in the fact that he's a good son, a good person because he brought his ma for a holiday to China. Oh, all politicians are good actors!!


*Kenny i wonder how much they pay you for this time wasting interview, Malaysia need more transparency interview; Malaysia needs lesser corrupted parties. Where are you?


This is your one n ONLY blog which i didnt finish reading!
Dislike Msia politics issue =P


Where is the DAP interview. you have to put up asap. not fair to let alan interview sit for so long and chong only a day before election.

young voters want to read. i am def going for DAP.

Neutral, DAP cant do anything, we dont expect them to because you and i dont pay DAP taxes ok. Got free kuli you still complaint. Vote for alan, he only do drains, do roads and do school WHICH IS WAT WE ARE BLOODY ENTITLE TO. HE will be beaten into submission in fact looking at his answers he is already like the rest of the Father's son. No vision, no hope, no content.


Hahaha..Poor Kenny. I believe this interview is neutral. People just think about this: He is good, he is capable...but if electing him will only worsen the condition because he is in the wrong party. How many times we see pekmo manipulating our SUPP? George Chan only dares to keep quiet...tssk tsssk tsssk


well done kenny, for the effort to go the extra miles and length (of this article). Good insights, and good, sharp and precise questions, but still quite a lot of tai chi in the answers. of course, im not expecting anything controversial here in sensitive times like this, but its an effort nonetheless.

anyhow, on a lighter note, i submitted for the casting of "Back to School"!! Come check out what this overdue thai boxing silai has to done to get herself possibly shortlisted!!



As a Blogger you will expect positive and negative feedbacks and comments esp on politics. YOU must be able to handle all these comments and not replying with 'Fuck this shit, Im not doing this anymore' thing.

It shows your immaturity and naivety. Are you expecting all reading it to pour praises and said 'welldone Kenny! good jod! you are damn good????

Grow up before making a decision to blog on topics that will have different opinion.


dear all,


PLEASE VOICE OUT and let them know what is it like to be an ordinary malaysian citizen that has to CONSTANTLY 24/7 live in fear of getting robbed/raped in our very own soil of Malaysia, that is, well, rotting in the very hands of our dear "leaders"!


Visit malaysiakini. Read this one. My 'ten commandments' - Who I will not vote for on Saturday. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/79247


I am not sure whether DAP or PAS can deliver what the people are asking for, but I'm quite sure that BN can't, cause they've failed to do that as far as the Malaysia economy and safety are concern. At the end of the day, I don't care who is the ultimate winner of this election, as long as it brings good well to the citizen of Malaysia. Looking forward to another interview from DAP.


I am not able to vote this round as I am not able to fly back to Kuching this weekend. However, I am hoping that BN is denied 2/3 seats this round.

You all must have realised that the crime rate had increased in the past years. Everything has increased when BN has too many seats, which also make them lazy and selfish.

The government under BN is just too crazy to spend taxpayers money on unnecessary things. What benefit do we reap when we send the clown to the space? Can the money be fairly use to retain our petrol subsidy?

To all eligible voters, please vote wisely.


Vote for DAP....it's the only way to save us Chinese people!


In Yo Forum where got BN one!
All of them are DAP kaki whattt!





kenny u look so cute in malaysian dreamgirl



The opposition doesn't have anything approaching a significant minority in Parliament. How can you expect them to accomplish anything? Are you saying you won't vote for the opposition because they haven't accomplished much, when the precise reason they cannot put their ideas into action is because not enough people vote for them?


it's time for everyone to migrate overseas. at least governments like australia, nz even singapore are fair to their citizens, NEP... stand up on your own feet...


Alan,Read this.
If,If lah! Uf U r not with BN,

People of Kuching will go for you,But......

Maybe next election again,go for opposition party then people will listen to U.

I m with DAP this time.


No matter how good he is...he is still under BN. I'm still support DAP..


Thanks to Kenny, you have done a good job.

Anyway, this Alan Sim's answers to your questions are just so........lame. Com'on man, we've heard those "standardized answers" so many times, it's enough already!

I don't want DAP or PAS or PKR to form a government now; what I want is a stronger opposition! Should the current opposition form a government, I would probably go support BN the new opposition. We need the "check and balance" badly!

