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Friday, 07 March 2008

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Interview With Chong Chieng Jen, DAP Candidate For Bandar Kuching

Disclaimer: kennysia.com is politically neutral and does not endorse any political party.

There's been a growing support for DAP in Kuching in recent years.

If the results of the 2006 State Elections was any indication, there is a silent dissent across majority of the public. Speak to any Chinese resident off the streets, and few have very nice words to say about the ruling government.

Over here, the Chief Minister is not exactly the most popular person, and there are good reasons for that.

No doubt, he is the most powerful person in Sarawak bar none. Known colloquially as "Pek Mo" or "White-Haired", Taib has ruled Sarawak for a staggering 26 years. He is so wealthy that his personal fortune has become one of mythical proportions. No one knows for sure how rich he is. Some say he is richer than the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Others note that he has in his possession a US$2 million grand piano purchased from Liberace and drives around in a Rolls-Royce.

Because of his power and influence, very few people dare to speak up against the CM.

But DAP's Chong Chieng Jen is one of those few who dare.

In state assemblies, Chong is notoriously known as the "budak nakal" (naughty boy) - a nickname given to him by his rivals. Chong is known for his insistence at throwing difficult questions at the government, as well as his stubborn refusal to take no for an answer. Because of that, the BN hates Chong, the moderators hate Chong, and yet his supporters love him to death.

Chong is an fantastic public speaker and possibly one of the best we have in Kuching. He is loud, he is funny, he is extremely sarcastic.

Recently, I attended the ceramahs organised by both BN and DAP. One thing I noticed with interest that while BN ceramahs were more well-organized with good lighting, plastic chairs, shelter and food provided for the audience, most of the time their ceramahs were only attended by not more than a hundred people.

On the other hand, the DAP ceramahs which has no chairs and shelters were attended by the thousands. Many of them stood under heavy rain, holding onto umbrellas willingly just to listen to this man, Chong Chieng Jen, speak.

The people who attended the DAP ceramahs always get what they come for. Government inefficiencies are exposed and thrown out in the open. The inability of SUPP to speak up against UMNO and PBB were re-enacted with a massive dose of sarcasm. The audience are always entertained, laughing and clapping along the way.

When addressing his rivals, Chong would attack them with unforgivingly caustic remarks, followed up by a trademark smirk that seems to say, "Haha! I got you now, suckersssss!"

It's not hard to see why BN love to hate him. Not only is he good at getting under the skin of BN, he also enjoys watching them get riled up. And for the Opposition, there's nothing more satisfying than watching high and mighty BN leaders lose their composure and make a fool out of themselves.

Chong and his supporters laughing at Deputy CM George Chan

I caught up with Chong Chieng Jen last Sunday, right after he filed police report on alleged vote-buying by the BN camp.

I'm not sure what happened to the outcome of the police report, but below is the transcript of our interview.

Kenny: So tell us, what's a typical day of campaigning like for the DAP?

Chong: In the mornings, we walk around distributing posters. We come back noon time for a press conference, answering part of the issues brought up by the other side and also putting forth our arguments and policies on certain issues. After the press conference, we go around to visit the voters again until 5pm, then we go back to prepare our speeches for the ceramahs. And after the ceramahs, it's around 11.30pm already.

Kenny: It's only temporary lah during the campaigning period. But this time round you got a 13-day campaign period.

Chong: Yeah, it's a bit long!

Kenny: Do you think it's better for you?

Chong: It's hard to say. One factor that is clear, is that the longer the campaigning period is, the more money we have to spend. Work is more taxing on both parties.

Kenny: Are you able to get a lot of money raised for this campaign?

Chong: We have our sympathizers and our donors. If there is any shortfall, we come out with our own money lah.

Kenny: You are the incumbent for Bandar Kuching. How difficult is it, being the only Opposition MP from Sarawak in parliament? Do you feel powerless sometimes?

Chong: Not exactly powerless, but you feel that the responsibility is heavy. There are a lot of issues people would like you to bring forward, especially when it comes to certain government policies. When all the other Sarawak MPs are from BN, they don't really dare to speak up against some of these government policies. So you feel that you are obliged to. And the time to speak in parliament sometimes is quite little. Imagine 100+ of us fighting for a slot of time to speak.

Chong: But well, just for the record, I have brought many issues to parliament. The time length that I've spoken in parliament is much more than all the 6 SUPP MPs add up together! *laughs*

Kenny: I've actually been to the state assembly before, and I saw the way you speak. You are very good at getting under their skin! I think you got your nickname of "budak nakal", isn't it? Do you take it as a compliment?

Chong: I think so. I'm not in there to please them or make them happy. I'm in there to piss them off!

DAP candidate Voon Lee Shan filing a police report after receiving threats from gangsters during the ceramah

Kenny: I noticed that the DAP always like to move motions to cut minister salaries by RM10. Have you guys EVER actually been able to get it through?

Chong: No, no, never! It would be a slap on the face of the prime minister if any of the minister salaries get cut. Even in the British parliament, I don't think there's any record of Opposition motion getting through, because that would be really against the government.

Kenny: Are they really that poor they can't even spare RM10?

Chong: No, no! It's more of a "face" thing. It's more symbolic.

Kenny: I'll give you a chance to respond to some of the "allegations" made by your rivals. But before that, I want to ask you, do you think the current government is corrupted?

Chong: *laughs* I think that is an understatement! They are VERY corrupted!

Kenny: Both state and federal?

Chong: Both are very corrupted.

Kenny: If you have reasons to believe that the government is corrupted, why didn't you go through the proper channels such as the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA)?

Chong: The ACA is just a toothless tiger. Toothless tiger in the sense that when it comes to top-level politicians, they are unable to do anything. That's number one. Number two, once you lodge a formal report with ACA, you cannot bring up the issue again. You cannot talk about the issue anymore after you made a formal report. And our duty here is not only to make a report, we have a duty also to expose this thing to the public and create the awareness. That is more important. Because ultimately I believe, to change the country, to battle corruption, the people's awareness must be there.

Chong: So if I lodge a police report, and the police do nothing; or if I lodge a report to ACA, the ACA sits on it, that's the end of the matter. I can't even raise it in parliament, I can't raise it in DUN, I can't raise it outside. So then the issue will just cross. Just like what happened to See Chee How of PKR. They go and lodge a police report and with ACA, they go and get themselves sued by the Chief Minister, and now you cannot talk about the Japan Times logging issue anymore.

Kenny: So the ACA, in your opinion, is ineffective?

Chong: It's a toothless tiger. It's ineffective.

Kenny: Just put it up there to say "hey we're doing something about it", but not really working?

Chong: That's right.

Kenny: What is your take on Barisan Nasional saying that DAP only knows how to talk, but don't really have solutions to problems?

Chong: No, we have solutions. We have solutions to everything that we talked about. Like for example, security issue. We suggested the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) that has been proven to be very effective in Australia. We have been barking on this issue, pushing the government to set it up. But what's lacking is the political will by Pak Lah.

Chong: Another issue is CMS having all the government contracts to themselves. Our solution is have a public tender. Well? That is our solution to a more equitable distribution of wealth. That is not adopted. So what do you mean?

Chong: If you go down to more specific cases, such as drain blockage and rubbish not being collected. Alright, so we go and complain to the relevant authorities, ask them to do their job. Likewise, even the politicians at SUPP, they don't go and collect the rubbish themselves, they don't go and clean the drain! They also ordered the relevant people to do it! Our job is to raise these issues and get it done. The person to get it done are the civil servants. So these are just empty accusations.

Kenny: Do you feel that the local media is still being unfair towards the Opposition?

Chong: The Chinese media is quite alright. Of course, there is a certain degree of unfairness. Things said by [SUPP chairman] George Chan will always appear in the front page. So, we have learnt to live with that. But at least our news get carried out. The censorship is not so much. Only when it touches the Chief Minister, then the censorship will come in.

Kenny: It is difficult isn't it?

Chong: Yeah, all the newspapers are owned by SUPP tycoons.

Kenny: Regarding the rising cost of living, do you think we have not been doing enough to control it?

Chong: I think the government is not only not doing enough to control it, they are aggravating it. There are a lot of policies such as increasing electricity tariff, introducing mandatory testing for commercial vehicles twice every year by Puspakom, and last year Puspakom announced an increase in testing fee by 30%. That all add up to the cost of operation. And the corruption by the police, by the JPJ, those are hidden costs to operate business. Ultimately, these hidden costs will translate into the prices of consumer goods. Another one would be Bernas. The import of rice is controlled solely by Bernas, and they are making a profit. At the end of the day, we are eating rice of a lower quality but at a higher price.

Kenny: From past experiences, do you think when the government knows that the public know all these issues, they buck up?

Chong: Yeah it's highly effective especially when it comes to election time. Like for petrol and diesel prices, that is a clear example of how the voice of dissent of the people is heard by the relevant authority. Since we won the 2006 state elections, the petrol prices have not gone up, the diesel prices have not gone up, despite the fact that international crude oil prices have gone up by 50% since 2006. So that is the voice of dissent of the people, and I think it's effective.

Kenny: What is your take on BN's statement that "only the BN government can bring development, stability and progress to the country"?

Chong: *laughs* That's rubbish! Ok, the development in a country is brought about by the public sector and private sector. They complement each other. In Kuching, especially in the city area, development will be carried out REGARDLESS of who is the sitting MP in the area. The most developed place in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, and we have so many DAP MPs there. The least developed area is Ulu Kapit or Baram, and all the time Barisan Nasional has won the elections in those areas. Likewise in Kuching, and Kuching is developing at such a fast pace that I don't think the government policies are catching up with it. Well, Kuching is under DAP. After I won the Kuching seat in 2004, we had Swinburne University, RM60million project. We had The Spring coming up, a private sector development. We had Boulevard coming up. We have another 4-star hotel coming up in Bukit Mata Kucing. All those are huge projects, involving tens of millions. So, the thing they said about development is zero. Rubbish. And today, I put up the banner already saying that under the 9th Malaysia Plan, the development fund for Kuching is RM300 over million.