By the way, if this Alan Sim is so good, it's just like what we have here in Melaka, MCA's Wong Nai Chee. He's a good guy, he was elected in the past election and he has performed; however, he just cannot speak against his "team". Now, what we wish for is, he loses, and then he joins DAP. Then he would probably be elected next time.


dear neutral but not far sighted enuf,

further elaboration to johnleemk answer,
thats the real problem NOW, u c, if the mata is 'mata' enuf, u think the father will dare to abuse after the neighbour report it?
why do u think the mata not 'mata' enuf? bcoz they listen only to the big gun, the father friend who have 75 mah chai, vs neighbour only got 25 orang,

now u suggest u don;t want to sokong the neighbour somemore, u mao sokong the son, who dun even dare to tell the mata the problem, and let him continue kena abuse, how high is the possibiltiy he can success to fight back ALONE ah? b4 tat, i think he oredy mati or join his father road to abuse his son jor lor


Penang got a lot of things happened as well.
Everything is so complicated.


the internet is swarmed with opposition supporters, as if u guys will support just about any opposition, for the sake of being rebellious, and oppose just about everything the government does, regardless of who's the government,utter ignorance! and all those who traveled or studied in other countries will unanimously say other countries' government r better than malaysia. haven't u all ask those singaporean and australian how they felt abt their government? they will unanimously oppose their own government as well, while u say how good they r. i guess the grass will always b greener on the other side.

not even a single PRODUCTIVE comment, all bashing at the government. kenny, ur noble attempt has failed miserably.


to Umm..No!!!!! - who says BN hasn't come to sarawak? we have suffered worst than the west malaysians uner taib's PBB (also BN!). some say even pak lah is afarid of him.

i keep reading people complainin about the government because of price goin up. fck everythn is goin up- the world dun last forever so shut up oredy bout the price. the main reason for hating the government is the corruption that no1 seems to care about.

oh and kenny, i know dis is not the first time ur angry at ur visitors but politics is not a joke to some people. so if u wan to blog about it be mindful of the fact that some will over react.


"At this point, I raised a point made by the Opposition about how most government projects were given to 'The Family' without an open tender. At Alan's suggestion, I think it'll be wise not to include this part of the interview on the blog."

I thought blog can surpass the self sensorship practise by the media. disappointed.


Alan Sim is a lawyer and yet, he avoided a simple question of whether Malaysia is an Islamic state or secular state. He seriously needs to be direct with his answers rather than being wishy washy about it and not taking any stand on such an important issue. That, and other "so-called" sensitive issues as an excuse not to answer difficult questions.

If he is unable to even interpret the Federal Constitution on what it says about Malaysia (being an Islamic State or secular in nature) when he is trained and works as a lawyer, he is not at all fit to be sitting in the Parliament to debate on national issues. We need leaders who have a firm standing on matters close to the citizen's heart. It may not be important to you but it is important to the people whom you want to represent. Do you not heed their rumblings of discontent or urgency to have these matters resolved? Or are you also toeing the line just like the other BN reps?

My vote goes to Chong Chien Jen.


chicken bwak bwak is lame kenny,

so u think u are the only reasonable one here? u are saying this because u want to stand out as a different person, so all of those who oppose the gahmen will sound utterly stupid. u are just plain disgusting. make me wana puke.


I do agree that our government is corrupted. That gives effect on the price hike everywhere. We need a watchdog in the parliment to make sure BN is working. I believe everyone can contribute to this by telling their friend for the next 36hours that they should vote wisely. To be frank, BN is good. But if they have too many seats, they tend to be lazy. That is why we need opposition like Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh to make noise in the parliament.

For parliament, let opposition have the votes while the state seat can let BN have it to ensure development. This will ensure balance in the government.

Let us all pray for a better future.


i wonder how much effort u put into reading and understanding the issues tat makes u come into such funny statement like 'we r very good and rosy oredy so stop the bitching'

mr "chicken bwak bwak is lame kenny'

more like a state of denial syndrome to me

and, WE are NOT anti goverment, its juz our luv n K 4 our country called malaysia tat we dun want to c sumbody doom the land 4 personal gain, got it?!


Kenny, if you take any SWEETS from Alan Sim. You are part of BN too. Their money is BLOOD MONEY!


please get the DAP interview up soon. B4 its too late....


nice one kenny. when are u going to post ur interview with chong (DAP)? cant wait man.


Alan Sim.What is jobs creation has BN-sarawak build?. Why a lot of sarawakians go to semenanjung & singapore to find works?.even in johor bahru alone.40,000 dayaks lived there.Do sarawak state poor,where is the TIMBERS & OILS & GAS $$$,even a lots of kampung in sarawak still lack of basic things.especially,without proper road to the nearest town,mostly used timber comp road,poor clean water,no electricity,no telecom & no jobs.ALL BN DO JUST,"JANJI PALSU" enough is enough.44years in m'sia this is what our peoples getting. "WAKE UP SARAWAKIAN" AGI IDUP AGI NGELABAN!!



Imagine how many MILLIONS or even BILLIONS the government had spent on buying a new plane for the PM, building a new palace for the agung, sending a team to the moon, building a great road just to get to Putrajaya........ With that, shouldn't the government subsidize MORE on the petrol? gas? or even help the poor and deprived citizens?


We should vote for SUPP because if they lose, DAP cannot attack SUPP and then no one will carry out the work for the Chinese people. Imagine if there is no SUPP in Kuching, do you think we will get Chung Hua School No.2 from DAP? Do you think UMNO/PBB will care about what DAP ask?


we need to give Alan a chance to prove himself. The gut to say it out, to oppose those of higher ranking is not only you talk to public in kopitiam. We believe that Parlimen is a good platform to voice out KUCHING PEOPLE opinion and voice. We should not stop after we voice out or problem, we should follow up with action to improve and change. I dont think DAP can lead the action and change. I agree DAP did voice out our problem and our needs but they do nothing to change. If we only want to voice out but we dont need changes then we can vote DAP but NO that is not what we want. We need people who have gut to voice out in parlimen but also who can lead the change by action. WE NEED Alan to do so.

People, i know we all are angry with old time SUPP/BN. Thats why we need to change and lets alan be the person who can bring us the changes. I willing to risk the vote for that.

DAP won the Kuching seat 4 years ago but do we have changes in Kuching? Can DAP bring changes? I DONT THINK SO.


I am not supporting anyone but i talking about the truth. Is what we really need. We need someone who can talk with gorvernment not shot gorvernment and argue without fact. DAP at semenanjung, is very powerful but at sarawak, they talk without fact and useless.

People of Kuching, i am not trying to attack persoanlly, but this is fact. Ask yourself and you will find the answer.

Ah jin have prove what he can do (talk and shot ppl only) so now we need to let new ppl, Alan Sim to show us what he can do.

People, we must let other ppl show what he can do, and we want some changes. We shold not let ah jin do what he can do only (talk and shot ppl). We want to see some improvement and action. We must let SUPP do something. After 520, i and people in kuching believe that the SUPP should learn their lesson. We must give them time to prove that they are changing.

Some more, Alan is new and young with new leadership skill, new style and with a strong group of youngster to help him. He can do something NEW. TRUST him, he can do it and his team can do it.

As a leader, political leader, you should have a group of people who can help you in your work, to collect data, analyze data, understand people needs, came out with solution and out the plan in action. We just cannot always talk and shot people and balme people.

People, lets do something new and trust in Alan. People, lets give alan a chance to prove he is real and not TIN KOSONG.

Alan, i will vote for you!!!!


OMG, 'Good Job Kenny 5:27', your English is giving me a NOSEBLEED.


To "I'm A Chicken With No Name". I'm sick and tired with you comments, you BN whore. Why don't you find some a rooster to fuck since you are a chicken.



This is George Chan's fall guy... why did i see benson chua (from sibu supp) helping him on the sideline at song kheng hai hawker stalls? pathetic!


Kenny, don wori.. 1 out of 20 felt you're being bias. It's oni minority.

You're a famous blogger, you should kno how to handle ppl who are easily jealous of your success. Don't think too much about these idiots.

Keep up d good work. Take k. Waiting for you next interview.


Be sensible. Do not use rude languages leaving comments in other people's blogs. We can argue rationally but name calling only makes you look childish.