Kenny: Moving on to issues affecting the whole country. I guess one of the concerns that many young voters are having, is when do you think this New Economic Policy is going to end?

Chong: It'll never end. It will never end. It's N. E. P. - Never Ending Policy. I have spoken that in parliament. The reason is that the NEP has become a tool for those in power to enrich themselves, at the expense of the general public. And those in power are the ones who determine whether NEP will stay or not. So the vicious cycle will go on and on and on and on. Well, unless there is a very drastic revolution in our country. Otherwise as it goes, it will never end.

Kenny: By "revolution", I hope you don't mean bloodshed or whatever!

Chong: Yeah I hope revolution is not bloodshed as well. There are Malays who are very poor. Ultimately, the top figures, the ones who impoverish the general Malays will point fingers at other races.

Kenny: The interesting thing is that the other component parties within the BN do know that people do not like it. But I don't think they want to say anything.

Chong: The thing is that, they are bound by their party 'whip'. They are bound by the BN 'whip'. They cannot speak against the NEP. That's it. Full stop. Regardless however outspoken you are. Like there's one, Zaid Ibrahim of Kota Bharu, he did speak against NEP. He didn't get disciplined, but I don't think he's making any progress either. *laughs* All the UMNO people don't like him.

Kenny: Let's talk a bit about education, in particular, Chinese education. I am a graduate of Chung Hua Middle School No. 1. What do you feel about Chinese independent schools certificates still not being recognised by local universities?

Chong: That is one of the biggest irony. I read in the papers that this George Chan is trying to get three overseas universities to recognise independent school certificates. What? You are the government. Why don't you get your OWN universities to recognise it first before you go overseas? The discrimination is just there. And SUPP is powerless, powerless to change it. Now that the standard of Chinese independent schools is worldwide recognised, it is time that the government of Malaysia should take note of that effect, and give recognition to Chinese independent school certificates.

Kenny: Do you think Malaysia is an Islamic state or a secular state?

Chong: By constitution, we are a secular state. That is the constitution. It was only Mahathir who is the only PM to say that we are an Islamic state. So far I think we are still a secular state, although we are moving towards Islamization of Malaysia.

Kenny: You don't think it's something that non-Muslims should be afraid?

Chong: We should be aware of. We should raise our objections, and send a very clear message to the government that we do not want an Islamic state in Malaysia. Things like that, when Mahathir said that we are an Islamic state, the Chinese component parties will try to justify it, saying that we are a moderate Islamic state, not an extreme Islamic state. But by doing so you are already conceding to the status of our country. Before Mahathir made that statement, it was a well-accepted position that our country is a secular state. In a secular state, all other religion would have been respected. If you accept the fact that we are an Islamic state, then it is only a degree of Islamic state that you are arguing now. So the argument will be, in an Islamic state, which law should take supreme? The Syariah or the Constitution? All the while that is not an issue.

Chong: The Chinese component parties in Barisan Nasional, when Mahathir made such an unconstitutional statement, they should stand up for the right of the non-Muslims. But instead they concede to it and try to convince the non-Muslims that we are an Islamic state, just that we are moderate lah! How moderate are we, or how extreme are we, that is a spectrum. Then slowly, it will be moving towards an Islamic state. So we should not concede to the statement that we are an Islamic state.

Kenny: What are some of the things that you will do if we elect you into the parliament?

Chong: I will continue to do what I have been doing. All the unfairness, all the issues of the people. In my pamphlets, I did mention certain examples. During the sugar shortage problem in Kuching, I raised the problem and what happened is that they send sugar in on a navy vessel for us to solve the problem. Another one is 1st Silicon [a silicon wafer foundry invested by the state government]. I mentioned in 2004 that this is a drain on our state coffer. About 2.5 billion ringgit has been lost. So I talked about it in parliament in mid-2005. In 2006, the government cut the loss and sold it off to a foreign company. Things like that. We go along on this policy. That is a form of pressure on the ruling government to do their job properly. That is our role as opposition. Of course, individual cases like writing letters to help people make applications, those we have been doing that all year round.

Kenny: Lastly, why should we vote for you and the DAP in general?

Chong: To strike a balance, especially in parliament. The parliament is the top-level policy making institution in the country. If there is an imbalance of power between the opposition and the ruling party, then the outcome of it will be very unfair. So there are a lot of issues of corruption, nepotism - all these about state government ministers and officers. Those issues will never been brought up in parliament [if not for the DAP]. If an SUPP member is elected, he will never bring it up in parliament also. It is only through DAP that we will bring up these issues, and by bringing up these issues, we can have hope that these issues will be addressed.

Chong: One example. The Chief Minister has decided not to stand as a candidate for parliament. Can it be because of his health problems? Or is it because I have, on many occasion in parliament, directly accused him of... *laughs* I have urged the ACA to investigate. I have brought up the issue of his wife owning 37 million shares in CMS. I have brought up the issue of his son being the majority shareholder of Titanium Management Sdn Bhd, which was awarded a government contract consisting 300 over bridges in one contract like that. Maybe it's because of these issues that I brought up that he didn't get the approval of the Prime Minister to stand as an MP? As a compromise, his son decided to stand? So this is how we prevent the injustices from happening.

Kenny: Thanks for that. I always enjoy hearing you speak, and I think you are one of the best public speakers in Kuching. All the best in the elections.

After two interviews with two candidates from both sides of the political divide, kennysia.com wraps up this 2008 Malaysian election coverage. This sure has taken me hell lot of time to do, I sure hope that my effort has given people a better idea on who to vote for this 8 March.

Check your polling stations. And remember, vote smart.



it's such a great interview... chong is the man for sarawak!


power is my mistress - napoleon
i have power i must have mistress - guess who?


Good interview with Chong.

This is what we call a leader. Bold answers, honest and straight to the point. Unlike his counterpart, whose answers most of the time are beating around the bush.

He certainly did his homework and understands the problems face by citizens. He have all the plans in his mind on how to develop Kuching and approach citizens concerns.

I hope he mentioned his plans in his ceramah which most of the time DAP candidates fail to do so in their ceramah (they always criticise BN).

Wish him good luck on Saturday! Go DAP!!


I guess without all this campaigning, advertising, and promotiom, we already had a clear idea in our mind which candidate to vote for this coming general election.


I'm not Msian, but after reading both interviews, i must say that DAP's rep is more forthcoming with his answers.

Maybe that's cuz he's e opposition but its very obvious that there's a lot more substance behind Chong's answers than that of Sim's.

If I were a Msian voter, DAP would surely get my vote. These are the kind of people who will truly bring about change and not just spout memorised texts from their mouths.

Kudos to Chong!


chong I support u man!


WE must support him!


Chong is the most ideal person to vote for in Kuching area. Guys, give ur votes to him!


After reading both interviews, I support DAP all the way! Chong really understands what the people really need and is definitely more convincing. Unlike the Sim who was just plainly unprofessional in his answers.

The verdict is way too clear man, so obvious!


Great post, thanks for the interviews done for both candidates. may the best person win.


Professional, brave and ready to speak his mind. That's how a good politician for the people should be.


Malaysia needs more speakers like him.

Speak up, let the voice of the opposition be heard loud and clear.

It's not only pouring your love for your people, but also your love for the country. Think about it,Chong could have just packed up and leave for another country where somehow he sees more opportunities than our local scene. But he didn't.

That's the power of education. And also the power of love.

He did it for the bigger picture, a picture that only could be seen by people who are critical, analytical and passionate.

It's about time to cease this corruption, start making Malaysia a better country.

We have to stop the slogan of Malaysia as "First world facilities, 3rd world mentality."

Last but not least, thanks Kenny Sia. Proud of your great effort to post this up, was almost worried that you wouldn't.

For the current ruling party supporters, before you leave any comment here, make sure you think before you post, no 3rd world mentality yeah?

May God bless this country.


Come on Sarawakian expecially Kuching's Voters...support DAP~!!!



i want to move to bandar kuching so i can vote for this guy.


He is a great speaker and his words reflect what's happening in Malaysia nowadays...All the way DAP though Alan is good as well but can't do much coz there is regulation


Chong's actually hit the nail on the head when it comes to economic woes - the government's policies have unnecessarily aggravated inflation. I'm not the biggest fan of the DAP around, but what can I say - they actually have a pretty good policy outline when it comes to the economy, one that is infinitely better than BN's puny manifesto:



i love u chooong


He check his fact right and very transparent on his policy.He got my vote!


Thanks for the time & effort ,Kenny!People, pls vote smart, the only time to show the BN fools, who're the BOSS, we, the PEOPLE!


we should all vote for Chong and other opposition candidates in your area too! let's show Badawi who is the boss!!


To Kenny,

of all the post that you have done for the past 3 years; in my opinion this is the best 2 part series blogs that I have read. Not to mention the vast amounts of comments that you have attracted with it.

Your work on this slightly veers off a little but a neutral overall layout effort. Thank you for shedding more light on this situation and it is my hope that people will heed the urgency and vote accordingly. Once again, a job well done.

(For Mr.Chong Chieng Jen,

I have heard of your exploits and I am from overseas in the States. Your brash style and quick wits are your strong points. Keep up and all the best in your endeavours.)

Regards, Fido Dido...husband of sprite but the slave of coke.....


Thanks kenny for your hell of time you spent to make malaysian know to whom they should vote! Yeah! By the way, KENNY! I think you should compete in the next election! Our future is in your hand! HAHAHA!


Good coverage~! Thanks for all your effort Kenny! Really appreciate that.


SUPP needs a sepll chekcer...

(picture of The Results Speaks For Itself)


on the 8/03/08 let the ROCKETS IN SARAWAK SHOOT UP. GO GO DAP


DAP, thanks for being courages and the relentless efforts fighting for our people.

You guys are true heroes :)


This is the kind of quality MP we all Malaysian need in the Parliament, not those who just talk about nonsense, e.g., 'leakage in women' or 'if you can't fight rape, just lay down and enjoy it.'







Although I have criticized you many times before in your comments box, I must commend you for your 2 recent postings on the election.

You have handled both postings in a manner that is fair and even-handed to both the government and the opposition. You have brought up the issues without resorting to hysterics, as is commonly done by many bloggers nowadays.

With your wide readership, I suspect that you have done more than a bit to raise political awareness amongst Malaysian youth.

Kudos, Kenny. You are really growing as a blogger.


hey kenny, thanks for both the coverage, i know u faced a lot of critics n so on, cos u know, it's politic and everyone easily piss off, but i know there are more ppl that appreciate your effort like i do, U can't please everybody, u've done more than a normal kuchingite can do n i appreciate it very much. Thank you!


PSD: It’s only for those whose family income is RM1,500 and below

PETALING JAYA: Students who obtain 10 1As in the 2007 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and whose family income does not exceed RM1,500 a month will be automatically given a Public Service Department (PSD) scholarship.

However, they will still need to fulfil the criteria for the Overseas Scholarship Programme, as well as undergo the interview process, said a statement by PSD yesterday.

The Government has also increased the number of scholarships for the Overseas Programme by 200 for this year's intake.

Applications for the 2,000 scholarships available can only be made online at www.jpa.gov.my (for free) as soon as students receive their SPM results on Wednesday.

Details on the necessary qualifications and criteria for the scholarships will be available at the website beginning Sunday,

The public can also call 03-8885 3412 starting Monday, or attend the PSD “Together With Customers” programme every last Friday of the month at the lobby of Block C2, Putrajaya Administrative Centre, from 8am to 12pm, for more information.

PSD also reminded candidates that academic performance is not a guarantee of getting a scholarship, as other factors like co-curricular involvement, interview performance and socio-economic background are also taken into consideration.

Candidates are advised to choose courses that suit their SPM qualifications, and to accept the countries they are sent to further their studies.

Those applying for medicine will also have to undergo the “Exposure to a Doctor's Career” programme in selected government hospitals from March 24 to 28.

They forgot to add, bumiputra's do not need 10A1, only 1A1 enough already... Sickening... Cheaters, Liars...


Tommorrow i'll vote for you Chong...


so fired up reading this post.

so wish chong will win. stupid pek mo and family can eat shit.

even ACA and EC canot be independent bodies, this govt had gone to the dogs 20+ years ago. police still can understand why. bishhh...


kenny, as an influential blogger, please do advise all your readers to not be emotional on polling day and after the polling results are out. If the oppositions do win a lot of seats this time, no guarantees that another 'incident' of may 13 wont happen again. Do advise them to stay home if possible and keep the celebrations low.


Great interviews Kenny! Your interviews are better than all those interviews from news outlet.


Hey, you guys heard this joke already??? Got it from SMS. I must be the last person on earth to have received this.

Taib & Son in helicopter.
Looking down at Kuching city, Taib said 'if I throw 2 RM100 notes down, 2 people r going 2 b happy'.
The son said 'if i throw 200 RM1 notes, 200 ppl wil b happy'.

Pilot heard & said 'if i throw both of u down, 2.5 million Sarawakians wil b happy.

Ha ha~


I've heard this a lot of time


It is very true. We must have more oppositions in the parliament to balance the strike!

Vote for DAP !!


tuj: In this day and age, if opposition wins a lot of seats, everyone will go home and blog about it!!

But if opposition fails to win a lot of seats due to cheating, you can be sure I will be amongst the first to go out and assert my right to participate in a democratically-approved march of peace and protest.


Thanks for the post. If I could vote*, I think I will be voting for the man of action vs. the political wimp.

* I am currently being denied my voting rights as I am working abroad - I call the embassy, and apparently only students or military personnel are eligible to vote abroad.


Hi Kenny,

Well, I'm from Singapore so I'm not gonna be voting for the upcoming Malaysian elections. But as a Political Science graduate, I must say that these two interviews have high study value for political scientists and I believe it'll give the electorate an insight to the election, and hopefully to be wiser in the discernment of the candidates before casting their votes.

So, thanks for the efforts put in preparing for these entries, they're very enriching.

May the best man win :)


Raja Petra Kenny Sia!!!!

Man, these people seriously know the power of the unemployed 10,000 bloggers.

Bravo Kenny!!!

Empowering Youth


it is rather clear that the DAP candidate, though having the benefits of being the opposition, has the substance to carr the voices of kuching ppl.

and he got it right when he said, development will come to kch regardless DAP or BN carry the city. Time to give some resentment to the WHITE HAIRED HUNGRY MONSTER


Meh, we should also vote to ANY party (be it DAP, PKR, PAS and so on..) that against BN ...


Alan sim should join DAP in order to stand a chance, George Chan & PEk Mo are killing him off....



Check him out.Watch all his speech.

This guy is ten times better than Chong.

He's from DAP too.

Remember his name Nga Kor Ming of Perak

He may be the next Pain in the Ass for BN


If only I can vote for this coming election. I want to vote.. I WANT TO VOTE !!


Thanks Kenny for the post. I'm sure most of us know who to vote this time :)


Thanks KENNY.COM for your great effort!!!!

CHONG.....you are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi DAP perak, do you know that there are a lot of powerful opposition candidate that's being transfered to northen region? 1 of the lady sarawak DAP(forgotten the name) is there too. Kudos to you for having powerful leader, but we are voting for kuching!!


Wah Ksia, ur writing so biased la.

As a gesture of protest, WE WILL ALL VOTE FOR DAP!


I am so gonna get myself registered as a voter and vote for DAP/PKR in the next election.


I rest my case. The verdict is clear. Chong beats Alan by a mile.

Voters in Bandar Kuching should continue to vote him into Parliament so that he can be the voice of the people - not just Kuching or Sarawak but for the whole of Malaysia. God bless and protect Chong for his good work!


As i have expected. good answers! straight forward! forthright! if the country has more of Chong then Malaysia still have hope.

Voters out there! exercise your rights! Let your voices be heard! Dont stay at home and complaint in kopitiam! Go out and Do Something tomolo! Vote wisely! You should know who to vote by this two interviews!

Thanks Kenny. Keep it up!


this morning, the webmaster of alansim.net has TOTALLY TAKEN OFF THE "POST A COMMENT" PART. which i personally think is a super bad idea, this proves they are not democratic enuf, and refuse to hear voices from the people, they dun wan us to give out comments, they like to live in their own cubical....really disappointed at this act...


Very impressive!

I do hope that all DAP candidates are like Chong. I am not from Kuching and will not have the chance to vote for Chong. I do hope that DAP candidate in my area is half as impressive as Chong.

Kudos to Kuching for having someone like Chong.


Definitely Voting for DAP.

We are being bullied for over 45 years. Pek Mo, correction, Pek Hia needs to be taught a lesson.

Deny BN 2/3 majority.

Go DAP!!!


Great interview with DAP you have here. Like they say, BN's chairs, foods, drinks, shelter cannot even bring in the crowd compare with shoddy-sit-on-grass, buy-ur-own-drinks and rain-or-shine set up.

Hopefully, all these can convert into votes and not just pictures...


Taib & son in helicopter.

Looking down at Kuching city,

Taib said "if I throw 2 RM100 notes down, 2 people are going to be happy.

The son said "if I throw 200 RM1 notes down, 200 people are going to be happy.

Pilot heard and said "if I throw both of you down, 2.5 millions people are going to be very happy happy.


If I'm gonna vote for BN, i'm blind. DAP will win, definitely.


VErdict so damn clear. DAP way to go!

Kenny sia blog had helped a lot of young voters to decide. and looking at all the comments. if it is fair and square fight. BN alan is finished tomolo. but only worry is what sort of dirty tactics BN will be using tomolo. Maybe no electrictiy again or maybe election boxes accidentally fall into drain.


Why only DAP, where is the rest of opposition party?


Those kia su BN jerks are buying poster voter. RM30 for Stampin (guess they are confidence), RM60 for Kuching. Just go to check out with the MBKS polling officers...

Never had a clean fight, i do pray there will be a landslide victory for DAP. That Dr. Yong had also sit on that fcuking seat for too long already, its time to kick him out....


There is a Musang Armani in sabah. In sarawak, you guys have Taik Putih. Both are like the late Marcos of philippine. You guys are just as screwed as the rest of bodohlanders. We are indeed one happy bodoh family!


Go DAP! Bring it on! Although I'm not from Kuching. but still I want DAP to win. Piss BN off! *cheers*


'People should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people'
- from V For Vendetta

Exercise your right. Vote for change.


I'm generally a silent reader in your blog (and have been for a long long time) but this time I really want to commend you on your effort.

It's really tiring reading all the other biased blogs that get distributed that do all sorts of bashing and then tell us to "vote wisely".

Thanks for this contribution and for many many past ones! May there be many many MANY more!



Go DAP!!! Don't dissapoint us the rakyat!!! Deny BN 2/3!!!


Enlightening. Kudos Kenny...

To fellow Malaysians out there, please vote for the Opposition. In order to secure a better future for ourselves, it's compulsory to restore the balance of power in the parliament. We mustn't allow BN's "politics of fear" to cripple of our sense of judgement. The present BN folks are clearly unable to address the injusticeness that has been plaguing us for as long as we can remember. Stand up against these bullies and let the people's voice be heard loud and clear!