You support who you want. Doesn't mean if we support different people, we are idiots and useless. You want democracy and free speech? Then stop using personal attack.

Makes other DAP supporters look bad only.

Kenny, good job. At least the young people are waking up.


To: Good Job Kenny, you're very wrong. Alan sim is another new puppet


Be open minded la.we need opposition as a mirror to the govt.read this http:www.malaysiakini.com/news/79227


"The more important thing is that we still have freedom of religion. You can still be a Christian, I can still be a Buddhist. We should not be too bothered about the argument about whether Malaysia is still a secular or an Islamic state."

Do you realize what Malaysia has become under the race-based politics that BN absolutely needs in order to stay in power? Muslim friends punished by teachers for celebrating the Lantern Festival with their Chinese friends because it is not 'halal'? Christians in a place of higher education having to hold prayer meetings in secret while there are several registered clubs of a different religion? Tell me please, where is the freedom of religion? Sad isn't it...how the young ones are already being taught how to practice racism T_T


AIya just vote for Miss Msia lah. AM sure she can help us retards to hv a better future once she wins Miss WOrld.


your interview with the DAP candidate is too late, coming on the day of election.


waste of your time kenny.

plus, how many Alan pay u for his website? u know..consultancy fee?


Referring to this wadeva his name is saying that our petrol prices cannot be reduced... WTH.... if it's $102 per barrel, petronas will be making some hell of money. Year 2007 petronas made 80bil, estimated 90bil this year with the increasing price of petroleum.. wad the hell means petrol prices cannot go down.... I support PKR-PAS-DAP.......XD


Kenny.. Very busy today? Can't wait for your DAP post. :)


I think for those who says "Give SUPP or Alan a chance".... well. If Alan has the gut, he should have stood up against the current leadership and clean up SUPP BEFORE the election.

Obviously, he is too scared to do anything.

We should vote out SUPP and let the disgruntled members clean up their own house. Then, SUPP might get our votes back in the next state election.


So many Sarawakians are out of state and so many are so poor to affort the expensive air ticket home....

We should urge AirAsia or MAS to offer us free rides home so that we can vote (emm... except for the airport tax and etc.) !

Ha ha~


Another UMNO lapdog ...


Waste of time; kenny u should learn how to conduct a proper interview especially with politician (like al zeera 101 east). His answers can fool a 10 years old kid, not us.


hey hey,
i saw u in the malaysian dreamgirl website,
haha.. u gave them a very nasty comments, don't u?
but it makes me laugh my ass off... lolz...
i think u made the audition so much more interesting... ( welcome to zouk????table cloth?? haha...)
btw, nice post on election, BN candidate...
cant wait for the next episode of dreamgirls...
but i really want to know why Gissele didnt go through... ( she didnt go through, did she?)

=)( still laughing like anything... haha...)


We should NOT vote for SUPP..

Vote SUPP = Agreeing on the government's corruption

Vote SUPP = Agreeing on all the Bumi-Non Bumi quotas

Vote SUPP = Agreeing on George Chan's 'bacul" infront of white hair

Vote SUPP = Agreeing on white hair is clean

Dont let the money politic ruin the future of our next Chinese generation


Hi Kenny, kudos to you. I think you did a good job with this interview. I felt that it was transparent. I like the fact that you brought up sensitive issues which may not be published in printmedia. I like the way you cornered him in certain issues by questioning his answers. The fact is, be it newcomers or veterans, politicians are trained to handle media queries. That's why it also requires experienced political journalists to tackle them in interviews, and you are not a political journalist so I think some people here are being too hard on you and biased in their comments against you.

But I did sense his genuineness in the interview, and the way he answered your questions with too many "I think..." and "probably" showed that he's a newbie too.

I agree with I’m a Chicken with No Name. There is a reason why most social organisations have a remark that says "no political, religious or racial agenda". These are the most sensitive issues in the world so when u decided to tread on politics, you'd have to expect such repercussion. There is no such thing as being 'neutral'. You're not a media organisation but a celebrity blogger. People wud expect u to take a stand too.


I heard they ban people from other religions to call their use the word Allah.
I mean, because the orang asli Christians don't use English but Malay.
And Lord in the Malay Bible or Akitab is Allah.
What are the orang asli Christians suppose to call God then?
And if you here carefully, the Muslims pronounce Allah a little different from some of us non-Muslims.


where's the DAP interview? fast fast fast! hehe. All against the government! yay!


MCA boss, ong ka ting, can be scolded like a dog by lowly ranked umno bigots. Where do you think alan stands?

Don't make the same mistakes the stupid east bodohlanders made. Maybe, you guys should. We should die together mah. We are one people, one stupid people :P


Why must Sarawak comes under Malaysia to have all the resources raped? The forest is gone so is our oil. Sarawak is make up of Dayaks and Chinese, this alone represent more than 80% of the population and why do you want to come under a race that had lost their own culture to the Arabs.

Shameless contestant like Alan Sim have to put his tail between his two legs and greatly agreed is not important even if Sarawak is called an islamic state so that he could be used as a prawn by SUPP and BN to rape Sarawakian further? Call him a Sarawakian? What a shame.

Lets starts Sarawak's Independent movement and boycott this Bolehland Election on the 8th March.

Boycott Boycott Boycott this Election.


vote dap
vote dap
vote dap
vote dap


@True sarawakian.i strongly agreed with u.Sarawak need referendum!


Hey i think 'Good Job Kenny' is 'dap tak malu' seen somewhere...

kenny, i don't agree for many of your past entries. but for this one i respect you. do us a favour by posting the other one so ppl are given sufficient time to read thru another bloodily long post to make informed, correct decision coming saturday.



Sarawak should be independent like Singapore.
West Malaysia politic has no place in the land of the hornbill. Sarawakian must unite to stand on our own. I agree we should boycott this election.


now that you've mentioned it, i somehow think you're right too, that do sounds like him from 'somewhere'....
anyways, kenny, looking forward to reading the other interview...

p.s. and you should do it quick, tomorrow's election day already


Even i'm just 22 but i do concern bout politic problems sometimes,always heard of my father complaint bout these problems.Honestly,i dont really like BN,there's no poor man in BN,i think you guys got what i mean


I always wonder why SUPP leaders c an go on cheating the Sarawak chinese. I also wonder whether those, who are SUPP members and supporters, ever think about their children's future in Sarawak ro malaysia.

For many many years, the Chinese in Malaysia, including those in Sarawak, have been suffering marginalisation by the BN Federal and state governments by not being able to get higher education in local universities even they get extremely good results in Form 6.

Do these leaders and followers ask themselves WHY ?
I am sure the leaders, especially those in SUPP know why !

To the ordinary simple minded Chinese in Sarawak, their reason is that they are Chinese, also known as non-Bumiputra ! They always believe that the BN made class of Malaysians known as Bumis MUST have priority over the Chinese, or non-Bumis !

Who make this regulation ? This is not law. the Malaysian Constitution says all Malaysians are equal. It is the BN government, particularly UMNO, who wants to give their own kind better previledges ! That's why they created a higher class of Malaysians called BUMIPUTRA !

I am really surprised to vote that SUPP keeps saying they are fighting for th Chinese in sarawak. If they cannot fight for equal rights of the Chinese as Malaysians as in the Federal Constitution, what else can they do ?

Is the Federal Constitution not ranked SUPREME to any other laws or regulations in Malaysia ?

Why did sarawak join Malaya to from malaysia ? We wanted to be independent from the Bristish, and we wanted to be Malaysians with equal rights.

It seems that the Chinese in Sarawak has joined Malaysia and have their rights eroded. The chinese in Malaysia are treated worst in Malaysia than in other countries where they are not even citizens !

We malaysian Chinese in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain are treated equally as citizens in those countries even we are only Permanent Residents ! Better than we are treated in the country, malaysia, where we are citizens !

What logic is this ?

SUPP has been in BN government for more than 40 years, and have they ever raise this issue at all ? I don't so.

They are elected by the Chinese in Sarawak, and they are supposed to represent the sarawak Chinese. It does not seem that they are fighting for the sarawak Chinese at all !

Taib Mahmud has been in power for the last 27 years in Sarawak as CM and still is. In that period, he has governed Sarawak as if he is the Sultan. He takes any thing that he likes, notably timber, lands, contracts, businesses that the Government own, etc etc.