And a message to BN,

This is the beginning of a long road ahead. You've failed us on numerous occasions and the people shall vote you out. May God have mercy on you...


Ah JIn ALL THE WAY!!!! *applauding his courageous fight for the people* I think he really makes Dr Chan look like a joke! which is why everyone loves AH JIN!




Excellent stuff dude! This Chong fellow is really good - good enough to debate in US elections.

Now comes crunch time - by the way BN won all 28 seats in Sarawak and 17 of 21 seats in Sabah which is 25% of BN's seats in parliament. Please please please East Malaysians, don't let this happen again!


go Chong...you will owez b the 1st choice of Kuching voters as you bring development and stop the silicon project that is losing all the people hard earned money....i wil support BA for Barisan Alternative bt not Bribery Nation as the weighin scale is not equally weight..BN is jz dividin the races n make malay hate other races...


Vote DAP.


Sin Chew Daily reported 7-March-08(pg JO-03)that Johor Education Dept officials visited Chinese SRJKs to deliver its ultimatum to the schools to terminate the services of their temporary teachers who are employed by the boards of directors or the PTAs WITHIN 24 HOURS.

The temp teachers are there because the Johor Education Dept could not solve the schools' problem of the shortage of teachers.

What are the MCA and Gerakan "guardians of the Malaysian Chinese" doing about this?


I think another multi-racial coalition ala-BN needs to be formed if we're ever going to effectively form a democracy. Opposition parties that are primarily race-based ultimately aren't going to do any good. So sure, vote DAP, but tell DAP to gang up with other races too.

By the way, kudos Kenny for the great, (largely) unbiased last two postings. Keep it up, and don't quit writing about politics just because people say you're biased.


Tomorrow is polling day.

Gandhi once said, "the spirit of democracy cannot be imposed from without. It has to come from within".

Malaysia is far from perfect but it is our home; tanah tumpahnya darah kita. Many of us are disillusioned but it is my earnest conviction that deep inside, everyone harbours a hope for a better future of a nation united.

Do our part. Put our apathy and cynicism aside, even if it is for a day.

Vote. Malaysia needs us.


To our Beloved Chief Minister,

You are the best! The best in accumulating wealth & power for yourself, your family & relatives!

You stole from the people. You are worst than any criminals that has been put behind bars. why are you so greedy? Why dont you be fair and give opportunities to others and compete on a fair basis? Why do you need to monopolize the Sarawak market with your CMS in the various industries? Why do you need so much earthly wealth when you clearly know that you cannot bring it with you when you leave this world?

Dont you have any conscience? dont you feel guilty being corrupted? God will pass judgement on you. (very soon)

We, majority of sarawakians feel cheated!


Go Ah Jin !! Up DAP !!
DAP get my vote tomoro !!

Dumb-ass SUPP is trying to stop Ah Jin by asking TPKhiing to gamble votes....Kuching is in danger of losing his favourite son....We rakyat is in danger of losing our voice in the Parliament....Ah Jin is at a disadvantage position.....We all must help him to overcome this obstacle !

We must all united to help Ah Jin to carry rakyat voices / concerns into the Parliament & screw those incompetent corrupted arrogant BN pricks (& that money ceebai face TPKhiing too)!!

Deny the BN 2/3 majority !! People POWER !!



Clearly, DEAREST PM is NOT the PM OF ALL MALAYSIANS - Didn't he say recently, he'll listen to all the voices of all the races, now he is making threats to strip us the rakyat of our voices, if we don't vote for MCA. SO, clearly MCA and MIC are NOT in a partnership, but a poor and pitiful servant of UMNO, who only pay lip service to the cause of the Malays, while enriching themselves. We SEE the the true colours now.


thanks for ur effort kenny... this post is so enlightening...


DEfinitely vote for DAP


thanks kenny! for all the effort u put in...

DAP for life!


Alan sounds good,

Alan looks good,

but he is NO good.

He is a BN candidate, thus will not be able to bring people voices into the parliment!

When CM says sit, Alan cant stand...

When CM says laugh, Alan cant cry...

When CM says Shut up, Alan cant speak...

CCJ dares to speak, want to speak, will speak for us in the parlimet.

The last 4 years has proven that he raised many issues in parliment.

Can anyone tell me, prove to me just one SUPP MPs raised any genuine issues that is concerning the wealthfare of Sarawakian in the parliment?


i want chong chieng jen and all other good leader to join BN and kick out the white hair


Parlaiment has been dissolved so stop alling Abdullah as PM. He is just a soxxai like me. BUt he is a richer soxxai.


Fantastia. Great post buddy.

We need a better future, we need a change. Vote opposition. Doesnt matter if its DAP, PKR or PAS.
We need to get rid of the corrupted government.

Sick of it !!!


I can't physically be in Kuching to attend all the talks and I have no voting rights currently but I do want to send my regards and hope everyone votes wisely.

Well, just some comments and alternative views for your consideration and for the improvement of our society:

"an fantastic public speaker and possibly one of the best we have in Kuching"--dude I think you are degrading Kuching somewhat.

So I listened to the speech...not only is his pronunciation and general command of the Chinese language awful but he also makes such crude and blunt remarks...well...I guess maybe he does appeal to a certain set of audience...

Maybe he's a really good politician but I certainly can't tell by that speech he gave. While you might like his caustic remarks, I don't like his rather cheap attempt at humor. I'm sure he's not the only one in politics who's doing that but I think it's time for some changes--to move beyond the petty stirring of the audience's emotions and getting them excited without providing much substance (i.e. personal attacks in the first two minutes of the video are totally useless--his time would be better spent convincing people about his policies). This dated tactic has been used way too long. Isn't this exactly the "third-world mentality" they are trying to eradicate? I wish there were more articulate speakers who spoke more intelligently, with poise and class.

And the "vote DAP" rally is so strong and rather unquestioning here it's...scary...


Vote for DAP!! Chong Chieng Jen wins hands down.. hahahaha. Need 2 show BN they cant do as they please..



vote DAP~~~~~


DAP IF YOU DARE GO FIGHT AGAINTS THE UMNO AND PBB. That is how u can get more seats and stronger. If you only fight with MCA & SUPP, you are still the same cos u just replace them in parliment or DUN. You are nothing inside the parliment or DUN. Soon you are also Yes Man....Botol man....Face it!!! No matter how many seat you can win, you still not the major player and u can only yell.

We want a party that not only can yell but also lead the way/action.

After all, just admit it you all can only YELL. After YELL, when other people do the work, then you claim that is your result. Shame!!!

People, believe or not...DAP said they bring in the Spring, Swinburne, Curtin..... why not he say UNIMAS is built by DAP.

All this effort is dont by GORVERNMENT for ALL PEOPLE. DAP is not gorvernment, do you think they can BUILT all this? Why DAP got so many laywer?? cos they only can talk and people pay them to talk. But Malaysian People dont want to pay they to talk in parliment or DUN but you need to so something.

Always talk about rubbish, KMC so dirty....whatever the thing...even longkang. IF the is the case meaning to say AH JIN as the MP he did not carry out his duties, he did not help people to solve problem. He get his salary for just only TALK. People, face it, we pay HIM for talk only and we still have rubbish around.

SO think carefully. Do you want A MP who can talk only but do nothing or we want a MP who can talk but so things.

Some said Alan is wrong when he lead the youth to ask GC to explain about the Mayor post and 520 electin. If we think GC need to expalin why not we cant voice it out? If this action mean betrayer, then do you think we should fight againts pek mo in DUN? Later if alan fight againts pek mo or pak lah, the DAP people will said, see this betrayer is fighting each other. THIS IS HOW DAP GET THIER VOTE. They just want your vote people. What a shame.

DAP time is over, cos after 4 years and 520, the situation still the same. No changes and DAP bring nothing to Kuching. Is time give other candidate a chance to prove what he can do.

People, lets go out to vote!!!! Our future is in our hand.


I read all the comments. All Sarawakian, Dont just say say only.. We all must do it tomorrow. Vote smart. vote DAP.
kick pek mo ass


I wil Go For D Ceramah To9.
Vote For DAP tomolo.
We Support U CHONG.
DAP go go


BN Supporter, I don't think Chong Chieng Jen ever said that he brought in The Spring, Swinburne University and Curtin University.

He never said that.

What Chong said is that development in the country will happen regardless of who is in power. He cited examples where The Spring, Swinburne and Boulevard came up when he was the MP for Kuching. He never said he was responsible for bringing those projects in. All he said was that it happened while he was in power as the MP.


haha...that's very funny....i think he trying to take oppurnity on that...


but anyway....ur interview with both candidates veri useful...hope kuchingnites will use it as a refrence..keep it up!!!


BN Supporter, this is what Georgie & the rest BN normally do....twisting here and there....aduh...


Hmmm... you people do not understand the real concept of Islam. Do you know that Malaysia is a fine example of waht Islamic countries should be like to other islamic countries? Islam promotes tolerance and Malaysia and Malaysians are a bunch of tolerant lot. That Arab countries a bunch of supressors. that's not what islam is like. Thats why they're always fighting amongst eachother eventhough they are tehnically brothers of the same religion. during Prophet muhamad's (pbuh) and the kahlifah rashidin's time, the christians, jews, and muslims lived side by side. the islam practiced in this age is nowhere near to what it was. Malaysia is doing just fine i think. DAP will never ever win the hearts of other races as they use racial provocation to garner support. Thats bad. We dont want another MAy 13 happening and belive me, its possible for it to happen again.


Ah Jin....criticise...cri..rubbish, pet mo...cri who and who, but never bring anything good to this chinese community, never bring constructive and practical ideas for this community and always use negative thingking manupulate the unwise.


I'm from Kuching, seriously i dunno who shall i vote as well Alan Sim or Chong? Both have thier own personality. Either good or bad. but it doesn't matter as i'm not voting anywhere cos i was overseas.