It is just like the Sultan of Brunei, he owns everything in Brunei. This is exactly what is happening in Sarawak.

Byut is Tiab Mahmud the Sultan of sarawak ?
No, he is elected by the people to serve the people.
Instead, he is serving himself and his family and his friends.

The irony is that SUPP leaders know all these are happening for donkey years, and they keep trying to protect Taib instead of the people. They are working for Taib Mahmud instead of working for the people.

Well a lot said. I do not think that people like george Chan, Peter Chin, Rovert lau, Wong Soon Koh, Alan Sim, Sim Kheng Hui, Alfred yap, etc etc who claim to represent the Chinese oin sarawak have any hearts for the Chinese in Sarawak at all.

I hope they can one day realise what they are doing. Otherwise when the Chinese in Sarawak realise what are their true faces, they will have nowhere to hide !

Their names will be remembered for many decades in history as the leaders who did not fight for the Chinese, but instead fight to erode teh rights of the Chinese in Sarawak as a class of Malaysians known as NON-BUMIs instead of MALAYSIAN CHINESE !

Good luck to the Sarwak Chinese if you continue to vote for SUPP.


KCH, pls vote DAP;
Stampin, pls vote PKR



You said got DAP interview???

Where is it??? Left 2 days to election adi!!!

You got too much ERECTION from Alan Sim's Money & forget about DAP adi?

Or did Alan Sim bring you to find china dolls till you lost your sense adi?


Alan sounds good,

Alan looks good,

but he is a BN candidate, thus will not be able to bring people voices into the parliment!

When CM says sit, Alan cant stand...

When CM says laugh, Alan cant cry...

When CM says Shut up, Alan cant speak...

CCJ dares to speak, want to speak, will speak for us in the parlimet.

The last 4 years has proven that he raised many issues in parliment.

Can anyone tell me, prove to me just one SUPP MPs raised any genuine issues that is concerning the wealthfare of Sarawakian in the parliment?


your not very smart, or venerable. please, shut the fark up.
your face makes me sick.


where is DAP's interview?? MR Sia, are you fooling us? are you bribed by Keris Man?


Kenny, u might as well post the interview with CCJ next CNY !!!!!!!!!!!

Election is 1 day away and u fool us!

or u can tell the truth that "someone" ordered u not to post it?

or u have taken some goodies from someone and betray your loyal fans here...?


Everyone Please watch Ngo Kar MIng's Speech and please spread to everyone


Watch all the videos


xx: I think Malaysia is a mafia-based country, there is no better formula. Unless somebody can tell me that there's a better formula. I think if you compare Malaysia with other mafia countries, it has done very, very, very well.

You think this is the better formula because you are scared of making a change, in the end, u still stick with the better formula that you think while DAP got a lot better formula.


By voting BN, we're basically opening the doors a lil bit wider for UMNO to come in and rape our beloved sarawak. The "Cow" eats Sarawakian grass but the milk goes to west malaysia. We Sarawakians get cow dung. you like? i don't!

good job kenny


Why censor the part "how most government projects were given to 'The Family' without an open tender."? So its true rite??



Alan seems not to be very strong in his political views... or maybe's he's just afraid in answering those sensitive issues which we all know it's definitely BN to blame!


It is such a sad situation i see happening here. So many pro-opposition voices out there, yet how many of us can physically be present to vote? More importantly, how many elligible youths actually registered and bother to go out and vote?


Alan: I think there are certain principles. As a team, you may be asked to toe certain party lines. But that doesn't mean that you personally agree with them. In terms of certain stance, you may take it outside the parliament and say you don't agree with this personally(why we bring him to parliament then?). Things like this better lah. Some things are uncalled for lah. For example, talking about ridiculing the ladies' period and all that. I don't know... "leak". *laughs* Nonsense lah. I think that one cannot be excused. That is my personal view.(Why we need him????????


Alan: I think there are certain principles. As a team, you may be asked to toe certain party lines. But that doesn't mean that you personally agree with them. In terms of certain stance, you may take it outside the parliament and say you don't agree with this personally(why we bring him to parliament then?). Things like this better lah. Some things are uncalled for lah. For example, talking about ridiculing the ladies' period and all that. I don't know... "leak". *laughs* Nonsense lah. I think that one cannot be excused. That is my personal view.(Why we need him????????