No matter how both of the kuching election candicate did for this 12th Federal election everyone will have thier own opinion about them either bad or good. Both candicate have thier strenght and weakness.

So many topic to get involve in the election campaign. In Australia federal election , both coaliation and opposition party talking about how much $$ money to spend on this and that if they win the election. Global warming and bla bla bla..But look at MALAYSIA federal election, basically is talking about corruption, culture clash, hindraf & if someone did something wrong go and lodge police report. critise how bad is the leadears of the party? Personally for me is sound a bit silly and childish. MALAYSIA need to be more realistic about what and how to perform a good goverment. Malaysia is lucky enough compare to some of our neighbour country.

After reading all the comment through this blog for this article. everyone seem to have thier own opinion about BN & DAP. so do am i. If that the case i'm have an absolute suggestion, why don't either one of us become the next election candicate in future, this sound funny isn't? but it might be good idea as well. :)


Ai PIA CHIa Eh Ea....GO DAP....This time we must change it.....Just Change it...Kuching people it's time to wake up


Kenny, thanks for all the time spent on these two interviews. I strongly disliked your putting up of that fatal accident pictures last year, but you've warmed my heart with your coverage of this dirty election by giving both sides a chance to speak up.
..Chong, you're the man. I love you, and men like you who have principals and guts!!
one more thing: I truly symphatize with Sarawakians for having to put up with the white-haired guy. anyone who doesn't step down after so long must be staying on to preserve his power and wealth, no other heroic reason. somebody should offer him a ride in a chopper.


vote DAP for SURE!!!!!


Yes, like my namesake, I am CONCERNED and Very concerned....

Kenny, thanks for the effort. Good on you.

I am not commenting on Alan and Ah Jin because anyone who can read should by now know what is right and what is wrong. From the 2 interviews and those hundreds of comments, the voice of the People has been reflected in the later interview and IF there is a chance that we can see a CHANGE, it will be brought to reality not by the person in the 1st interview but the later. The one from DAP!

Kenny, with your readership, I hope I can make use of your blog to give some lights to those who are still confused about MONEY POLITIC!

It is not about one person, 2 person, one group or 2 groups. Corruption and Money Politic is a CIRCLE, A LOOP!!! A fucking unbreakable Loop!

Where do you think BN get their millions campaign funds from? Can’t be from the Government right?

Well, here is how it works…

BN give projects to GLC (Government-Link Companies) and corrupted PLC (Public Listed Companies) WITHOUT tender. Mind u, this are TAXPAYERS’ monies, monies from u and me.

Besides the under-table monies that these GLC and PLC gave to the heads of the department/division/agencies who give the projects, these companies also “contributed” to BN’s election funds.

When election comes, GLC and PLC are obliged to “return” the favour, so willingly or unwillingly they contributed millions back to the government and the monies will then used to BUY VOTES!!!

Mostly via middle-man, con-man, village heads, leaders of communities, etc etc who then give the monies to those who have no idea about politic or those who have not make their decision (swing voters).

All, just to ensure BN continues to rule and continues to corrupt!

Then, more projects will be given without tender, more GLC and PLC will be benefited and the loop continues……without break!





Deny majority and they are still able to form a government. We should deny 51% as well!


DAP, you have my support and vote! Cos you never disappoint us and we will remain united.


Kenny ur hardwork do help us as a younger generation to understand about politic, i have gone through both interview by 2 candidate of Kuching, both have have their arguments against each other. They things that i can confirm is kennysia.com do contribute something for the election ! ! !

Hope Malaysia will have a bright future and continue peacefully~


I agree that you have nailed the coffin.

Anyway, it is good to be engaged even for those fervent cybertroopers from BN who prob are posting here. Civil debate is an exchange of ideas to get the best out of our brain. Don't be like MCA's ex-leader's son (contestant in this GE) who said that he does not want to debate with Tian Chua(PKR) because debate is from the west. I guess he would then be no use in the parliament.Or some other who will quote "MAY 13" on any issues. We have(should have) grown more matured as a nation.

Governance of rules instead of brawn.


I am surprise that the issue of Sarawak International Medical Centre was not brought up by DAP.

The god father behind SIMC is George Chan. He implemented the project through his crony Mr CT Phang who is the managing director of SESCO Engineering.

The cost of SIMC is nearly RM400 millions. SESCO Engineering is a young company without experience in construction. They might build a few substations. The project is given to SESCO Engineering without open tender. There are lots of capable contractors who are able to complete the project with fraction of the budget and completed on time.

In summary it is a legal way for George and his cronies to steal from SESCO who is the parent company of SE and owner of SIMC. Mr. CT Phang is able to build his white mansion costing RM 6 millions three years ago. Where the money come from is well answered.

SIMC is build with a inflated cost of nearly 300% in some of its sub contract price. Imagine we have to pay RM3 for similar iten worth RM1 in the market. They are blood suckers. This is the money of you and me who pay income tax every month.

Now, lets look at the competency of SESCO Engineering. The project scheduled completion date is July, 2006. At this moment the building might look well completed from the outside. It is already 1.5 years of delay. The building contractor has demobilised. Unfortunately, testing and commissioning is uncompleted and defects have not been identified. The defects are enormous until the whole building is not functional although it look completed from outside.

George Chan shall be questioned and held responsible on his money siphoning project. He is wasting our money and stealing from our money legally.

SIMC is a monument for BN corruption. The opposition shall raise issue in DUN and get George to answer.


agree with chong on the chinese education issue
the govt is so damn ironical on that
i mean, while they r encouraging people to go to chinese school and showing that they care about chinese education, why not change some policies to show that they do not discriminate chinese schools. e.g we have to pay spm exam fees while smk students do not. hey, we are malaysians right? why are we marginalized just like that?

we need someone in the parliament to fight for our rights, and not just say and don't do anything. i really hope chong is doing a good job in there.


Distributing money by SUPP is a norm in kuching election. 1st i heard was batu kawa perumahan, whr each voter were given rm10, given from 1 house to the other.... yes, they only worth rm10 for supporting BN!


nice posts. DAP will get my vote.


Hoping for better Malaysia...


UNIMAS not brought into the picture cos not many non-bumiputras cannot go in without like... 10A1 or 15A1 hehe...

what we want is equality... wake up...




I vote DAP. DAP will win kao kao this election. All for SARAWAK!


Good one!


Opposition supporter - 115
BN Supporter - 1


I pray for DAP to win tomorrow. Big Win for DAP.



Now we have the wise choice in our mind, thanks to Kenny, thanks to blogger, thanks to internet.

But how about your father, mother, grandpa, grandma, uncle, auntie?

Tell them the informed decision you make. Be part of the history in Kuching, in Sarawak, in Malaysia. Because you can.

Kenny is influencial to us. You are influencial in your family. Let's make a difference!


Kenny, you deserved my respects for bringing up these 2 election rally interviews.



- Alan Sim Yaw Yen's legal firm made Datuk Song Swee Guan bankrupt. How can one treat his own party's leader in such manner?

- In 2006,over the issue of mayorship in MBKS,he sarked off internal rift within SUPP.

- The privatisation of rubbish collection service by MBKS has increased the cost of rubbish collection from Rm4.80 million per year to RM10 million per year. Alan Sim was and is still a Councillor in MBKS,but he dare not speak up against it.

- The Sarawak Chief Minister's family company has been awarded most of the Sarawak Government's contracts,depriving other contractors of Government works. As a political secretary of Chief Minister,Alan Sim dare not speak up against CM.


Opposition is never going to win big if DAP or its supportets resort to Malay-bashing, as evidenced by some of the comments to this post.

The Malays are still the majority in this country. You need their vote to deny BN their 2/3rds. The statement that "race-based politics does not work" applies to the opposition as well as the BN.

I'm a liberal Malay (am all for meritocracy and trashing the NEP) voting in a MCA vs DAP constituency. I want to vote opposition to send the BN a message, but am increasingly getting the feeling the DAP is racist.

Who do you think I'll vote for?


Good job...




deciding whom to vote by merely judging based on a few comments of would-be-voter of it isn't that smart.

i'm a chinese and i'd vote for PAS, for its tolerance towards chinese in Kelantan, if i were there.


Excellent work on both interview, Kenny. It sure is a tough job balancing yourself on an apolitical tightrope, but you did it gracefully.


Good job, Kenny!

I've always knew who can answer better :) My mind's made up.. (not dat i'm indecisive at first, but now it's 110% ma) ;)

Voters, vote wisely!!!

Support "_ _ _".. i'm politically neutral. Haha!!!


George Chan and Abdul Taib are destroying SUPP

It is true the George Chan and Abdul Taib Mahmud are in cohort to destroy SUPP and turned SUPP into another SNAP, PPDS, PRS. Vote SUPP Alan Sim is a vote for Abdul Taib Mahmud .

This email is making its round in the internet . Is there any truth in it .

" I am writing this from outside Sarawak as I migrated with my family to Australia last year. I spent most of my working life
in Miri and Kuching and as a businessmen, was forced to socialise with SUPP and other political leaders. I got to be quite close to them, and became one of their "supporters" who was "required" to "help" during elections.