I'm from Kuching, seriously i dunno who shall i vote as well Alan Sim or Chong? Both have thier own personality. Either good or bad. but it doesn't matter as i'm not voting anywhere cos i was overseas.

No matter how both of the kuching election candicate did for this 12th Federal election everyone will have thier own opinion about them either bad or good. Both candicate have thier strenght and weakness.

So many topic to get involve in the election campaign. In Australia federal election , both coaliation and opposition party talking about how much $$ money to spend on this and that if they win the election. Global warming and bla bla bla..But look at MALAYSIA federal election, basically is talking about corruption, culture clash, hindraf & if someone did something wrong go and lodge police report. critise how bad is the leadears of the party? Personally for me is sound a bit silly and childish. MALAYSIA need to be more realistic about what and how to perform a good goverment. Malaysia is lucky enough compare to some of our neighbour country.

After reading all the comment through this blog for this article. everyone seem to have thier own opinion about BN & DAP. so do am i. If that the case i'm have an absolute suggestion, why don't either one of us become the next election candicate in future, this sound funny isn't? but it might be good idea as well. :)


good work.
at least i learn that u are interested
in politics too.........
joint me for other stories......




You forget TOmorrow 8 MARCH 2008!!! ELECTION DAY!

Where is the DAP Interview???

How much is your character? How much did BN pay you to not post the DAP stuff??

Or they send a mongolian girls for you!!


hmm... that guys dont really know what the public wants, how can he represent the public, it has never been how much subsidy is the government giving for petrol, its about buying power. If people are doing well, making enough money noone will care whether the government is cutting the subsidy or not.
he argues that government is coping with inflation well, in some extense i agree but its through subsidy, if msia run out of petrol one day, you think the government will be able to subsidize all these?? then inflation will go uncontrolled and if the earning and buying power of people are not improved, and inflation goes out of hand, things will be getting really bad for malaysians,
Malaysia economic is doing erm not bad?? Please man he is educated man, is his eyes blind or wat? i agree we should not compare with country like china and india with such explosive growth, but what about singapore why are they doing so well? what is that they have that we dont have? we have petrol, land, timber, larger population etc.. and i guess we hav one thing more that make us lose to them.. our beloved BN leaders.. lol


The fact is, even agreed by Alan to some degree, if you vote him, he will appeal to Big Boss at the Feds and if necessary plead for you. Ultimately if Big Boss and minions says 'No', Alan can't do a damn thing about it.

So, Sarawakians, you have been taking 'No' for answer all the time, why not say, 'Fark You BN and give them the finger', I live in an Opposition area all my life and our area have been growing and expanding through our efforts without a single help from BN, ehem I meant the past ruling Regime, nvm the they will find every possible way to beat us down but we'll find a way to counter their blow, any way, any how.

Vote the previous regime and you will LOSE your Voice/Right of Dissent no matter what race, religion or colour you are, it's as simple as that.


After reading both side of Alan and Chong's interview, I would say that Chong's interview link better with me. Sad to say that because I'm overseas, I can't vote using post. It is so different from here in Australia whereby you can vote by post anywhere regardless if you're not government servant or armed forces or police. I have to agree with one of the comments by the reader that the government are afraid that the votes might swing to the opposition.
I have something to say about security in Kuching. My wife was working near RH Plaza and she was robbed in broad daylight. When she made police report, the police says that they know that the place was a 'black spot' with lots of snatch reports. And no action was taken by them!! Can you imagine that!! Security? What security in Kuching nowadays?


The CM's corruption is so famous even school kids and little children also know...i can say that 99percent of the students in my school are potential DAP voters...and they are aware that they will need to vote for the right party when they are of age. When the time comes, the youth will eventually lead to the downfall of BN....The time will come, i can tell u. The young people know what is going on..


to mr alan, unfortunately for u, u are being used as george chan's scapegoat of shame and i predict that u will lose by a 80% majority.

kudos kenny


Haha, what a joke. I'm just browsing through the web and saw this. Now i know how "good" the mysia govt is... and air all their dirty linen for all to c..