I would like to appeal to all the voters, especially the Chinese voters, to vote for the opposition and not the SUPP. Let give
just relate some of the home truths about SUPP

1. SUPP under George Chan is not working for the Chinese but Taib Mahmud.
Forget the words but look at the action. TM took away the Kuching Mayor's post and gave it to a civil servant (died) without consulting SUPP. Before the announcement I was at a dinner with George Chan, Lee Kim Shim and Alan Sim and GC hinted that AS would make an excellent mayor for Kuching. AS was smiling so hard that you would have guessed that he was 100% sure that he would be the mayor. But TM simply gave it to someone else and GC could not do anything about it.
2. When the 2006 state elections came about, I was asked to "donate" to SUPP campaign in Kuching. My Miri branch manager told me that the SUPP Miri people (Andy Chia, Datuk Wee and gang) "asked" for my company vehicles to be "loan" them for the campaign. When the issue of land lease came up, GC told us in a dinner function that he will "speak" to CM and CM would make an announcement at a unity dinner in Kuching. I was forced to buy 3 tables at this dinner at Crowne Plaza. I was sitting a metre table away from the VIP table and I saw GC begging the CM to announce that he would renew the lease. CM just told GC, in front of everyone, I will announce in my own time. Can you image the SUPP president's shame? In front of the Chinese community, he cannot even get the CM to make a "hint" about the land lease.

After the elections, I was having dinner with GC's supporters in Miri and he told in a serious tone that CM refused to make the announcement because he wanted to "punish" the Chinese/SUPP for making "too much noise". This meant that TM had already destroyed Iban unity by splitting PRS/PBDS into two factions and he wanted the Chinese to be the same while he prepared his children to come in and take over. This man even hinted that TM only dared to do this because GC was the SUPP president. GC cannot stand up to TM on any issue. He just gives in on every crucial issue.
Why?- I will tell you later.

3. During the 2006 state elections, one of SUPP's biggest financial contributors, Ting Chek Si, a tycoon from Sibu, was not selected to defend his Meradong seat. His crime? TCS was in a business dispute with TM's brother over the Sanyan group of companies. TCS has sued TM's brother for "oppression" and revealed that he gave TM's brother 51% of the shares in the company in return for TM's timber concessions. TM told George Chan to dump TCS and GC, like a good running dog, did as he was told. This is despite the fact that Meradong people wanted TCS because he was using his won money to provide help to Meradong. The SUPP Central working committee even endorsed TCS's name as candidate. What kind of party leader is George if he dumped his own men and listen to PBB"s leader? Is SUPP a sub-branch of PBB?

What is worse- when TCS protested to GC, GC lied to his face straight and told him to keep quiet and TCS will be given another chance as senator. Of course GC did not keep his promise, he gave the senatorship to Sim Kheng Hui.

4. This is not the first time GC lied openly to his colleagues. In 2004 General Elections, he promised Law Heing Ding that he will be nominated as the Minister but for the last term. George even put this in writing. After the elections, George nominated Datuk Peter Chin. Is it any wonder that LHD called George Chan a liar in the Chinese press and GC did not dare to sue him? If George Chan is a man of honour as he says he is, why does he not sue LHD for defamation?. LHD even went to the extent of writing a complaint letter to all the SUPP CWC members and gave a copy to the PM and TM. He has documents to prove that GC is lying and backstabbed him.

5. You do not need to look at GC's political games to know he is a fake. Just look at the way he behaves towards his first wife, Judy. He cheated on for some many years that she ran away. He had an open affair with Christina Foo of Priority One and gave the company a lot of state government consultancies and contract to supply medical equipment to the $493 million Sarawak International Medical Centre ( many of the equipments purchased from Priority One turned up to be very expensive and does not work very well –one could not even get through the door ) .

During the search and rescue mission for Dr Judson in the Kelabit highlands, he visited the place often to "direct" the search. The real reason was that he was chasing a Kelabit girl and took her to KL to be his mistress. Just ask anyone in the highlands and they will confirm this story. This girl is now driving a BMW and living in a semi-D in KL.

What kind of man would use a moment of anguish over a helicopter crash to think about sex and chasing girls. Is this a "leader" of tahe Sarawak Chinese community?

Even worse, he allowed his daughter (the most beautiful one with white skin) to marry TM's son. When Sulaiman turned out to be playboy and started to hit the daughter, GC actually told the daughter to "bear it" as Sulaiman could ensure that she has a luxurious life. When Sulaiman heard this, he hit the poor daughter even harder and send her off to live in the states leaving him free to chase all sorts of girls in KL and Manila. As a father, how could GC do all these things?

The question is why? Why does GC do all these underhanded things? The answer is simple. The love of power and wealth. He can only get power and wealth by being a running dog to TM and this is exactly what he has done. He has made SUPP weak because TM wants SUPP to be weak while the Melanau dynasty rules forever.

George Chan wants to enjoy the good things in life like fine wine (he has one of the finest wine collections in Malaysia) and women. He can only do this as deputy CM.

With a leader like George Chan, who lies to his own senior party members, and reports to PBB and TM- can we elect SUPP? If SUPP were to come out and say that it is a sub-branch of PBB, at least I will consider it as they will be telling the truth for the first time.

After all these nonsense I decided that I had better migrate. I do not want my children to deal with this sort of "leaders" and live in a country where the Chinese leaders are forever kowtowing to someone else.

I am not writing this out of spite. I encourage readers in Sarawak and elsewhere to investigate if what I say here is true.
Even if 50% is true, don't you think SUPP deserves to be punished?

The only way to get rid of George Chan and his group of "PBB" SUPP members is to vote out SUPP until George Chan loses power. There is no other way. I took the easy way out by migrating but that does not mean I do not love Sarawak or care for the future of Sarawak. It simply means I am too old.
I am telling his story so that the younger generation will know the truth.


i applaud you for the well-conducted interviews. For one, i am glad you did not censor the part where Allan advised you not to put up the subject of awarding the contracts to The Family. That alone, is a clear indication of fair reporting and it goes to show that as much as Allan may genuinely want to help the community, he too has limitations of power. A company, with a corrupted leader, no matter how good its staff is, will eventually crumble. We dont need to look far, to see how badly our country has progressed. Look around you. The crime rate has peaked. What used to be a friend's friend's relative horror story of snatch thief/robbery/hijacking is now happening to the people closest to you, or even yourself. And the stories keeps coming in. The prices of everything has gone up. but most importantly to me, i feel my voice, as a malaysian, being stiffled, just like alan sim. freedom of speech? right.

ive got tons of stories to share, personal and third parties about the level of corruption going on. but the fact remains, we are afraid to voice out "sensitive" issues. we cant. we are not allowed to.

but at the very least, we have the power to vote for a change tomorrow. since we cant voice our opinions loudly, then lets hope our "silent" vote tomorrow makes a difference. i think it will be tough for them to be denied of their 2/3 majority, but at the very least,i hope the results smacks their royal asses out of their comfort zone.


kenny i know you pimped out my blog and shit...
but you are THE worst judge ever.

all e contestants look like they got beaten up with the end of the fug stick.




.... read this on someone blog worth sharing...

"The reality of the matter is that any ONE of the prickly issues below could have brought down most governments in the world. Just ONE, pick one:

- The Port Klang Free Trade Zone, something is free alright

- The second Penang bridge costing and billing to the government

- The Airbus corporate jet

- The RM25 bn Penang Turf Club project awardment to Equine

- RM3 bn monorail project to Scomi

- The nonsensical staging of Monsoon Cup

- The handling of the Lingam case or Mongolian case

- "saya pantang di cabar"

- The handling of Hinduraf protests

- The many leaks - Parliament House, Duta Courts, Putrajaya: must be same developer?

- The RM500m Malaysian ultra modern sports center .... in UK

- Ali Rustam still around, honest guy CSL out

- "We have never been a secular state..."

- "We can never accept a bangsa Malaysia..."

- The Zakaria palace

- The two submarines deal

- Kampung Rimba Jaya, Shah Alam



Without Pek Mo... UMNO n West Pen wouldve moved in for the kill.. and we wont be where we are today.


When I was in the Civil Service and George Chan was a Minister he called up all the senior Chinese officers to a meeting and said from then onwards he would look after their interests.
That was the first and last meeting.

If SUPP has a say in the Government will they say in public ceramah that a Chinese also want to be CM, that a Chinese should also be considered for the post of State Secretary and Chinese should also be considered for some of the top posts in statutory bodies,that SUPP will guarantee that more CHinese will be taken into the CIvil Service, more Chinese wil get scholarships, etc

But it has kept quiet on these important issues.

SO if they are not prepared to speak up let the Opposition be elected so the ywill speak up and say all these things to the Government.

What is the point if you are in the Government andshut your mouth all the time, and say nothing even when your own community's interests are being trampled.

Fight back if you have balls.

But they have no balls.

Why vote SUPP then?


Sarawakians, u are SO LUCKY to have him. vote for him tomorrow and always.

go DAP!!!


This is the leadership we want! for a better tomorrow, lets all vote him


Good take on both sides of the story, but it does seem there's a clear winner. =)

Well done, Kenny.



- which part of the interview did you feel that Chong and DAP came off as racist?

Also consider:

- a racist supporter might not mean DAP itself is racist. And sometimes, lack of communication skills might have made an innocent remark seem racist on the web. And which poster did u feel is racist?

- Also remember UMNO has cybertroopers whose mission is to post inflammatory postings. Happened a lot in Malaysia-Today that's why they moderate comments now.


Oh god, I don't know whether to love or hate Pek Mo. Would I rather let Sarawak get fucked by him (corruption) or UMNO (Islamic state)? Arghhh. Ah well, I still think Chong is da bomb.


eh Kenny, I cant really hear your voice in that show. I mean, the quality of the vid is okay, just the mic.
Maybe you can suggest something to them the next time?



do anything u want AFTER u vote!
and always keep in mind that who u voted, for the next 5 YEARS, what they will do, and how far they kept their promises. and be responsible for your own decision!

dont just talk, GO VOTE! and be RESPONSIBLE!


the malaysiandreamgirl looks like a low cost production.


I'm voting for ANGKASAWANNNNNNNNNN....rocket all the way baby


The CM's corruption is so famous even school kids and little children also know...i can say that 99percent of the students in my school are potential DAP voters...and they are aware that they will need to vote for the right party when they are of age. When the time comes, the youth will eventually lead to the downfall of BN....The time will come, i can tell u. The young people know what is going on..