Sorry, Alan , you're second best. I voted somebody else today.


haha! bandar kuching won by DAP! Bye BN!


Bye bye Alan. You lose b'cos you join the wrong party. you have better chance if you join PKR.


Kenny on Channelnewsasia? U know? U know? Wahaha


HAHA. ALAN sucks. BN pui. Chong Chien Jen is the best man for Kuching, even for Sarawak. Sarawak don't need Malaysia because malaysia is taking all the resources to fund their stupid male gay model astronauts to space and they have no qualms about the poverty of aborigins and people in Sarawak. I spit on you Pak lah, you make me sick


Why do you Sarawakians speak as if you have any part to do in the "political tsunami" which forces BN leaders to piss in their pants last night?

No, you Sarawak idiots have nothing to do with this wind of change. The wind you're blowing is the same wind blowing in the 60s, as weak and as insignificant. As reflected in the election results, you people DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING. So stop congratulating yourself.

Clearly the result show a different mentality between Malaya people and their jungle counterparts, which is Sarawak. The Penangites dare to be different. Sarawakians, in the acute sense of complacency, wish to remain kuli to the Federal bosses. Stop talking now and prepare tributes to the likes of Khairy Jamaluddin and Keris-man Hishamuddin.

::: OO7 :::


Wow... Kenny...you were on Singapore's Channel News Asia! You're really making it BIG, aren't you? Who would have thought you could actually be a CELEBRITY doing what you do for the past couple of years.

You're one heck of a guy. Sarawak's proud of you! I hope you go mainstream soon!


Before anybody points their finger(s) at Sarawakians, I suggest that he/she better do his/her homework. Except for Sabah, there was no clean sweep by any State BN in Par-seats although Sarawak retained their only ONE seat by the OPP-DAP from ZERO five terms ago. Nevertheless, there is progress for OPP with Voon gaining a firmer foothold by increasing his votes and narrowing down his majority-lost while DAP Sarikei seat is only 51 votes short of winning. If these couple of OPP candidates keep their consistency and persistency, I believe increasing PAR-seats for OPP is in the pipeline in the next PAR-election. It is this improvement that we are shouting about coupled with the fact that the BIG WIN by the W Msian 5 states as a motivational phenomenon to awake sleeping Sarawakians. PKR is more or less creating their awareness in Sarawak recently as far as PAR-election is concerned for them here. For those who are not Sarawakians in this blog, it's easier said than done... West Msian OPP parties like DAP and PKR have only been in Sarawak a few terms ago... so they need a bit of time to cover the vast-almost-inaccessible rural areas of Sarawak which are unfortunately and inadequately serviced by BN because there is just almost nobody else from OPP. While PKR saw a few Sarawak ethnic candidates, DAP is expected and encouraged to follow suit to make things happen like in W Msia. FYI, ethnic groups in Sarawak accounted for about half the its population.

Remember... that Sarawak did made a change during the last State Election in 2006. OPP gained 6 seats from 1 only in the 2002 state election. And it has always been ONLY ONE PAR SEAT before then. Though this might be nothing compared to the recent Wind of Change in W Msia esp Penang... Do remember again that Sarawak was dominated by BN before this new millennium.

My voice here and my task hereafter is to assist OPP... 1. register new voters 2. social development for rural folks 3. literal farming assistance 4. mental awareness of current political development 5. Offering OPP solutions to rural problems 6. Conveying OPP alternatives to unsolved problems

So in conclusion... as voters and perhaps even as supporters, what is the point of quarrelling... do whatever is supposed to be done... educate rural folks about the current happening... develop them mentally for the coming Sarawak State Election likely to be in 2010...

We need you all as ONE PEOPLE... ONE SINGLE SOLID SUPPORT... to form a FORCE to CHANGE like PENANG... GOD knows it's going to... AND DEFINITELY


Sorry... 2nd paragraph... 3rd line of my previous post should read "STATE SEAT" and NOT "PAR SEAT"


Hi Justice,

I fully support you. Let us all do the same as what Justice is going to do. This helps.


the alansim.net website is no longer there ... ... =.="

this is BN ...


Looking through your main problems, I agree that we ought to all receive much more proper care of our-self.

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