I think DAP should be people party who represent every races in M'sia in order to kick govt coconut balls. some people say DAP can only talk but no action.
how could they do something if no one gives them a chance and only a chance.


if this corrupting, racist, neppotism ect keep going malaysia will sure be the next indonesia or phillipine during suharto and Marcos time. i think indo has given a good example of what could happen if someone becomes leader for too long and being corrupted. Please dont repeat those examples otherwise all m'sian will feel the pain (as if PM & CM will care)
we hope there is a peace in this world and be a better place for human to live.






Is CMS Berhad named after Chief Minister's Son?




CMS = Cahaya Mata Suria???


People, kinda out of the topic, remember many years ago, there was a 神仙,老虎, 狗 article circulating around Kuching ? Wonder is there is a Web version.


yeah~ go for it, chong!

CMS - Chief Minister SUCKS


ah jin, tmr u will get my vote. DAP!!!


CM, u can come down already


Alan Similan?.........*Jiao*??????


Voted wisely for your government people.

ps:Kenny, it seems to me that you judge with your *ahemdickahem* in the show :P


CMS= Cahya Mata Sarawak


No DAP in my area....how awful !!!
My mom support BN, dad support DAP...geez
The inedible ink thing is probably just a mock to chill people out, then they scrapped it in the last minute for uber lame excuses.


I have been anticipating to catch the Malaysian Dream Girl show but after watching i am actually quite disappointed in it.


kenny, u're just painful 2 watch in malaysia's dreamgirl. try to be funny/rude, it comes off just wrong. and wats with the horny act. cut the crappy 'hellooww' everytime u see a bit of flesh.gawd


Hi Kenny,

Greetings from Israel.I sent you a text message earlier. I hope u received as the telco service here is rather bad especially when I am far from the Palestinian territory.

Anyway, Elections are starting in 5 hours' time. I pray that the citizens will vote wisely, vote for the ones that will fight for your rights, fight for your freedom of worship and fight for your future.

I will keep praying with my pilgrimage group in Jerusalem for the elections back home.

Take care.



2a)BN: Oil in other foreign countries are much more expensive than in malaysia.



A job welldone Kenny.


Kenny: What is your take on Barisan Nasional saying that DAP only knows how to talk, but don't really have solutions to problems?

Which one you prefer.. 'stupid' dog that barks at everyone but never bites OR a dog that don't bark and listens the foes? :)
My take: I'll rather buy that 'stupid' dog that barks (though lacks the killing factor) than the bloody dog that only know how to shake tail and eat dog food.


i just voted, DAP got my vote! CM was sweating last night, such huge number of DAP's supporters turned out last night. CM gave instruction to blocked all the road to chonglin park, who's the chicken???


too bad that I'm not legally able to support chong and not around to lend support. I'm glad with his ans and how sincere he is about himself. kuching has definitely transformed for the pass 4 years under him. Too bad I can be part of it now. I hope all kuching people will continue to support him and maybe kuching transform to become singapore in few years time. After all we have the same group of hokkien speaking people and swk got more resources that we can tap on if no corruption by cm and gc.

for our future vote DAP


Time to go vote lor :)


although I don't like BN but CCJ and WHL spoke like shit also. Speechless.


chong, if im frm kuching and im eligible to vote, u have my vote.
enough with those crap talk rubbish BN parliamentary members.


It's not safe to go to the town area tonite....
better stay at home and watch TV


Last night at Chonglin Park was hell packed!
The crowds turned up was better than concert.
Incredible !



chen kun kun must go








Taib and Taik !!! kedua dua sama !! TAIB pergi mampus!!


SUPP's lost is due to taib...enough said



doesnt matter anymore!!! DAP won!!! YAHOO!!!


YES, DAP Ah Jin Won kuching seat!! this is power of our kuching people voices!!


Opposition win big in Malaysia. Congratulation. The corrupted and racist BN who so far treat Malaysian as idiots finally got its own medicine. The corrupted BN politicians shall be investigated and have all the money they siphoned from the country coffer paid back.


yea rite kenny....from the interviews i can safely say that u supported the opposition...no need to hide can see clearly lor....


DAP won Kuching! BTW I'm just a 15 year old boy from Subang Jaya. =D



You voted for DAP today, right? No wonder DAP won Bandar Kuching. :)


D A P!!!!!!


Yeah! DAP won Bandar Kuching's seat. Wondering how many voters there read this blog... haha and cause the seat to be remained by DAP.


As predicted DAP retain their seat at Kuching. I'm happy for Ah Jien victory. Unfortunetly only 1 rocket manage to take off at Sarawak. The Sarikei seat is a pity DAP lost at majority of 51 votes to BN. I managed to vote at Stampin but but Voon Lee Shan lost again.Hope DAP will replace Voon with more young and energetic candidate like Ah Jien in next Parlimen election


congrats to Chong!


where can i download malaysian dreamgirl?


Yes, very very sad. Sarawakians are like, what? 10 years behind, even in voting trend? The locals need to be educated about their rights...


Congratulation to chong. indeed a very good news.


change HAS happened.
now lets hope BN dusnt get 2/3 majority.


currently opposition party already won 6 seats in KL, kuching and kl ppl are awaken, they not been fool by BN,


Penang won by opposition. They had awaken and their eye are open to the truth. What happen to Sarawak? Why still on sleeping gas. Wake up..


CONGRATS to ChongChienJen, ang also KennySia.


CONGRATS! TO CHONG CHIEN JEN,but still dissapointed to see BN won a lot in sarawak.SARAWAKIAN STILL HAVEN'T WAKE UP YET!


Penang is now under DAP.


oi, sarawakians! only take candy $
open yr eyes, ppl!


i think because in sarawak a lot of three corner fights instead of straight fights. so that's why they lost.


Regarding the facts, the Angkasawan Project was sponsored by the Russina Government. Refer to http://www.angkasawan.com.my/mainatsb/atsb/about.html


U fools. Sarawak cant be in DAP hands. Not yet. What can they do ? So far without SUPP progress will never move forward. please dont vote for the sake of just voting to oust BN regardless of what they do. Even with a all seats going to opposition , they still can beat PBB majority.

CM has carved out the constituencies the way to ensure his victory. Want to challenge , challenge PBB. Stop the infighting in Chinese populated area and instead bring the fight to PBB.

Stop the 'Sarawak havent wake up yet' crap. Even if we dont feel as much as how the West has felt at the rallies , we as a state has fared pretty well in the hands of BN coalition. Except for the fact that our CM is being in for a long time. And voting SUPP off will just be as a wrong move as not challenge PBB n voting PBB out.

Those more learned out there will know what i am talking about.


Yay, BN lost 2/3 majority! Now maybe it will get into their thick heads that they should be afraid of the people and not the people should be afraid of them! It's wonderful to see more Malaysians being able to question and think for themselves. Malaysia is maturing as a nation


When I look at the winning line up of the wakil rakyat in Sarawak & Sabah celebrating, I cry a tear in my heart. This is exactly why we DUMP the BN out of the peninsular states. Corruption, nepotism, cronism and erosion of our basic rights to one race only which is now we rid off as consuming our nation very soul.Tiap tiap bulan bocor low standard politicians will lead Sabah & Sarawak to the stoneage, vote wisely next time my dear frens. It would be interesting to watch if they will "serve" the rakyat or serve their pockets.


Most Sarawakian are too 'faithful' cos Sarawak = 'Serah kepada awak'. They easily get treaten by the 'May13' and always afraid that government will be able to check their votes and purnish them.


Congratulations to Chong Chien Jen for having retained Bandar Kuching Parliamentary seat! Many Chinese, Indian & Malay Opposition MP members now but why no Dayak opposition voice in Parliament yet????? Any Dayak MPs willing to defect to the other side to voice grouses of the largest ethnic group in Sarawak???


Another thing, Gibson.. corruption is stil 'veri in' here. The natives don't even care much.. jus as long as they receive $$ before the election :)

AS for the town area, i found out that a minister has provided free to-and-fro airfares for Sibu ppl working in Kch to go back and vote for him.


A big lost to the Dayaks and the Chinese in Sarawak to enable BN to continue sucking its blood!

Did Dayaks and Chinese in Sarawak agreed to join Malaysia in 1963 as an Islamic state? Did Sarawakian invite UMNO BN to share 95% of our oil money?

Sad for Sarawak, especially the Dayaks.


We produce petrol but still have to pay the same price like Peninsular.....


Mr. Chong,

Now that you have their votes, I hope you will work hard and deliver all that you have pledged to make Kuching a better state to live in.

Congratulations to you and all fellow Kuching citizens.


It is a mixed feeling for me. I am happy to see opposition won many seats but sad to see Sarawakian and Sabahan are still in their deep sleep. One problem with us Sarawakian is that too many ppl did not excercise their rights(did not register). I hope to see a more revolve Sarawak in the coming elections.

To Chong, pls take good care of Sarawakians' welfare. We all need you to move forward.


I think someone need to do a thorough study on voting behavior in Sarawak.

Why royalty to PBB? Is it because they have no access to the information that we all have (stories of corrupted government) or because they are too poor and any small (minor) promise of development (threat) will swing the votes to one side?

DAP needs to work on this. May be a grassroot effort will do the trick. Free newsletter for the rural people for example.

The mentallity that "We are Sarawakian, not from the West" will only serve to strengthen their believes that anything that happens in West Malaysia is really not our business. It's easy to confirm this: do a survey on all the big stories in West Malaysia and see what they have to say? Zakaria's palace, Port Klang's Free Trade Zone, worsening social order, racial tension and etc..

We are just about 2 years from State elections. Work on it people! Deny the Pek Mo dynasty!


It is sad that the people voting in Sarawak don't really understand what a democracy is about. Voting for a government with 90+% seats makes it become a dictatorship. It gives them the power to do anything they like and they gladly exploit it with open arms.

Until more dayaks start joining DAP or PKR, the BN seats will always fall to BN. Also, another problem is funding. Many of the constituencies in Sarawak aren't even accessible by road. The current government doesn't even bother to build roads. Sarawak probably has the lowest HDI among all states in Malaysia, yet the people willingly give BN landslide wins all the time. It's inexplicable.


It is good that Sarawak didn't have their state election yesterday bc the results will be like Sabah's--a clean sweep. However, be prepared for the Taib party to scrape everything from the state coffers as fast and as much as they can bc they know they won't be around after the next elections.


Ya, I agree they will MAKAN kau kau Sarawak resources just like BN in Malaysia. We have just wake up from a very bad dream...and almost 50 years of bad dream. On 8th of March 2008 is HISTORIC DAY IN MALAYSIA....SEJAARAH!!! BOOK OF RECORDS! GUINESS WORLD OF RECORDS...Please take note! I kesian Sarawakians at the moment, but maybe next election, next election... The true orang asli in Sarawak is the real bumiputera? and uneducated lot which only by manipulated and use by the kronis for their own gain. The beruks has migrated from Malaysia to Sabah & Sarawak to makan them kau kau. Pray they are celik and buka mata to see what is happening and ensure their wakil is not as beruk and watch carefuly they doing their jobs!! No makan suap ok....makan sikit sikit la....for another 4 years


Well Done DAP. Malaysian Have Heard Your Voice. and made their stand.


Whee~ He won.. they won too :)


Kenny, don't give a crap about the MY elections (no idea on what the parties are like, don't live there, don't care) but I just watched the first Malaysian Dreamgirl episode 1 part 1 and boy you make a FABULOUS mean judge 8-)


Sarawakian,see next 4years,total 49year under BN control.what is our kampung getting after this winning or we just keep waiting.Our jungles already nearly BOTAK until reaching to the Kalimantan(Indon) border,but the road to the kampungs still using BATU ROAD,no clean water,no electricity & just forget about internet."LET SEE,LET WAIT" or just another "JANJI PALSU"


Oh goodness, I'm up to the middle of episode 2 and.. the production values are very low. It's almost raw footage! Where's the editing? Where's the direction? There's nothing at the start explaining what's happening in the episode, there's a lot of talking over the other people, there's no snappiness with the interviews (quite long and boring) and the quality of the judging! No consistency, and the girls that make it in would never make it on another judging competition. Unless the standards are kinda low overall in Malaysia?


From my personal perspectives, DAP is doing generally well... it's a great leap we all take in the just concluded Parliamentary Election. First, we have our gentle giant Chong Chieng Jen improving his majority of 2K+ to 9K+... then we have Voon Lee Shan setting a firmer foothold in his stampin seat improving his votes at a tremendous improvement of 18K+... By calculating his votes should there be an assumed swap from See Chee How, Voon would still lose although by a small margin... but that is only a start for Voon's Par-challenge... should he consistently work on his vision, Stampin will definitely fall into DAP by next term. DAP's Sarikei seat was only 51 votes away considering the 5-cornered fight... again, that seat is just a matter of time - only one term away for DAP...

The mentality of our rural folks (in my work experience with them) was and still IS NOT the money they receive from BN come every election. it was in fact the little, little projects that BN has done for them as nobody else will... so far. Given the chance, DAP should think of doing that little, little bit for them too prior to recruiting Dayak Members (like what PKR did)... by constructing simple drainages, assisting them to apply for free farming tools from respective authorities, MyKad registration, etc (like what BN did - but BN was not capable of covering a vast rural area like Sarawak)... that alone can and will help to assure DAP sincerity (you hear me Chong, Voon and the others in DAP). Rural folks in Sarawak thus far have nobody to rely on for help like this... One area by one area... step by step... as you help, as you reap, you preach... I believe once the first step is strategized well, there will be swarms of rural recruitment in DAP... engineered for next term PAR-election or maybe even State Election... Count on me and my team to help... Syabas DAP - you are in my prayer!



hope that u will write a post regarding the 2/3 majority that BN hope for. And how strong are DAP today. Tell us more. get more interviews. haha. thanks!


Sarawak 45yrs under BN control,see how is the peoples living condition.watch this photo




Don't give up, eventually we would be like the peninsular, we sarawakians want democratics too. We want MP like YB Chong, Violet Yong, Voon Lee Shan, Wong etc and hopefully more to come from the oppositions to speak clear and loud for us. SUPP will NOT be able to deliver our voices.

Well, congratulations to all the DAP overall for Malaysia and have faith, Sarawak will be as well in years to come.

And for those who are still sleeping, either those who couldn't be bothered to vote, those who have yet to register, those who voted to BN for the sake of receiving goodies, WAKE UP! If you aren't sure of what have been going on, gather more information, read, don't listen to others but think for yourself!


Please ask all our Sarawakian and Sabahan friend to register as voters. We will see revolution for the next state and parliamentary elections. We are not STUPID!!!


At last DAP won 28 parliamentary seats. More voices now. Tigers wont be bullied anymore. However, there is still a bunch of idiotic chinese sleeping outside there. Penang chinese community has awaken.

When will be our turn ? DAP, dun give up. Next general election, hopefully all chinese in Sarawak are conscious.

DAP is our only hope ! DAP roars ! Chong keep it up .


DAP will have my vote if i am to vote...LOL BN we're over confident ba...hah padan muka...if we vote BN, Kuching will never improve....now at least Kuching has grown alot..i wish there will be one day Kuching > KL....


oh puhleese la. say sthg more intelligent than "sabah and sarawak still in deep sleep and still choose BN"

if u know the real story, wld u still say that?

it's not an accident that the ballot papers fell into Rajang river not is it ppl very happy with BN that BN got 27 seats out of 28 seats in swk.

the corruption runs deeper than just taking money from swkians and giving projects to his own cronies.

this is a matter pekmo holding a lot of power and ppl are still somewhat apprehensive that it can be different. it's an open secret that he buys off candidates to win uncontested seats (5 in total in swk) and buying voters in those with contestants.

swkians are not asleep. they feel powerless.


congrate to dap to win the kuching area. It's not only the chinese want to change sarawak gov, but also the bumis.Mostly sarawak bumis young voter. The Dap should not looking at only the chinese group, but also to the non-chinese community too. DAP keep saying we all malaysians,yess i agree but when talk abt politic,they only use chinese..why, is bumis vote means nothing to DAP. One easy example i can give is in Miri.P Miri just won by supp,peter chin outcast DAP presentative by majority 5k vote.It been say that , DAP was on leading count until poll box from malay/melanau area came which ending up BN won by only 5k majorities. We bumis won the peter chin instead of DAP candidates.Why, because we dont know what is Dap manifesto in Sarawak.If DAP keep this up, well, I can confirm for next 50 years, DAP only have 1 presentative in MP from sarawak.


Unfortunately, the presence of DAP was scarce on the ground coming up to election. There were many people, in different areas in and around Kuching who knew nothing of Chong, his proposed policies or his party's stance on political, social and economic issues. Therefore, they did not vote for DAP. The party should have done a lot more door to door campaigning


Kenny would u mind doing me a favor by writing about our Khairy? i didn't know where to email as this is my 2nd time commenting... i tried jeffooi's blog but din know how to private mail him or you.. thanks :) i'd like to hear more bout what ppl think bout khairy.. i know ur not really into political blog....


Is this really an interview, by the way they did win.


This is the best post I ever read. I hate politic and I think I'm wrong for not doing anything. Our voices are needed to move Sarawak forward. This is my first time voting and it was really a tough and confusing. After much consideration I finally supports DAP.

Unfortunately, the polling district 198 Siburan has NO DAP! Gosh! I seriously do not know who the hell Mambong is but I sadly X that stupid name. I means between PAS and BN?

Yesterday I went to Chawan Road – the squatter’s areas. I was surprise the dirty mud road getting a face lift! I ask my mom about rocks that laid there was done by BN? Well I got it right again. So BN is just doing their job only when there’s a polling, just to get their votes in? The squatter’s people are just being use and I am angry to have the Iban/Chinese community living in pauper vote for the corrupt & retarded leader!

We need more leaders that speak for the people and doing the right thing for the people. Stop cheating your people and stop abusing us!


I'm interest to know about GC's secret mistress - Christina Foo. Who has more details on "Christina Foo"? Who is this "Christina Foo"? Any photo to show?




I'm very touch to see there still a politician who really cares for the things happen in Malaysia. Hope there was also a good opposition leader in Johor where it can really bring a good revolution towards a better development and healthy society..

I as one of the resident stay in JB somehow feel ashamed when BN boast on the security, peace and safety in their motto for election.. JB had never been peace and safe from snatch theft, robbers, mat rempit, drugs addicters and lot lot more which u can see them on the broad daylight on the street. We are just a straits away from a well known country for it safety, peaceful, cleanliness and civilised... Try to think of it, tourist come here and see all this suckers around the streets.. haha.. impression will become perception and later on we all was known as barbarian to others even we are not.

Lastly.. i really enjoyed this blog page and kenny.. no need for u to sing and perform.. u already an Malaysian Idol.. One in a Million.. hehe.


They did many good stuff to keep their party name.


Read this for more news,


NATO for DAP. Now u win, what have you done at padungan? Do you know how to solve the theft problem at Travilion? How many cars been stolen just parking at Travilion on office hours? Been broken into and sound syatems been stolen? What can you do? Just make noise in DUN to get free Publicity.






Thanks , Ive just been looking for info about this issue for ages and yours is the top Ive found till now. But, what about the bottom line? Will you be positive about the source?

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